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15th-Dec-2013 07:03 am White Collar/Chuck/Fringe (Teen)
It’s time for Crack Van Collisions!! This one's a real treat:

Title: Intelligent Designs by Auburn
Fandoms: White Collar, Chuck, Fringe
Pairing: Author notes none, but I’d call it Neal Caffrey/Bryce Larkin
Length: 117k
Author on AO3: auburn
Author Website: Auburn’s works on AO3
Why this must be read:

This fic is an epic merging of three fandoms so diverse I wouldn’t have thought it possible in a hundred years – in fact, when my pal [ profile] winterstar95 recommended it to me I initially resisted it, citing the fact it couldn’t possibly work – yet it does! And very, very well.

The author’s premise is an amazingly imaginative one, particularly for fans of the actor Matt Bomer, who portrays Neal Caffrey on White Collarand Bryce Larkin on Chuck : imagine all of the characters Bomer has ever played (Neal, Bryce, Luc from Tru Calling, Jay Burchell from Traveler, and more) are all clones based on the same “stock,” an experiment overseen by Fringe’s Walter Bishop many years ago to produce super soldiers, and one that has failed mightily. Imagine also that rogue scientist David Robert Jones knows about the Intersect from Chuck and wants to use it to find the tech that made those clones. Imagine again that Bryce Larkin never died on Chuck, and he’s out to stop Jones at all costs. Now mash it all together. The result is part adventure/casefic, part horror show, part family relationship story, and 100% excellent.

The thing that resonates the most for me with this story – besides the sheer talent it took to write it – is the relationship between Neal and Bryce. They are brothers and yet not; they know each other with an intimacy only two beings raised within a hive-like cooperative can; and they are utterly devoted to each other in ways so touching and inspiring it will make your chest hurt. Theirs is a connection and love that almost defies description, really, and fascinates me to this day, over a year since I read the story.

Now, let me assuage the fears of any reader who might be intimidated by the fact they may not be familiar with one or two of these shows: the author takes pains to orient you in the narrative of each of them – you will not be lost. I guarantee, in fact, that you will be swept away. This is a work of genius.

Intelligent Designs
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15th-Dec-2012 03:25 pm Intelligent Designs by auburn (Gen)
Characters: Full cast, all three shows
Length: 117,530 words
Author on Dreamwidth: [ profile] auburn
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

True story: In August I finally watched season one of White Collar and immediately noted: If I was writing White Collar crossover fic, Neal's impossible prettiness would be a significant plot element: he's a lost Cortexikid, (etc.)....

One day later, this fic appeared on AO3.

So granted, I was predisposed to like it. But the author does an amazing job of meshing the three universes, and it's easy to see how well they all fit: Peter Burke is FBI and could easily interact with Fringe Division! Of course Bryce Larkin and Neal Caffery are related! And it only makes sense that Walter Bishop would have known Chuck Bartowski's father. The involved relationships between all the players are delightful (Elizabeth Burke is a star, natch), and the plotting is utterly engaging.

Intelligent Designs
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30th-Dec-2010 01:54 pm Hibachi Chefs Wear Armani, by goddessofbirth (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Morgan, Anna (Anna, Morgan, Casey)
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] goddessofbirth
Author Website: fic list
Why this must be read: There are quite a few stories of how Anna became (or just is) a spy, as you can see from the fact that this is already my second rec on that theme. But since there can never be enough Anna fic, that is in no way a bad thing.

This writer apparently took offense when Anna left Morgan for a Hibachi chef (understandably), offering an explanation of what really happened (successfully). It features Anna being kind and loving (while still being Anna) as well as Morgan worrying about his knife skills, and one of Casey's wishes coming true. The thing that makes this story work is the fact that [ profile] goddessofbirth keeps things simple - you'll probably see the twist coming from a mile away, but that's just because she's letting you.

Hibachi Chefs Wear Armani
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28th-Dec-2010 06:26 pm Three Times Diane Beckman Met Roan Montgomery (and One Time She Didn't), by Anonymous (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Diane Beckman/Roan Montgomery
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: --
Author Website: --
Why this must be read: I'm so pleased to have found such a great fic about General Beckman that I can now point out to you. This is the character piece I've always wanted to read about Beckman, the one that explains to me who she is and how she came to be that way - all the while entertaining me greatly, when it would be really easy to be boring. It's gen much more than het, so you should read this even if the pairing shouldn't float your boat.

