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14th-Jun-2012 10:19 am Passing the Torch by calapine (PG)
Pairing: kinda Donna Noble/Romana & Donna Noble/Jack Harkness (with implied Doctor/Romana and Doctor/Master)
Length: 1,433 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] calapine
Author Website: fic tag on LJ, Calapine on Teaspoon
Why this must be read:
Uuuuuuhhhhhhh, warning for implied death? Because the Doctor is dead. He's asked Donna to carry on his legacy. This is pure, unadulterated crack of the finest kind and not angsty at all. I absolutely adore Donna's choice of Companion, too. Hehehehhehe.

I'm also recommending everything Calapine has ever written, basically, and her vids, too. Check out it out!

Passing the Torch by Calapine
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27th-Nov-2011 09:38 pm Encounters on the Slow Road by Aeshna (NC-17)
Pairing: Sarah Jane Smith/Jack Harkness
Length: 5,350 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] aeshna_uk
Author Website: fic tag on LJ
Why this must be read:
Because this is a very well-written and in-character (and sexy) meeting between a reporter and the head of the secret alien-fighting team she is investigating... and because they both know what it is like to be left behind by the Doctor.

Encounters on the Slow Road
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6th-Nov-2011 05:50 pm Taking in Strays by lilahkat (PG-13ish)
Hi, I'm [ profile] cloudtrader and I'll be driving the TARDIS van for the Doctor Who & associated fandoms this month. I hope you all enjoy the stories!

Pairing: Sarah Jane Smith/Oliver Wilfred Smith (aka - metacris!human!Doctor)
Length: 36,424 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] lilahkat
Author Website: lilahkat on Teaspoon, LilahKat on
Why this must be read:
What if it didn't work out between the Human/Time Lord metacrisis Doctor and Rose in that alternate universe? What if that Doctor came back and to Sarah Jane and became something of a father to Luke? This story is a gorgeous telling of just that, plus with added wacky hijinks and multiple plots that read like they were written for the show itself. This is fun, fluffy fanfic at it's finest. This is the first story in the "A Life of Their Own" series and I highly recommend it.

Taking in Strays by lilahkat
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30th-Oct-2011 02:26 pm Du Liebes Kind, Komm, Geh Mit Mir by Lyricwritesprose (All Ages)
Characters: Maria, Sarah Jane Smith, Four
Length: 12035 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] lyricwrites
Author Website: Teaspoon,
Why this must be read:
Some time after she moved to America, Maria Jackson deals with mysterious temporal events and her mentor Sarah Jane's past.

Written for the [ profile] girlsavesboy ficathon, this is a charming treat.  Maria, a character from the Sarah Jane Adventures, moved to America with her Dad mid-way through the show.  In this story, we see her still saving the world from alien invasions.  Although Four is there as well and provides assistance and instructions, Maria was the only one who could save the day.  And she does.  It's a well-written and interesting adventure with a dash of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimeyness.  It's also creepy enough in places for a story to post on Halloween.

snippet of fic )

Du Liebes Kind, Komm, Geh Mit Mir

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19th-Apr-2010 12:22 am The Sacred Art of Stealing by netgirl_y2k (G)
Characters/Pairing:  Ten, Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria, Clyde
Length:  short
Author on LJ: [ profile] netgirl_y2k 
Author's Website:  netgirl_y2k @ dreamwidth
Why this must be read:  Er.  Because this is the silly Doctor we know Ten can be, and the awesome team we know the Sarah Jane kids are.  And because it contains lines such as this one:  "Brilliant! Look at them, they're brilliant! Pre-trained humans!"

Summary: A totally serious and in no way silly ficlet in which the Doctor tries to pinch Sarah Jane's companions.

The Sacred Art of Stealing
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6th-Apr-2010 01:45 am Extracurricular Social Interaction For The Clueless And Inept (PG) by paperclipbitch
Pairing: Luke/Clyde
Length: 4710 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] paperclipbitch 
Author Website: [ profile] paperclipbitch , various fandoms sorted by tag and/or masterlists
Why this must be read:  Because a) it's absolutely adorable, b) it's a wonderful representation of Luke and how his not-so-normal circumstances affect his view of the world, and c) did I mention that it's absolutely adorable?

Summary: Luke discovers that being grown by aliens in a lab for various nefarious purposes really doesn’t help when your best friend decides he’s got a crush on you.

Extracurricular Social Interaction For The Clueless And Inept


Ahem.  It occurs to me that there is not yet a fandom overview for the Sarah Jane Adventures.  Anyone (else) willing to write one?  I'd be happy to do it, but I've only watched the first season so far, and am not eager to spoil myself, if you know what I mean (wink wink nudge nudge).
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27th-Nov-2009 10:37 pm The Other by Rivier (G)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Length: 32,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] rivier
Author Website: none
Why this must be read: Amnesia fics are a fandom staple, and for good reason. There's something so fascinating about seeing a character stripped to the bare bones of their nature and discovering what makes them tick. This wonderful story by Rivier not only does that, it casts a new light on all the other characters too, especially Sarah Jane and Jack Harkness, who take flirting for information to all new levels of awesomeness. This is one of those stories that does justice to both sources; it's just a fantastic read... why are you still here? Go, go, go.

The Other: one, two, three, four, five
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15th-Oct-2009 11:14 am Intervention by Prochytes (PG-13)
Pairing: None
Length: 2,249 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] prochytes
Author Website: His LJ
Why this must be read:

Nearly everything [ profile] prochytes writes is a crossover, so I could have picked almost any of his Torchwood fic for Crack Van Collisions, but I have chosen to rec this ficlet because it's sad and uplifting, and something I needed to read, without knowing that I needed it. This is post-CoE, and a really quite broken Gwen goes to visit Sarah-Jane. Of all the people who can fix things in a post-CoE world, I think Sarah-Jane Smith has the best chance, and when I finished reading this my heart was a little lighter. That's more precious than diamonds.

Six days after the world ended, there was a car-boot sale at the bottom of Bannerman Road.

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