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12th-Jan-2010 04:08 pm Eternal by Sholio (PG)
Title: Eternal
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Characters: Bulma, primarily, Vegeta, everyone else
Author on LJ: [ profile] friendshipper
Author Website: or
Why this must be read:

Because Bulma is really the glue that held them all together and that doesn't change just because she died. This is a great look at the afterlife in the DBZ world.

Excerpt: At last she stood in front of Enma-Daioh's desk.

"Bulma Briefs," he rumbled. "I've seen you before. Looks like ... pride, vanity, selfishness ... the usual human sins. Heaven." He reached for his stamp.

"Wait!" Bulma shouted up from the floor. "Aren't you going to ask me what I want?"

Enma-Daioh looked down at her. "No. You don't get a say in this. If I let souls decide for themselves where they want to go, how many do you think would choose hell?"

"Honestly," Bulma fumed, and crossed her arms. "Sorry, buddy. I'm not going anywhere."

"What are you rambling about? I don't normally have souls argue about going to heaven. Perhaps you're confused and think it's the other place."

Bulma shook her head. "I'm not confused. I'm just not leaving until you answer a question."

Enma-Daioh leaned his head in the palm of one hand. "Well, ask it, but hurry up, because I'm busy and don't like having my time wasted. If you don't answer quickly, I'll just send you to the place of my choosing."

"My question is this," Bulma said. "My husband, Vegeta. Is he destined for heaven or hell?"

Enma-Daioh shook his head. "I can't answer that sort of question. Client confidentiality."

"I refuse to go to heaven until I know if my husband will be there."

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12th-Jan-2010 03:06 pm Dominion: Reprise by Trinsan (PG13)
Title: Dominion: Reprise
Fandom: DBZ
Pairing: Canon pairings
Author on LJ: Trinsan/[ profile] doortoriver
Author Website: Her website
Why this must be read:

Lovely, lengthy, plotty, with a mystery that will keep you guessing, and perfect charaicterizations. There are some fics that really fillin the blanks on the characterizations we are sometimes left with when it comes to the Z Warriors and this one is perfect.

Excerpt: There was an accident in Heaven, and Mr. Popo, who was usually a bastion of good sense and of even better advice, was at a complete loss for what to do. Mr. Popo loved his job, and even more so the people who administrated over him; but in all his hundreds of years as the earth-Kami's assistant, he had never seen the eighth dragon ball before.

Of course he had suggested to Dende that they leave the strange thing alone; that such odd items, hidden away in trunks buried deep within library vaults, were obviously there for a purpose and best handled by those qualified to deal with them – such as a Kaiou, for instance, or maybe even Enma-Daiou himself. But Dende had meddled – and now, Dende was no more.

At least, that was the way it came across.

Dende – and the extra dragonball along with him, for that matter – had disappeared completely from Kami's Tower. Exhaustive search had turned up nothing, and showed only that Dende and the ball which intrigued him were simply nowhere to be found at all.

Normally, an incident such as this would not have panicked Mr. Popo – he had, after all, been through recent events such as Buu and Cell, and seeing the earth destroyed and wished back, and before that momentous occasions like the taming of the dragon Shen-lon and the creation of the dragonballs. With the Z-Fighters down below and the dragonballs to help out - why, there was hardly an occasion that Popo didn't think could be handled calmly and efficiently.

Except, perhaps, for this one.

Dominion: Reprise
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11th-Jan-2010 03:52 pm Cobwebs by Onyx (PG13)
Title: Cobwebs
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Characters: Mirai Gohan, Piccolo
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

One of the more interesting aspects of DBZ are the various canon timelines, and the future of the Androids is as fascinating as it bleak. One of the most beloved heroes of the series comes from this time – Mirai Trunks. But this is the story of the man who trained him.

Mirai Gohan.

Excerpt: His eyes bore into me for a single moment – earnest, pointed daggers made of the bluest ice

His eyes bore into me for a single moment – earnest, pointed daggers made of the bluest ice. He is beautiful as all young, living things are beautiful, determination giving his face a definite shape, one that suits him. It falls somewhere between Saiyan honor and plain old human stubbornness. Then, I feel my hand impact the back of his head.

Yes, I realize as his eyes cloud over, shock registering in those depthless blue irises before they roll back and are covered by falling lids…yes, he is too beautiful to die here. I catch him with my one remaining arm before he hits the ground, holding him close against myself for a precious moment.

This is the younger brother that I’ll never have. I’m sorry, Trunks…truly. I pray that you’ll never know how sorry. I lay him down on the ground, running a hand reluctantly through the lavender tangle of his hair, remembering as I do so the feeling of a much larger hand, a hand with only four fingers, smoothing my own bangs away from my face so long ago.
Was this how he felt, when he left me for the last time? Did it hurt him this much? Yes, I know it did as I stand here – this much, and maybe even more. I’m sorry now that I was angry with him. He did what he had to, just as I am doing what I have to.

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10th-Jan-2010 11:05 pm Judgment by Vespera (T)
Title: Judgment
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Characters: Piccolo, Kami, Others
Author on LJ: Vespera
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

A big part of DBZ is the idea of redemption and how someone who was once evil, and who bears the guilt of murder, can still be a source of immeasurable good in the world. The most prime example is Piccolo.

Once the feared Demon King, once the mortal enemy of Son Goku, he later became the most trusted and beloved friend, and the one whom Son Gohan loved second best.

This is the story of his redemption. It takes place after the Battle with Nappa in the Saiyan Saga.