Three Times Diane Beckman Met Roan Montgomery (and One Time She Didn't)
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28th-Dec-2010 06:22 pm You Blinded Me Without Science, by Anonymous (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Bryce/Chuck
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: --
Author Website: --
Why this must be read: It's [ profile] yuletide time again, and I'm glad to have found two lovely Chuck fics amongst the many entries that I can now rec to you fresh out of the oven. This fic about Bryce trying to come on to Chuck in the Stanford era is both cute and amusing: Trying to kill two birds with one stone, he decides to practice the spy stuff on Chuck, which of course doesn't quite work out as planned.

snippet )

You Blinded Me Without Science
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25th-Dec-2010 06:29 pm Ten Snapshots of a Kidnapping, by mardia (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Bryce/Chuck
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] mardia
Author Website: Chuck fic tag
Why this must be read: Told in ten snapshots (hence the title), this is the story of how Bryce kidnapped Chuck when he found out about Casey's order to kill Chuck at the end of season one.

The story is told in a sparse, pointed writing style. In that, it's almost lyrical, while at the same time keeping true to the tone of the show and the general geekiness of Bryce and Chuck. It's just a fun read all around.

Read more... )

Ten Snapshots of a Kidnapping
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22nd-Dec-2010 01:03 am All Truths Are Half-Truths, by smithereen (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Sarah/Chuck (Sarah, Casey)
Length: 1000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] smithereen
Author Website: fic list
Why this must be read: When Chuck is out on a date in "Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami," Sarah decides to keep Casey company during surveillance. Casey doesn't think it's a terribly bright idea, but what's a girl in love to do?

Judging by the Casey/Sarah fic I've read so far, the most fascinating thing about their relationship seems to be that there is a lot of distance between those two, yet at the same time they have an understanding about the hardships of being a spy that Chuck could never gain. This is a gen version on that theme. [ profile] smithereen's grasp on the characters is great - Casey being his grumpy self, and having a lot of respect for Sarah despite that, understanding her in a way Chuck can't; and Sarah trying hard to pretend she doesn't care at all what Chuck is up to, yet failing miserably.

That said, the story - short as it may be - might have a bit of a slow start, but it only gets better, so give it a shot!

All Truths Are Half-Truths
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22nd-Dec-2010 12:59 am A Reasonable Facsimile, by caffienekitty (PG)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Morgan, Beckman, OCs
Length: 2600 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] caffienekitty
Author Website: fic list
Why this must be read: This story was written directly after episode 4x01 aired, totally calling the events in episode 4x02. Seriously, I had déjà vus while watching 4x02. It was scary. However, that doesn't mean that "A Reasonable Facsimile" isn't worth the read anymore. It's one of those very rare Morgan gen fics, in which Morgan gets to show the NSA how it's done. That in itself is really awesome. So here is Morgan teaching the professionals a thing or two about running a Buy More:

A Reasonable Facsimile
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18th-Dec-2010 08:16 pm Cheaters Never Win (and winners never cheat), by ivy03 (teen)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: gen (Ellie, Chuck, Bryce)
Length: ~3000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ivy03
Author Website: fic list
Why this must be read: After inexplicably being expelled from Stanford for cheating, Chuck returns home, where he is awaited by one very befuddled and angry sister. So Ellie, determined to right the wrongs done to her kid brother, travels to Stanford and confronts Bryce Larkin.

This story, which was written for last year's [ profile] yuletide, is an Ellie POV fic that features cute kind Ellie getting kind of scary. In an Ellie sort of way. This was written before the current season, but [ profile] ivy03's interpretation of Ellie was still backed up in recent episodes - as we know for sure now, you shouldn't ever piss off a Bartowski. The fic is funny and sweet and heartbreaking in turns, though I personally think the funny wins out. Because Ellie's revenge is petty, and geeky, and perfect in that.

Cheaters Never Win (and winners never cheat)
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18th-Dec-2010 08:13 pm And My Fury Stands Ready, by lassroyale (NC-17)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Casey/Chuck dubcon, Casey/OMC
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] lassroyale
Author Website: fic list
Why this must be read: I consider [ profile] lassroyale to be one of the most talented writers in this fandom. You should also check out her longer Chuck/Casey stories, which I can't rec because they're unfinished as of yet, but which are lovely. So I picked this story instead, which is dark!fic (so mind the warnings). I don't usually read dark!fic, but this one was just that good. So that should be telling you something.

Casey, much more so than Sarah, has a gory past. We know that. "Chuck" usually glosses over that fact, being a comedy. This story, however, goes to the place the show won't be able to go, exploring the darker moments in Casey's past and what they might have done to him. Unable to deal with this particular trauma, Casey finds himself directing his anger towards the one person who doesn't have the good sense to get out of the way in time - Chuck. His spy life hasn't made Casey a nice and fluffy person, in both canon and fanon, and that is doubly true for this fic.

