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27th-Feb-2009 08:09 am A Ride On The Subway by Talya Firedancer (NC-17)
Pairing: Yohji X 2 OMCs
Length: Approx 4K
Author on LJ: [ profile] fyredancer But it appears to be flocked
Author Website: Firedancer's Universe of Chaos

If you're in the mood for something kinky and of a public sex nature, this is your fic. A Ride on the Subway is the first of three in the series and it's just the hottest thing I've ever read. Yes, it has two original male characters, but that's ok. It makes it all the better when Yohji finds himself in a very compromising position after being forced to take the hated subway. It's a tad on the non-con side but we're talking Yohji and sex here, so no trauma is had.

The second installment, The Subway Revisited, includes some good old fashioned bdsm with the same two characters. This time after another chance meeting on the same subway, Yohji agrees to come home with the two and is shown a few new things about sex that even he didn't know.

In Riding Beyond the Subway, Omi and Ken meet up with our two salarymen. Ken gets jealous, much sex is had by all and feelings are shared. Good stuff all around.

A Ride On The Subway

The Subway Revisited

Riding Beyond The Subway
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27th-Feb-2009 06:52 am The Pat Benatar Arc by Koumori (NC-17)
Pairing: Yohji x Ken x Aya, Aya x OC
Length: Novel-length
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Story found at Boys Next Door

This is my all time favorite Weiss Kreuz fic which is why I've saved it until almost last. It's basically a romance, Weiss style, complete with kitchen table banter, tattoos and a few missions thrown in for good measure. I was skeptical at first because it is written from Ken's point of view, and I have to admit, he's not my favorite. Also the name is a little on the odd side. But Koumori makes me forget all that as her writing creates wonderfully vivid images with tiny details that really bring the story to life.

Ken, straight as an arrow all his life, suddenly finds himself drawn into a growing relationship with Yohji and Aya. The aftermath of a disastrous mission makes Ken realize just how uncertain their lives are and that they could all die tomorrow with no one to know or care.

And the sex is smokin' hot too.

With his eyes closed, tingling with the feathery heat of Yohji's lips grazing the shell of his ear, he almost didn't even notice the soft lips brushing his, kissing him in a way he might have called sweet under other circumstances; it almost seemed natural. Certainly it was natural for him to lift his face and part his lips to the tonguetip that teased at them, answering the slow sensuality of those kisses. He was kissing Aya; Ken knew it even before he felt the telltale feather of the swordsman's hair against his face. The lightness, the coaxing of Aya's mouth on his was unexpected, and soothed him in a strange way as much as it aroused him. And arouse him it did.

The Pat Benatar Arc: Shadows of the Night
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19th-Feb-2009 08:12 am Think Like A Gun by Viridian5 (R)
Pairing: Aya, OMC
Length: 5,500
Author on LJ: [ profile] viridian5
Author Website: The Green Room

Aya goes under cover on a solo mission. The Author's own words, "Kritiker doesn't always treat its weapons kindly" sums up my feelings for the whole anime and not just this fic. This story shows just how callous and impersonal Kritker is towards its assets and how little thought goes into the after effect of such missions. Viridian5 shows us what really drive Aya and just what he will really do to protect his sister.

Think Like A Gun
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19th-Feb-2009 07:01 am Why Kids Shouldn't Talk To Grown-Ups About Sex by Utopian Trunks (NC-17)
Pairing: Youji/Aya
Length: 4k-ish
Author on LJ: utopiantrunks
Author Website: East of Sanity

This is one of the funniest fics in this fandom I have ever read. Omi and Youji have a casual conversation about some of Omi's friends which lead up to a discussion of sex. Youji tries to play it cool and be open and supportive while battling to keep his true hentai nature to a minimum. Utopian Trunks writes Youji's imagination gone wild in a humorous and believable way. For any adult who has ever tried to have a frank and nonjudgmental conversation with a teenager about sex, this story is a must read.

