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26th-Aug-2011 02:32 pm VID REC: Supernatural - 1981 Credits from "Simon & Simon" (G)
Vidder: Elliepdowd
Musical artist: Theme song from "Simon & Simon"
Pairing: Gen - Sam and Dean
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] ee_p_dee
Vidder's website: Ellie's Supernatural Videos; Ellie's Youtube Channel
Why this vid kicks ass: So, maybe many of the current Supernatural fans aren't quite old enough to remember the hit 1980s TV detective show, "Simon & Simon", about two brothers who are very different from one another. For those of us who do remember, there's this lovely vid that is as much a tribute to the original series (and the challenges of working with your brother) as it is to the Winchesters. For those who aren't familiar with the original series, I suggest clicking on the LJ entry and scrolling to the bottom to watch a video of the original series credits--that will give you an idea of exactly how much thought went into this vid, as the vidder recreated (as closely as possible) many of the scenes from the S&S credits. It's just a delight to watch, and honestly, "Simon & Simon" had one of the best theme songs on TV. Give it a listen - it might be more familiar than you think!

Link to LJ entry with accompanying "Simon & Simon" original credits: 1981 Credits

Youtube Link: Supernatural: 1981 Credits

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26th-Mar-2004 06:57 pm I Held Thee Softly by Zenia
Fandom: Simon & Simon
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] blakefancier
Author Website: Zenia's lair of Fiction
Why this must be read:

This is a dark, yet realistic story. It's not slash.
I quote the header:

Warnings: This story deals with the issue of child molestation. So please if the idea of this deeply disturbs you, don't read it. I'm serious, just use the old delete button.

Notes: ::sigh:: I wish I could do this subject justice. This story is dedicated to those out there with secrets. Sometimes, unfortunately, they have no one to help them carry their burden.

The abuse is not glorified. It is buried, leaking out like toxic waste--the barrel punctured by the arrival of a cousin--poisoning a family get-together, corroding Rick & AJ's childhood memories, and causing more trauma to our already-traumatized detectives.

Painful, and intense, this is the single most realistic piece about the aftermath of abuse that i've ever seen.

I held thee softly
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19th-Mar-2004 10:16 pm Simon & Simon, Eight Seasons of "We're not just Brothers, we're best of friends."
This is the Simon & Simon overview.

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19th-Mar-2004 10:04 pm Perspectives by Angel, NC-17
Fandom: Simon & Simon
Pairing: Rick/AJ (incest)
Author on LJ: [ profile] valarltd
Author Website: Lady Angel's den of Debauchery
Why this must be read:

"The Least Dangerous Game" is also called "The ep that launched a thousand fics."
In this, Rick and AJ are investigating animal deaths at the San Diego Zoo. While stalking the bad guys, AJ gets hit with an animal tranq. And Rick has to wrestle him to the ground before he decides to play with the big kitty. What clenches this for the slashers (and converts the rest of us into them) is that the second AJ hits the ground, his legs wrap around Rick's waist.

Anyway, afterward, Rick takes his badly stoned brother home. This is my take on what might have happened after he poured AJ into bed. Because the line between sex and rape is all a matter of perspective in some cases.

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9th-Mar-2004 09:34 pm Through the Darkness by Zenia
Fandom: Simon & Simon
Pairing: Rick/AJ Simon (incest)
Author on LJ: [ profile] blakefancier
Author Website:
Why this must be read: This is the single most intense story I can recall reading.

It is dark. Dark, dark, dark. Rape, incest, blackmail, abuse.
The opening paragraphs )

Zenia has managed to make this hot, sexy, squicky and vicious all at once. AJ learns to protect himself from Rick's violence with desire, and we're swept along with him as his much loved brother becomes his tormentor.

The characters are right, the voices are perfect and the scenario reads almost like an actual episode.

Through the Darkness
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