And My Fury Stands Ready
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12th-Dec-2010 08:17 pm Memory is like whatchacallit, by jmtorres (teen)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Chuck, Bryce, Casey, Ellie (some Chuck/Bryce)
Length: ~3400 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] jmtorres
Author Website: found a fic tag on her Dreamwidth account
Why this must be read: For a while there in early canon, it looked like Chuck would be ready to do a lot to lose the Intersect. While this story was Jossed somewhere in season two, it still proposed a an unsettling way of how he might have achieved that goal. In this very plotty story, you slowly come to realize what has happened, seeing Chuck changed in a fundamental way while still very much being Chuck - on the outside. Enter Bryce, who hasn't come to save the day, but is still willing to do so in passing. The thing is, Chuck might not want to be saved.

Features an open ending, a procedural programming language, autism, and a twist.

Memory is like whatchacallit
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9th-Dec-2010 01:29 pm Burnout, by slybrunette (PG-13)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Sarah/Casey
Length: comment fic
Author on LJ: [ profile] slybrunette
Author Website: fic list of 2010
Why this must be read: This fic proposes that Sarah and Casey used to know each other before the show, based on the detail of Sarah calling Casey a burnout in the pilot. Here, the two of them have a relationship that has nothing to do with love whatsoever. The fic shows two spies connecting and not connecting at all at the same time, all framed by a beautiful language full of precious details. You shouldn't read this for the pairing, but because you want to learn more about Sarah, or Casey, or about how being a spy kinda sucks.

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6th-Dec-2010 10:30 pm Anna saves the world. A lot, by omfgsh (PG-13)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: none (Anna, Chuck, ensemble)
Length: ~1300 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] omfgsh
Author Website: writing journal: [ profile] killthefreshmen
Why this must be read: Dude, because it's about Anna! Saving the world! A lot, even.

More seriously, we all knew that Anna could be a spy, or possibly become one, and there has been a handful of fic written on that. I like this one best, because it focuses on Anna rather than Anna/Morgan (and I'm just a gen girl at heart), because this Anna's voice is pitch-perfect, except here she's a spy and she kicks ass. I would worry if Sarah and Anna had to face off. I really would. And not about Anna.

Here's the thing: Anna Wu is not just a computer nerd. God, no. Do you think she'd work at the Buy More voluntarily?

(She would, actually, because it makes her parents mad. But that's not the point.)

Anna saves the world. A lot.
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3rd-Dec-2010 04:55 pm "Goodbye" and "Christmas Meeting" by sal_at_home (PG & NC-17)
Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: Casey/Chuck (Casey, Chuck, Ellie, Devon)
Length: 900 words and 9000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] sal_at_home
Author Website: couldn't find anything
Why this must be read: I don't read a lot of sweet, longing, romantic romance and most het and slash I'll be reccing will not be it, so I thought I'd start with this fic, which is a classical fic of love lost. And found, of course. In the sequel. And then lost again. I think you get the drift. In this story, the team splits up and Sarah walks out on Chuck, and Casey carries a torch for Chuck. However, he doesn't tell him. Because he's Casey.

While being a Chuck/Casey writer myself, I still find this pairing very difficult to pull off. One of the many reasons for that is that I believe Casey would rather eat some of his own body parts than tell Chuck how he feels. [ profile] sal_at_home managed to solve this problem very successfully. This is a Chuck who has grown ready to take action, and a Casey who's once been confuddled enough by Carina to be left tied to a bedpost. Now if Carina could do that to him, think of what he'd do when confronted with real feelings. Heh.

The ending of the second fic is wide open, as it should be in a story that is very much about future prospects and loose ends.

Goodbye and Christmas Meeting
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1st-Dec-2010 03:50 pm I Hate This Part (Right Here) by seperis (M)
Hey there, I'm [ profile] trovia and I'm going to drive the Van for the Chuck fandom this month. I actually discovered Chuck by way of browsing this comm and reading the fandom overview written by [ profile] secondalto in 2008. It's still applicable, so maybe you should read it, too. Meanwhile, I have searched all the fandom for good fic to rec this month. It will feature all kinds of characters and pairings, especially but not exclusively the members of Team Bartowski. Expect quite some gen and lots of plottiness. Don't expect a lot of porn.