Excerpt: I think I knew that bastard's intention even before he did.
I saw the murderous glint in his eyes, as that thick lip curled in a nasty snarl. I've seen that kind of rage light up many a warrior's eyes... but this time, there was no helpless alarm behind the glare.
This brute actually had the kind of unnatural power to do something about it.
I took one look at that thickheaded Saiyan, and I could read his mind.
Kill... kill... kill...
Not very sophisticated, but he got points for focus.
Then, I took one look in the direction his burning gaze was directed.
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10th-Jan-2010 10:28 pm "Mrs. Chestnut, about your daughter...." by C.S. Hayden (PG)
In addition to Torchwood, I'm also reccing DBZ on [ profile] crack_van. I'm getting a late start, but this fandom still has a large piece of my geeky heart.

Title: "Mrs. Chestnut, about your daughter...."
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Characters: Marron, Android 18
Author on LJ: C.S. Hayden
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

In a fandom that is primarily about boys beating up other boys, it's nice to see the girls get some recognition. Even if one of those girls is the indomnitable Android 18.

This is a future fic dealing with Krillan and Android 18's daughter, Marron, who is having trouble with bullies at school… and her mother's advice on how to handle it.

Excerpt: Marron stared miserably at her shoes. The other girls' parents had already gone into Mr. Fitzpatrick's office, their muffled voices rising and falling indignantly through the thick door. She could hear hissing whispers a few seats away and ventured a sidelong glance through the blonde fringe of her bangs. Jetta and her cronies were huddled together, gossiping as usual and casting vicious looks at her.

"This is it, Chestnut," Jetta taunted from the safety of her little social club. "Once my dad is through with Fitzpatrick, you'll be expelled and no school in town will take you."

"Where's your little shrimp of a father?" another girl, Missy or Muffy -- Marron could never keep their silly names straight - sneered as she popped her gum. "Betcha he's too scared to come."

The outer office door opened and firm footsteps strode towards them. Marron looked up and nearly fainted with relief. "Mom!"

Eighteen ignored the other girls and went straight to her daughter. The ex-android was dressed in a chic pants suit and perfectly groomed - but with a no-nonsense look in her eye. "Are you all right?" she demanded. "What was that moron talking about?"

"I'm okay," Marron answered reluctantly, not wanting to blubber in front of everyone, "but they started it."

"Did not!"


Looking over her daughter's shoulder, Eighteen swept a frigid stare over the covey of girls that stunned them into silence. She took in the disheveled state of their clothes, the assorted bruises and bumps, and large bald patches in their hair. Turning back to Marron, she gave her the barest smile.

"Mrs. Chestnut, about your daughter...."
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13th-Aug-2009 09:43 pm Wild Blue Yonder by Phoenix Cubed (PG)
Title: Wild Blue Yonder
Fandom: DBZ
Pairing: Goku/Chi-chi
Author on LJ: Not sure
Author Website: Her FF Page
Why this must be read: I confess, Gohan is the reason I got sucked into this series in the first place, and the Cell saga is still my favorite. Chi-chi gets a bad rap in fanfiction a lot, but this story gives her a depth and realism that makes her seem sympathetic.

Excerpt )

Wild Blue Yonder
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13th-Aug-2009 09:14 pm Thankful by Sango (PG13)
Title: Thankful
Fandom: DBZ
Pairing: Vegeta/Bulma
Author on LJ: Not Sure
Author Website: Her FF Page
Why this must be read: This is another take on the eternal mystery of how Vegeta and Bulma ended up together. Only, with a slightly different take and a positively kick ass Bulma.

Excerpt )

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13th-Aug-2009 08:53 pm Mind of a Prince by Trinsan (PG13)
Title: Mind of a Prince
Fandom: DBZ
Pairing: Vegeta/Bulma
Author on LJ: Trinsan/[ profile] doortoriver
Author Website: Her website
Why this must be read: This is a classic love story and in the DBZ world, it's the answer to the ultimate question: How the hell did Vegeta and Bulma of all people, end up together?

Excerpt )

Mind of a Prince
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4th-Aug-2009 05:26 pm What's a Kakarot? by Mango Madness (PG)
Hi, it's [ profile] wizefics again. In addition to driving the Torchwood van, I've been tapped to share the fandom that first sucked me into fandom! Dragon Ball Z! Yes, that's right! We are going old school. I am going to try very hard to get some sort of DBZ Guide up before the end of the month. But, it's an old fandom, so I would think that most fans would already know everything. Besides, which, it's insanely complicated!

If you're totally new to the fandom and still interested, I suggest taking a quick peek at Wikipedia.

Title: What's a Kakarot?
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Pairing: hints of Goku/Chi-chi, Vegeta/Bulma
Author on LJ: Mango Madness
Author Website: Her FF Page
Why this must be read: Because at it's heart, DBZ is about the competition between Goku and Vegeta, whether they are trying to kill each other, or just prove that they are stronger and this fic focuses on that. Also, this is one of the funniest, laugh out loud fics I've ever read.

Author's Summary: After hearing the word day-in and out, young Trunks and Goten finally ask Vegeta to explain what a "Kakarot" is.

Excerpt: At that moment, the back door slammed open and Vegeta stalked out, cursing angrily to himself. He walked out onto the cement walkway and shouted, "Brats, I need more weight!"

"Whee, it’s horsey time!" Goten cheered, then quickly helped Trunks gather up the cards. They both ran over to Vegeta, who got down into position to do push-ups.

"Giddy-up!" Goten exclaimed, clambering onto Vegeta’s back.

"Shut up and sit down!" Vegeta snapped.

Trunks took his place on Vegeta’s shoulderblades and gave Goten an "ix-nay on the orsey-hay" look. Goten covered his mouth with his hands and nodded, eyes bright with enthusiasm, and sat down on Vegeta’s rear end. The moment the boys were situated, Vegeta started doing his push-ups.

What's a Kakarot?
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