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15th-Sep-2013 02:06 am Take It Too Far by: kittu9 (PG to be safe)
Pairing: Gen
Length: about 2000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] kittu9
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read: I actually couldn't decide if I should rec this one or not because while it is an amazing story it's apparently a small part of a much larger fic. Ulimatly though I decided that didn't matter because this one is just that good. I love, love, love stories that are narrated by outside perspectives and Marcus Bell is the perfect person to narrate this one. When we meet everyone Marcus and his brother Andre are Jeager pilots who have a pretty good thing going. Joan Watson meanwhile is the only surviving member of Team Watson and has, to the shock of everyone, formed an odd friendship with 'Gregson's pet project' former addict Sherlock Holmes. This fic combines both words in a wonderful and seamless way making sure that not only all their best parts are brought in but also their worst. The relationships are also spot on for what they would be in a world like this one without losing what makes them so epic in canon.

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Take It Too Far
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