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8th-Jun-2013 05:12 pm Sailing Through the Storm by itstartedwithaspyglass, PG
Pairing: Emma Swan/Captain Hook|Killian Jones
Length: 1203
Author on LJ: unsure
Author Website: on ao3
Why this must be read: It takes place mere moments after the season two finale, with Hook believably teaching Emma how to steer the boat. What I love most about this story is how believable and in character it is, exploring the chemistry we see between them on the show. Their flirty, sexy nature is on display and this story is a lovely glimpse into who they are.

Sailing Through the Storm
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6th-Jun-2013 10:31 am For Henry by Adm_Hawthorne (PG13)
Pairing: Regina Mills|Evil Queen/Emma Swan
Length: 69,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] adm_hawthorne
Author Website: on ao3
Why this must be read: Emma/Regina is my OUAT OTP and what I love about this epic story is how believable their coming together is made. It takes the slowburn approach, showing how Emma takes the first step from a friendship-hey-were-raising-a-kid-together-maybe-we-should-try-to-get-along approach and decides she's going to help Regina work through her (mountain) of issues. The two of them bond over trust issues, shared histories, and of course Henry. Plus there's time travel and magic and Regina trying her absolute damnedest to be a good person (and we're all rooting for her redemption right). Its a deeply character-study driven story, but there's also a great plot and a mystery with it. Plus, this is merely Part One of the Epic Fanfic of Epicness. The story is complete, but when you get to the end, you'll want to keep on reading. So prepare to loose some sleep my fellow SwanQueens.

Warnings: violence, discussions of mental health, discussions of noncon/rape as past trauma (but none actually happens in the course of the story),

For Henry

Hey everyone, I'll be reccing some Once Upon a Time fic this month (woot!). I have my shipships, but I read just about everything for this fandom so I'll try and be diverse in my reccs. Plus, if there's anything specific you'd like let me know.
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