The ex-detective waved a hand dismissively before his face, as much to fan himself as to dispel the boy's worries. "You just... surprised me, is all," he prided himself in managing a fairly even tone on that one. Now what was the next thing you were supposed to remember...? Um... 'Take advantage of their trust and find out everything!!' No, wait, that can't have been it... "So, um... you been doing this for long?"

Why Kids Shouldn't Talk To Grown-Ups About Sex
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5th-Feb-2009 09:09 am Bloodstained Illusions by P.L. Nunn NC-17
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Paring: Yohji x Aya
Length: 48K
Author on LJ: [ profile] plnunn
Author Website: Bishonenworks

P.L. Nunn writes intricately woven plots with plenty of sex and action. This story is the third of six in an arc and delivers on all accounts. Weiss has left Kritiker and moved on to parts unknown, or so they believe. But Aya's recovery from Schuldig and Farfie's tender loving care leave Yohji with no choice but seek help from Kritker once again. This story can be read on it's own as it has a wonderfully twisty plot with a very believable original male character as the villain but reading the whole series is time well spent.

Bloodstained Illusions Chapter One
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3rd-Feb-2009 07:35 am Vanilla Vodka and Videos by Seraphim_Grace (NC 17)
Paring: Yohji x Aya
Length: 3000 Words
Author on LJ: [ profile] seraphim_grace
Author's Website:

Hiya all! I'm RedHedLvr and I'll reccing some Weiss Kreuz for the month of February. As with lots of new drivers, I'm a little nervous with my first time behind the wheel, so if I make any mistakes, just let me know and I'll fix 'em right away.

The ladies of Kritiker have an "A/V club" night with some rather interesting videos of their assassins caught on film. This week's viewing pleasure features Yohji and a very drunk Aya.

Bombay’s cheerful smiling face filled the screen, “hello ladies, I am pleased to present tonight’s feature presentation, Balinese gets Abyssinian drunk, as I’m sure you know it has long since been a request of the entire Kritiker A/V group to catch images of Abyssinian, or Red Rook, as he was once known, and it seems that without outside help you were incapable of this. So I present Weiss gets Abyssinian drunk and naked with Balinese.”

Vanilla Vodka and Videos
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2nd-Feb-2009 08:07 am Vanilla Vodka and Videos by Seraphim_Grace (NC 17)

Paring:  Yohji X Aya
Length:  Around 3500
Author on LJ:  [ profile] seraphim_grace 
Author Website:

Hiya all!  I'm RedHedLvr and I'll reccing some Weiss Kreuz for the month of February.  As with lots of new drivers, I'm a little nervous with my first time behind the wheel, so if I make any mistakes, just let me know and I'll fix 'em right away.

The ladies of Kritiker have an "A/V club" night with some rather interesting videos of their assassins caught on film.  This week's viewing pleasure features Yohji and a very drunk Aya.

Bombay’s cheerful smiling face filled the screen, “hello ladies, I am pleased to present tonight’s feature presentation, Balinese gets Abyssinian drunk, as I’m sure you know it has long since been a request of the entire Kritiker A/V group to catch images of Abyssinian, or Red Rook, as he was once known, and it seems that without outside help you were incapable of this. So I present Weiss gets Abyssinian drunk and naked with Balinese.”

Vanilla Vodka and Videos
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1st-Mar-2005 01:12 am Progression by Daegaer (PG-13)
Pairing: Nagi/Omi
Author on LJ: [ profile] daegaer
Author Website: none, but all stories are linked in her memories.

Why this must be read:

I thought I'd have to pass over recommending anything for this pairing, despite the fact that it's quite popular - I can't stand the characterizations in most Omi/Nagi stories. But then I saw this story, and oh! Now *this* is how I can believe that particular relationship. Ok, technically, it's Mamoru/Nagi, and you should know Glühen (or read the quick summary I added to the fandom overview) to understand what exactly is going on, but still.



