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15th-Aug-2009 05:22 pm Starsky & Hutch / Here Come the Brides by Mary Kleinsmith (PG-13)
Title: Blood Brothers
Pairing: none
Length: long
Author on LJ: not known
Author Website: HERE
Why this must be read:

This wonderful and very emotional crossover takes us to Seattle where we meet the Bolt brothers from "Here Come the Brides". As we all know, Josh and Hutch share something what Hutch cannot exactly explain. Starsky and Hutch appearance leads to a tragic accident and only Hutch can save one of the brothers. Will he take a risk and prove that they don't mean any harm to the family?

Josh roamed the woods, no longer aware of where he was or how far he'd come from the cabin. He rubbed savagely at the water on his face, not feeling how cold the skin was becoming under the tears he'd never admit to shedding. Who am I? he asked himself, uncertain for the first time in his life. If I'm not Joshua Bolt, then I'm Joshua who? He nearly ran into a tree in his distraction, only feeling the ache that seemed to be crushing his chest.

Why? Why did this have to happen to him. First to lose the only parents he'd ever known, and now to have his brothers yanked from him as if they'd never been. Oh, he knew Jason and Jeremy very well, and they'd want him to stay, that was certain. They'd offer to go on as if nothing had happened, just as if it was as it always had been. But it would be a lie, and it would be dishonest of him to take something that was never rightfully his. And one third of Bridal Veil Mountain, one third of their logging company, and one third of the cabin he'd just fled were not items that rightfully belonged to him. Not anymore.

Blood Brothers
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