Fandom: CHUCK
Pairing: none (Chuck, Casey, Sarah)
Length: ~ 7000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] seperis
Author Website: AO3 fic list
Why this must be read: In this Chuck POV fic, Chuck has been drugged, having to be saved by his team (again). It's the very first fic that occurred to me when I started thinking up recs. Everything about this story just works out - tone of voice, POV, the balance of comedy and team adventure and little bits of angst. It's a story that could have been taken right out of an episode, except that [ profile] seperis put a little more thought and effort into it than can be expected from a panicking scriptwriter with an intimidating deadline.

excerpt )

I Hate This Part (Right Here)
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31st-Dec-2008 12:27 pm Broken by Fiareynne R
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/Lester Patel, Morgan Grimes/Lester Patel, Chuck Bartowski/John Casey
Length:  long one shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] fiareynne 
Author Website: Agents Provocateur
Why this must be read:I'm ending the month the way I started it, with the goddess of Chuck slash, Fia. This is by far one of her best. It's long and epic and oh so angsty. She takes Lester, a character we know virtually nothing about, and she makes him a fully fledged person, a character that the reader can really and truly care about. I just want to take him off the screen and hug him with this story. Fia is a master of storytelling and I know that when I go to read, I will always be satisfied, I hope you are too.

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30th-Dec-2008 09:19 am Incidents and Anecdotes by thelovehater R
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck/Bartowski/John Casey
Length:@3000 words
Author on LJ:[ profile] thelovehater 
Author Website: all her fics are at[ profile] amoretpsyche 
Why this must be read: I saved reccing this for the end of the month because...well, frankly I've been racking my brain trying to find the words that would accurately convey my love for this story. And I still haven't found them. It's Chuck thinking about Casey. It's Casey acting on his feelings for Chuck. It's just about everything and anything that I have ever wanted out of a good, no GREAT Chuck/Casey fic and so much more. The best part? This is her first and only Chuck fic (so far). I envy those of you who will be reading this for the first time.

Incidents and Anecdotes
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28th-Dec-2008 10:34 am Idle Curiosity by Regann PG-13

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/John Casey
Length: 1400 words
Author on LJ: regann
Author Website: none, but her is her chuck fic tag on LJ
Why this must be read:Poor Chuck. He starts to wonder what Casey is like in bed. And it drives him up the wall. He fantasizes, loses sleep with the wondering. Then he finds out for real. Fun, and yummy.

Idle Curiosity

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28th-Dec-2008 10:28 am Chuck vs. The Scotch by turtle_goose PG

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing:  pre Chuck Bartowski/John Casey
Length: @1000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] turtle_goose 
Author Website: [ profile] maleficium_tg 
Why this must be read:In the show we've seen Casey grow from trying to kill Chuck to being his handler to actually caring enough about Chuck that he's reluctant to carry out his duties at the end of Season one. This fic capitalizes on all of that and so much more. Casey reflects post mission about his feelings for Chuck while enjoying a glass of scotch. It's a fun little insight into Casey's mind.

Chuck Vs. The Scotch

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24th-Dec-2008 10:08 am This is How it Works by Alazysod R
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker/John Casey
Length: 3500 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] alazysod 
Author Website: none that I can find
Why this must be read: Frankly, I never thought I would read a story that actually had Chuck and Sarah in anything other than the pretend relationship that they have on the show. I prefer Chuck with Casey. But this....this makes me want to believe in them, with Casey as an added bonus. Chuck goes from having a pretend girlfriend to having a real girlfriend, with a boyfriend added for fun. It's very believable and pretty darn hot too.

This Is How It Works

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24th-Dec-2008 09:59 am Cross Your Heart and Hope by Mardia PG-13
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: none
Length: @4000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] mardia 
Author Website: none that I can find
Why this must be read:Ellie is always curious about her brother's life, especially now that he is disappearing all the time and acting weird. What if she found out about his work with Sarah and Casey? About him being the Intersect? This lovely story is a five things approach to those questions, five ways Ellie finds out. It's angsty and hurty and just overall wonderful. And remember, feedback is the best Christmas gift an author can get.

Cross Your Heart and Hope

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20th-Dec-2008 11:58 am Untitled Ellie/Awesome by misspamela PG
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Ellie Bartowski/Devon Woodcomb
Length: 600 words
Author on LJ: misspamela
Author Website: Miss Pamela's World Tour
Why this must be read: It's how Ellie and Awesome might have met! I personally have wondered how the two of them got together and this little ficlet gives a possible reason. It's another rare story about the two and very believable. Give the author some love!

