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7th-Sep-2009 10:07 pm Anniversary/Blood/Home sweet home by Stacie
Even more than military guys, Michael Biehn has played cops. And that's what he is in Strapped, det. Matthew McRae from a section that deals with illegal firearms.

Don't know the movie? Neither did I when I found Stacie's wonderful stories. All I knew was, that McRae had browbeaten a boy into being his snitch and things went wrong for the kid. It was more than enough knowledge, because Stacie's stories aren't about the movie in any way, they are about the hardship of being a cop.

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Det. Matthew McRae from Strapped
Length: two ficlets, one story of about 11.000 words
Author on LJ: not, as far as I know
Author Website: Stacie's stories can be found on the Phoenix Michael Biehn Archive

Why this must be read:
Ever thought being a cop was glamorous? Heroic? Think again. Stacie shows the hardship of living a cop's life, what it can cost a person and how sometimes only bad choices can be made - choices that, when they go wrong, go wrong horribly. She shows the gritty, non-glamorous part of a cop life and it's nothing like it's depicted in the movies. It's hard work for a lousy pay, and often it's very sad work.

Reading her three stories, you can't help but feel for this struggling cop who keeps trying to do the right thing despite the odds.

Excerpt - from 'Home sweet home' )



Home sweet home

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