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15th-Jan-2014 08:50 am White Collar/Despicable Me (Gen)
Title: ART: Neal vs. Minions by Kanarek13 (G)
Pairing: None – Neal, Peter, Moz, and some Minions
Length: N/A
Author on LJ: [ profile] kanarek13
Author Website: On LJ
Why this must be seen:

This is perfect for today, Crack Van Collisions! Kanarek13 is one of those wonderful people in fandom whose personality is truly reflected in the clever and fun manips she creates. I know it’s all smoke, mirrors, and Photoshop, but these are so well blended and hilarious, you will wonder/hope that Neal and Peter might be in Despicable Me 3. Here’s a preview:

Sample behind a cut... )Here are the rest
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