Daegaer has written quite a few nice stories, but the one think I *have* to point out are her WK mpreg crack drabbles. No, stop running away! These really *are* brilliant: she manages to impregnate all 4 members of Schwarz, in believable ways (ok, "believable" for this crack universe, but still), and just when you're laughing so hard you're about to pass out, she manages to twist your heart over some of what's going on.

They're all mixed with her other WK stories she's written, so I've put all the posts so far in my LJ memories for easier access.

Honestly, these stories are absolutely brilliant, and anyone who has the faintest idea of Weiß Kreuz must read them.

Also brilliant is the "5 things that never happened to Nagi Naoe" story - the 3rd part broke my brain, and the 4th trampled all over the remains.


And that ends my Weiß Kreuz month. I hope you enjoyed the stories - I've tried to give a good overview of what's available in the fandom. The only pairing I wanted to rec but didn't is Aya/Ken. It's a pretty common pairing, and I tried looking for something to rec the whole month, but I couldn't find a story that I liked enough to feature it as a stand-alone rec (Aya/Ken and Omi/Nagi are just 2 pairings that don't work for me).

I have edited the main Weiß Kreuz entry, so that it now also contains summaries of the WK OAV, the Glühen series, links to the official WK music videos, links to MLs and LJs, and a list of other stories I considered for recommendation, but that didn't make it. There is also a link to a list of Aya/Ken stories recommended by someone who is a fan of that pairing, for those of you who want to give it a try.
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27th-Feb-2005 07:59 pm Possession Arc by Paxnirvana (NC-17)
Pairing: Youji/Aya
Author on LJ: [ profile] paxnirvana
Author Website: Paxnirvana's Circle of Hell

Why this must be read:

Because the stories are well-characterized and hot.

Which is possibly a bit short, so I'll add that they are woven nicely into the WK timeline (starting during the time before Aya kills Takatori and worked around the events during the middle of the anime), are also well-written, and occasionally made me laugh.

The only thing that irked me about them is that the author occasionally makes the characters use the term 'uke', which throws me every time I see it: 'uke' and 'seme' are (Japanese) fannish terms, no one outside of fandom will even know what they're referring to. My local copy of the story has the word replaced with 'bottom' - if this is a hot button for any of you, I recommend saving the stories and doing a search-and-replace before reading.

It took me all this month to read through my favorite Youji/Aya stories while trying to decide which one to rec, and I only realized yesterday that I had forgotten about this particular story. If I had remembered it earlier, I'd have written this rec nearly a month ago.

Possession (followed by Silence, Hold On, Elsewhere, Wait, Circle Part 1 and Circle Part 2)


According to the webpage, there will be 2 more stories in this arc (and half of one is actually available), but the author seems to mostly write other fandoms now. I'd love to know how she was/is planning to end the arc, but it stands alone as it is quite nicely.
I must admit that I've never read any of her other stories, so I can't tell you how they compare with the Possession arc.
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26th-Feb-2005 06:26 pm Three Hour Tour by Truth (R)
Pairing: Youji/Omi/Schuldig (in various combinations)
Author on LJ: [ profile] dhaunea
Author Website: none that I know if, but there's an alternative LJ ([ profile] file_five) that seems to contain all writings. An overview post with links to all the stories is here

Why this must be read:

Having Schuldig, Youji and Omi end up on a tropical island in a threesome is probably not the most realistic of plot lines, but it's an entertaining read - and one of the very few stories that feature Omi that don't make run away screaming. *g*

I've been staring at this entry several times over the last couple of hours, wondering what else to say about the story, but it really boils down to the fact that I like it, that it makes me smile, and that I think that people should read it. Anything else I might force out of myself is going to sound awkward, so I'll leave it at that and point you to the story.

