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31st-Dec-2007 09:15 am Songvid Oddities: Multi-fandom - Walking on the Ground
Yes, yes, yes! We are there yet!

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit boggled. When I set out with the crazy idea of reccing a vid every single day this month, I wasn't entirely sure we'd make it this far. But here we are. The very last rec of this monster set!

The really scary thing is that I could have kept right on reccing for a while yet before running out of good small fandom or multi-fandom songvids. There are just so many awesome vidders out there, and I hope this set has given you some inkling of the amazing quality and range of their work.

Anyway, enough from me. I hope you've all enjoyed the trip as much as I have. Happy new year!

Vidder: Seah & Margie
Musical artist: Sheldon Allman
Pairing: None
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] flummery
Vidder's website: Seah & Margie's Vids
Why this vid kicks ass: Was there any other songvid I could have ended the set with? I think not. This is the ultimate vid about vidding. It's sharply edited, it's funny, it has all our favourite characters doin' their thang... but most of all, it's a celebration of the grassroots, newfangled awesomeness of songvids.

*licks vid*

Tasty too! ;)

Walking on the Ground (scroll down)
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15th-Jul-2004 08:53 am Farscape/Buck Rogers (G)
Title: Untitled
Pairing: John/Aeryn, John Crichton & Buck Rogers
Author on LJ: [ profile] searose
Author's Website:Unknown

Why this must be read:

Smart, intelligent and nostalgic.  Think 1930's comic, not the 1970's television.  It's short so it won't take you a long time to read it, but it'll leave you smiling and giggling with the dialogue presented.  Wonderful dialogue between John Crichton and Buck Rogers highlights this piece.  The image of Aeryn going to get beer for "the guys" is enough to make this an enjoyable little read for me.

It's a nice little piece for viewers of Farscape and those looking for just a bit of nostalgia.  [ profile] searose knows her stuff, gets it right, and makes sure it's a nice read for those who want to take a look.


Untiled Farscape/Buck Rogers
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