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15th-Mar-2005 06:00 pm The Professionals/The New Avengers (PG)
Title: Enemy Within by Ashlea
Pairings: Kilner/Doomer, Bodie/Doyle
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: None
Why this must be read: I think the story is a much better read if you've seen the episode it's based on. I was able to enjoy it the first time but so much more once I could visualize what Martin and Lewis looked like in their roles of Doomer and Kilner. The events of one show blend so well into the other, that the idea that they both could exist in the same "universe" is an easy one to accept. I would have liked the last scene to be a bit longer; I really wanted to hear Bodie's explanation to Ray. But it ended where I wanted it to so I suppose I can be happy with that.

Enemy Within
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