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14th-Jul-2005 11:03 pm DUE SOUTH / BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE (NC-17)
Title: Bell, Book, and Mountie by Lamardeuse
Pairing: Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski ; Ray Vecchio / Stella Kowalski
Author on LJ: [ profile] lamardeuse
Author Website: When the World is Puddle-Wonderful
Why this must be read:

So in case you weren't aware, Lamardeuse just finished up her AU due South remake of the old movie Bell, Book, and Candle at the end of June and it remains as delightfully fun as it started. Quite frankly if the vision of Ray Kowalski as a queer, turtleneck-wearing, beatnik magician who can make people fall in love with him doesn't entice you, I don't how to convince you to read this story.
Frannie, Ray Vecchio, and Stella all make wonderful supporting characters and even when you think they are going to be unlikeable, the author manages to turn them around and add in the right touch of humanity and empathy. So check it out and enjoy.

Ray had never been much for the polished, wide-lapel type, but Fraser was polite in a way that most well-heeled squares were not, and there was something in his eyes that told Ray the suit did not tell the whole story of the man inside it. )

Bell, Book, and Mountie by Lamardeuse

(I'm posting a little early since I am going out of town)
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