Untitled Ellie/Awesome
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17th-Dec-2008 02:31 pm Ellie Versus The Bad Day by Cassie PG-13

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Ellie Bartowski/Devon Woodcomb
Length:  short, one shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] kiss_me_cassie 
Author Website: The Kissing Booth
Why this must be read:Short, sweet, fluffy and fun. It's perfectly Ellie and Awesome and the best kind of reading for a cold snowy day. There really are many Ellie/Awesome fics out there, so this is especially wonderful. Also, I LOVE the surprise in the middle. I won't spoil it, but I'll just say it's a good surprise.

Ellie Versus the Very Bad Day

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15th-Dec-2008 11:19 am Chuck/Angel the Series R

Fandom: Chuck/Angel the Series
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/Gwen Raiden
Length: @1500 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] fiareynne 
Author Website: Agents Provacateurs
Why this must be read: When it comes to making crossovers work, Fia does a great job here and makes it very believable that these two would meet. In very few words she captures the characters and all the baggage they carry, injecting just the teeniest smidgen of angst into the mix. And the sex is still hot even when it's not explicit proving that it's not always hardcore porn that titillates.

Shock and Awesome
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12th-Dec-2008 04:24 pm In which Captain Awesome... by Emony2 (R)

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb
Length: 999 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] emony2 
Author Website: none that I know of but her fics are here on her livejournal.
Why this must be read:Because I never expected to enjoy a slash story with the Captain and yet here I am recommending one (and its sequel). Chuck finds himself being propositioned by the Captain and unable to say no. It's fun, it's in character and the sequel has Casey listening in and making up excuses for the noises he hears. Go, read, enjoy! And feed the author, it is getting close to Christmas after all.

In which Captain Awesome persuades Chuck to take the awesome to a new level

Grape Soda and Wrestling Matches (the sequel)
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9th-Dec-2008 11:19 am Juggernaut by Fiareynne R

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Morgan Grimes/Lester Patel
Length: @5000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] fiareynne 
Author Website:  Agents Provocateurs
Why this must be read: Morgan and Lester have just recently began to show signs of being very slashtastic together and Fia capitalizes on that wonderfully.  After the big Buy More party Morgan finds Lester at home and attempts to comfort him. Lester isn't sure how to react to this. Fia takes these two minor characters and brings them to life, she inhabits them completely and her characterization is spot on. Hopefully by reading this, you too will come to love this new pairing.


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9th-Dec-2008 10:58 am Wires by Entangled Now (PG-13)

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/John Casey
Length: @1000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] entangled_now 
Author Website: [ profile] libraryofsol 
Why this must be read:Casey is forever bugging Chuck while they're at work (read: The Buy More) and usually it has something to do with Chuck's role as the Intersect or whatever current mission they're on. But this time it's something entirely different. Casey wants to give Chuck something. And Chuck is not sure he's ready for this, what Casey is proposing is a big step. The ending is a delightfully wicked twist that will have you grinning. And for a PG-13 rated fic, it's incredibly hot.


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6th-Dec-2008 10:54 am Retail Hell by Megolas (PG)

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing:  none
Length: @1000 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website:  unknown
Why this must be read:If you've ever worked in retail, you can certainly relate to what John and Sarah are experiencing in this story. They may be spies, but not to the outside world. To everyone else, they're retail workers. This fic shows the reader snippets of the day to day lives that John and Sarah must lead when they're not out saving the world or protecting Chuck. I love it because I know all to well the things they're going through.

Retail Hell
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3rd-Dec-2008 02:04 pm Bedbugs by Fiareynne (PG-13)

Hello! secondalto here, starting off a month of delicious Chuck recs! I'm mostly a Chuck/Casey girl, but I have a few others that will hopefully tempt and delight you!

Fandom: Chuck
Pairing:  Chuck/Casey
Length:  @5000 words
Author on LJ: fiareynne
Author Website: Agents Provocateurs
Why this must be read: Because Fia is the godmother of Chuck/Casey fic. Her characterization is spot on and frequently more consistent than the writers'. Because she makes Chuck smart, Casey vunerable and brings in the supporting cast in ways that don't make them seem intrusive. Bedbugs (and it's relevant universe) is one of the best in Chuck/Casey fic. Casey listens in on Chuck. Chuck knows. Chuck listens right back, even when Casey trashes the bugs. It's romance, it's angst and it's perfect.

Bedbugs and the rest of the Bedbugs 'verse.

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1st-Dec-2008 10:05 am Chuck Fandom Overview
Hello, I'm[ profile] secondalto and I'll be your driver for Chuck. This is the first time Chuck has been featured, so below you will find a fandom overview. Spoilers through Chuck vs. the Gravitron. With thanks to [ profile] fiareynne  for giving this a look over.

Chuck vs. The Overview )
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