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15th-Aug-2005 06:42 pm "Crimes Against Criminals" by serrico (PG-14)

Hey everyone, [ profile] clannadlvr  here.  I'm one of your smallfandom rec'ers for the month of August.  I'll be putting up an overview of Early Edition soon, but in the meantime I'd like to get the ball rolling (a little late) with some recs.


Pairing: Gary/Brigatti (somewhat)
Author on LJ: [ profile] serrico

Author Website: Words, Words, Words

Why this must be read:  One of the major works of this small fandom, [ profile] serrico 's "Crimes Against Criminals" has it all: romance, friendship, a paper that comes a day early, and run-ins with the mob.  The author creates a "bad guy" figure who, while original for this story, fits easily into the 'verse of the show.  But more importantly, [ profile] serrico  has a keen insight into what makes Gary Hobson tick.  This story shows Gary at his most human; getting in over his head, putting himself in the line of fire.  And in Brigatti's way.  The often contentious, and bitingly flirtatious, relationship between Gary and Brigatti is in full force absolute delight to read.

"Crimes Against Criminals Part 1" , "CAC Part 2" , "CAC Part 3"

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