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15th-Feb-2004 11:17 am CV COLLISION: BLAKES7/CHRESTOMANCI (Hard R)
Title Charmed by Ika
Author on LJNo
Author Website Unfortunately, not any more
Why this must be read:
Nothing to do with the sibling-witches TV series, everything to do with Blake's reaction to Avon at his brattiest.

OK, I can hear the Peanut Gallery saying “WTF Chrestomanci?” In four novels (Charmed Life; The Lives of Christopher Chant; The Magicians of Capriona; Witch Week) and several short stories by Diana Wynne Jones, Chrestomanci is the title given to the nine-lived enchanter who regulates inappropriate use of magic.

In Ika’s unquestionably AU version of the B7 episode “Voice From the Past” (where Blake discovers that he is still victimized by Federation conditioning) Blake and Avon are already lovers:

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when Avon tries an out-of-the-box solution to Blake’s problem.

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The spell produces a gentlemanly, helpful, well-dressed stranger from ”a different world, or universe,” said Chrestomanci patiently. “Planes are another axis again. Worlds are formed along historical fault-lines.” who is able to undo the spell on Blake (while helpfully pointing out to Avon that Avon isn’t half the enchanter he thinks he is--and in fact the spells of his own casting only made the situation worse). But that involves the breaking of the contract that binds Blake and Avon…And Chrestomanci also has some ideas about that pesky Star One problem.

But this is by no means all about Blake, Avon and Chrestomanci: wonderful work here from the whole crew.

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DISCLAIMER: Yeah, it’s dedicated to me. But that’s not why I’m reccing it. Ika writes about things nobody else would think of, and her hallmark is wonderfully subjective and elliptical sex scenes.

In some ways, magic is alien to the B7 world (Tanith Lee’s supernatural-tinged teleplays “Sarcophagus” and “Sand” don’t really blend in with the other episodes), so it’s great to see a seamless integration of imperfectly-understood-technology-as-magic (Chrestomanci never does quite get the hang of the Liberator’s kitchen machinery) and imperfectly-understood-magic-as-technology.

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