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15th-Mar-2011 10:50 pm In A Strange Land by Mific (PG-13)
Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Length: 5260 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] mific
Author Website: AO3 page
Why this must be read: Crossover day! This story was written for last year's due South holiday exchange by a newcomer to the fandom, and I do hope that she stays. In this story, Fraser and Diefenbaker are both aliens who have come to investigate Earth. Considering that Fraser is, in canon, pretty much an alien from Canada, you can imagine how well the show can be adapted to support this. The snark between Fraser and Diefenbaker is also delightful. The only drawback is that the story does not fully develop its potential as tentacle!fic, but hopefully this can be rectified with a sequel.

You don't need to have seen Galaxy Quest to enjoy this, although of course it's more fun if you have.

In A Strange Land
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