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16th-Aug-2004 03:02 am The X-Files/Quantum Leap/Highlander/Forever Knight/Starman (mild PG)
(Okay, so I know it's not technically the fifteenth anymore, but I had to work closing shift tonight, so...)

Title: The Witness
Author: Michele Martin
Author on LJ: no
Author Website: none
Why this must be read:

This oldie-but-goodie is one of my favorite stories from *waaaaaaay* back, and that's because it accomplishes something nearly impossible: it's a crossover of *five* different shows that does just about equal justice to all five. (Plus there are sneaky little cameos by others as well. *g*) Other things I love about it is that you don't have to know all the shows to enjoy it--I'd seen maybe two episodes of The X-Files the first time I read it--and every now and then it has a quirky little moment of self-awareness that reminds you that you're reading a story without actually jarring you *out* of the story. And that undercurrent of self-awareness and just plain *fun* carries you through some rather implausible plot twists because there's the distinct sense that the author knows they're implausible but is enjoying herself so much that you just can't help but follow suit.

Is it the best crossover ever written? Probably not. But it sure is the most fun I've ever had reading one, and as I'm a die-hard crossover addict, that says a lot. *g*
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