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31st-Dec-2006 01:47 pm Thirst for Pleasure, by Nelladel (PG13)
Pairing: Jerott/ Marthe
Author on LJ: [ profile] nelladel
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read: A lovely look at a difficult relationship. It's sometimes hard to believe that these characters ever loved one another in canon, but Nelladel sells it absolutely.

"The past she would banish; the future was in the Dame's hands. As for the present, Marthe surrendered completely to the pleasure of being held, being loved, and of not, for once in her life, standing alone against the world."

Thirst for Pleasure
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31st-Dec-2006 01:39 pm Francis Crawford of Lymond, the (Zombie) Master of Culter, by minnow1212 (PG)
Pairing: Gen. Lymond, Will Scott.
Author on LJ: [ profile] minnow1212
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read: If you'd asked me, I wouldn't have said it was possible. But this is Lymond crackfic, and it's good. Bizarre and funny and utterly in keeping with the original.

"Lymond himself settled into outlawry as if born to it, running his band with a firm hand and a sharp tongue--though admittedly his tongue would sometimes fall out in the middle of a multilingual diatribe. As his new follower Will Scott found out, a man picking up his own tongue off the ground isn’t intimidating, but the threat of brain-eating will keep even the roughest outlaw in check. Scott settled into the camp after an unnerving initial interview with Lymond, who cast an ironical cornflower blue gaze over him (one eye fell out in the middle of the inspection, and stared piercingly at Scott from the mud) and asked if Scott had perhaps confused his words-that-started-with-zed and was looking for the camp of a zealot, not a zombie, before accepting him."

Francis Crawford of Lymond, the (Zombie) Master of Culter
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22nd-Dec-2006 02:02 pm Pawn Advancing, by Thessaly (PG)
Pairing: gen (Khaireddin Crawford)
Author on LJ: [ profile] traboule
Author Website:
Why this must be read: Of all the books ever written, it's perhaps hardest to imagine the Lymond Chronicles ending with, "and then they all lived happily ever after." This is a future-fic, set after the end of the series. Thessaly doesn't try to make us believe that there is a happily ever after. The Crawford family she portrays are as human, and as troubled, as ever. This a bittersweet, beautiful look at how things might turn out.

Pawn Advancing
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22nd-Dec-2006 01:45 pm Mirror, Glass, Stone, by Tryfanstone (PG)
Pairing: Francis Crawford/ Sybilla
Author on LJ: [ profile] tryfanstone
Author Website: terra incognita
Why this must be read: I had a hard time deciding whether or not to rec this because, on the one hand, it's a drabble. And on the other hand, each word of it is so carefully chosen, so perfect, a hundred words to sum up something most people couldn't say in a thousand. It's Sybilla, one of the most inscrutable characters in fiction. It's lovely.

Mirror, Glass, Stone
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8th-Dec-2006 12:05 pm Les aveugles verront, by Nelladel, PG13
Pairing: Lymond/ Christian
Author on LJ: [ profile] nelladel
Author's Website: NA
Why This Must Be Read: Set during Checkmate, when both Lymond's mind and his body are failing him, "Les aveugles verront" is a bittersweet portrayal of his friends' struggle to help him cope. Nelladel does a lovely job of capturing the pathos of the scene without overdoing it.

Les aveugles verront
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1st-Dec-2006 07:49 pm A sacrifice, if you like, or a misjudged advance, by pushdragon (PG13)
Pairing: Lymond/ Will Scott
Author on LJ: [ profile] pushdragon
Author Website:,
Why this must be read:

Writing in Dorothy Dunnett's universe is a daunting task. Writing in Dunnett's voice, and so well that your words feel like canon, is almost impossible. [ profile] pushdragon does a remarkable job of capturing it all: the language, the sense of history, and the relationship being forged between two difficult, dangerous men.

It was an act as profound as it was simple: the Master reached out and placed his fingers over the back of Scott's wrist, slipping beneath the extremity of his sleeve.

The gesture turned Johnnie's stomach over. In a drunken Edinburgh laneway, on a foggy autumn night, he remembered it. The same touch, the same direct, low-lidded gaze, and for the merest instant, the Master of Culter's breath against his ear. It had been an experiment, he'd realised instantly as he covered his reaction with a weak grin. Lymond had been testing to see if there might be another lever he could use to alter the balance of power between them. Whatever the Master had concluded that night, the experiment had never been repeated, though Johnnie had watched for it and rehearsed a different reaction.

A sacrifice, if you like, or a misjudged advance
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1st-Dec-2006 10:25 am The Lymond Chronicles: An Overview
The Lymond Chronicles: An Overview, by Ishafel

"All right," said the boy. "You've chosen a life of vice, and have been consistent and reliable and thorough in carrying it out."

Lymond considered this with every appearance of seriousness. "I see. Thus the baseness of my morals is redeemed by the stature of my manners? You admire consistency?"

--The Game of Kings, Dorothy Dunnett

There are small fandoms, and there are tiny fandoms. This fandom is tiny, but mighty.

Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles are a series of six historical novels set in the mid-sixteenth century. Francis Crawford of Lymond, Master of Culter, is a younger son home from exile, a brilliant, troubled man with a mysterious past and questionable motives. The Scotland he returns to is governed by a French regency on behalf of the child-queen Mary Queen of Scots. Its nobles are restless and power-hungry, and just over the border the English succession is in question. Lymond's fate is entertwined with Scotland's, but the series ranges far beyond Scottish politics. Lymond's quest for redemption takes him across Europe, and to Russia and the Middle East as well. Dunnett's knowledge of her subject is as exhaustive as it is impeccable, but it is her characters that make her books so memorable.

Overview )
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