Three Hour Tour (pressing the 'Next Entry' button seems to skip part 4, so I'm putting in direct links to the other parts: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7)


There are some stories set later in the same universe, but they aren't finished. Truth has also written both a number of other WK stories, and quite a few stories in other fandoms. Check out the overview post linked above for details. Her current project, a WK story called "Something Missing", is centered on Aya and Schwarz, and while not much has been released yet, it's looking interesting so far.
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19th-Feb-2005 09:44 pm Seeing the Light by Aoe (NC-17)
Pairing: Youji/Ken
Author on LJ: [ profile] aoeliveshere
Author Website: Bleeding Hearts

Why this must be read:

Ken, who's got a crush on Aya, keeps setting up "seductive" situations in the hopes that Aya will stumble across him and get a clue. But it's Youji who ends up taking what's offered...

Yes, I know, I've had this author before, but this *is* my favorite Youji/Ken story... Mostly because the author is one of the few people who can make me like Ken.

There is a sequel, with a different pairing, but it's really much more fun if you let yourself be surprised. If you do want to know, it's behind the spoiler cut )

Seeing the Light


The author has one more story arc (future AU) that makes good reading: New World Order and Old Souls. Other authors have also written in this AU, but none are as good as Aoe.
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19th-Feb-2005 09:44 pm The Hollow Night by Ningengirai (NC-17)
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello
Author on LJ: [ profile] ningengirai
Author Website: Noctuidae (fanfiction can be found at Nephente at the Gate)

Why this must be read:

Schwarz go to Ireland to pick up an insane Irishman, and from there on, things go downhill.

The story starts with Farfarello joining Schwarz, but goes AU soon after.

Schuldig/Farfarello is not exactly a pairing that lends itself to fluffy, happy fic, and this is a very nice representation of what you can do with a bunch of evil sociopathic assassins. This is darker than any of the WK stories I've recommended so far - dark *and* good stories are rare.

Bonus point: Author is German, so German-speakers can read this without weeping over bad fangirl German.

The Hollow Night (4th story from the top)


Ningengirai is one of the big Farfarello fans out there, if you follow the links on her site, you'll find most of the Farfarello-themed WK sites that exist.
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15th-Feb-2005 12:45 am Girl by Viridian5 and Panthea (NC-17)
Pairing: variations of Aya/Youji/Schuldig. variations of m/m, m/f and f/f.
Author on LJ: [ profile] viridian5, [ profile] mayatawi
Author Website: The Green Room, Zippos and Safety Pins

Why this must be read:

Aya’s changing....

Or, to give you a better hint what the story is about:

Yoji rushed in. "What’s wrong? Are you hurt holy God you’ve got tits."

In the wrong hands, this plot could be cringe-worthily bad. Viridian5 manages to make it work, and work incredibly well. It's a story that was meant to be a short comic piece, and instead turned into a long and fascinating story of Aya trying to deal with his body repeatedly switching genders (not to mention his hormones), Youji having to deal with the fact that he still wants Aya's body even when Aya is male, and Schuldig - well, Schuldig is really just having fun.

It's a long read, it's funny *and* hot, so go and read it right now!

Besides, how many stories can you find where the same character gets to be in m/m, m/f *and* f/f sex scenes?



Viridian5 generally writes kick-ass stories, but my all-time favorite WK story by her is unrec'able here - it's still unfinished. It's up to 137 parts now, all available in the memories of her LJ (once LJ manages to fix the memories, that is). It starts at the end of the anime series, but goes AU after that, and manages to bridge the time between the anime and Glühen - and then incorporates Glühen and fixes it! Author summary: After Aya's sister dies, Schwarz tries to save themselves and Aya from the mistakes of the Dramatic CDs and Glühen Schwarz tries to save him from himself--for their own reasons, of course--and neither they nor Weiß are ever the same again.
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11th-Feb-2005 11:13 pm Gunning Down Romance by Mami-san (PG-13)
Pairing: Schuldig, Ran (Schuldig/Farfarello)
Author on LJ: [ profile] mami_san
Author Website: Patterns of Blood

Why this must be read:

5 months after the end of the anime, Schuldig decides he needs a new pet, and blackmails Ran into living with him.

This is set in a universe where the canon ending of the series went a bit differently - what exactly happened is eventually revealed in the story. The main theme is dealing with loss, and with life after loss (and the story not as depressing or disturbing as this might sound *g*). The reader can piece together what happens before Ran does, and it's interesting to see what assumptions he makes based on what he knows of Schwarz.

It's a long and well-done story (the only quibble I remember had to do with how a Japanese person would pronounce German, which is really not a big thing unless you speak both languages), ideal for curling up in bed with.

Gunning Down Romance


It took me a long time to decide which Mami-san story to rec, so take a look at her homepage for her other stories. She's also one of the authors that I've been reading for years, and one where you can really see how she's improved with time. If you like Schwarz, don't miss Eyes on Me/I'm With You (mostly Crawford/Schuldig).
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9th-Feb-2005 09:32 pm Scarlet Ribbons by Jessi Albano (PG-13)
Pairing: Schuldig/Aya-chan
Author on LJ: [ profile] inconvenient_lj
Author Website: Inconvenient Creatures

Why this must be read:

It's a rather unlikely pairing, and yet the author makes it work beautifully. The story is set after the end of the anime series, with Aya-chan living with the Weiß boys in the flowershop, but intertwined with flashbacks to the time when Aya-chan was in her coma, where she mentally "met" Schuldig.

I like the observations Aya-chan makes about her brother and his friends, but the best parts are the flashbacks, with their fairy-tale-ish mood, that manage to make Aya-chan into a likeable character even tho she doesn't know who she is.

While I really wish the author would get around to writing the sequel to this story (I know I saw a small excerpt of it once, posted to a ML somewhere), the way the story ends is satisfying (and makes me squee *g*).

Scarlet Ribbons


I haven't said this before, but given that I can only rec about 12 stories, and that I'm trying to give a wide selection of pairings, please always check out all the other stories the authors I rec have written. Jessi Albano, for example, has a very nice Farfarello story as well.
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4th-Feb-2005 03:27 am Something Me In You by Aoe (PG-13)
Pairing: Youji, Schuldig
Author on LJ: [ profile] aoeliveshere
Author Website: Bleeding Hearts

Why this must be read:

When Farfarello disturbs a fight between Schuldig and Youji, Youji's body ends up in a coma, and Schuldig's head ends up with an additional occupant.

I absolutely adore what Aoe has done with this set-up. Her Schuldig is easily influenced by whoever he is around, and her Youji is very convinced that he is really not gay. They're both extremely surprised to find out that they might like each other.

Aoe has a good grasp of the characters, and her characterizations work well. There's Bastard!Crawford, but he still makes for interesting reading. The story is relatively long (around 400K) and develops slowly, making it a treat to sink into.

There is one instance of German that made me flinch, but otherwise the story is free of fangirlish language gaffes.

It's one of these stories that make for a really good fandom introduction, and shows just what nice things you can do with slightly damaged assassins with optional paranormal talents. The only drawback to it is that you might imprint on Schuldig/Youji as your OTP. *g*

Something Me In You

If you like this pairing, [ profile] penelope_z has written a wonderful Schuldig/Youji essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto, which includes links to other Schuldig/Youji stories.
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2nd-Feb-2005 03:22 am Weiß Kreuz: An Overview
hi, I'm ari, and I'll be doing Weiß Kreuz recs this month.

Before those of you that are not fond of anime run away screaming, let me reassure you that WK is one of these fandoms where you can easily read the fanfiction without watching the source material. The setting is (mostly) realistic and is present-day Japan.

The main attraction, especially for slash fans:

8 guys, all young and (mostly) good-looking, with (mostly) tortured pasts. They are divided into two groups - each of them assassins, but both work for very different motives that put them at odds.

Sounds like it could be interesting? Find out more behind the cut...

Read more... )
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