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19th-Apr-2013 11:08 pm This Is How The Universe Ends by perryvic and googlebrat (PG)
Pairing: Jack / Death
Length: 3800+
Author on LJ: [ profile] perryvic and [ profile] googlebrat
Author Website:
Why this must be read:


Well, after the craziness of the day in my city, I was more in the mood for slightly crack-y fic to keep the mood light..

I’ve seen a couple fics now where Jack interacts with Death (the fun Discworld version of the reaper), but this one is cracky and angsty and fits Jack’s character to a T. Of course Jack would flirt with the Reaper.
Jack, being the fixed immortal being that he is, is a bit of an obstacle for Death, who wants to go ahead and reap the Universe.

This Is How The Universe Ends
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15th-Feb-2012 04:29 pm Harry Potter/Discworld (Teen)
Title: End of the Line by shewhoguards
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ: Couldn't find her
Author Website: FFN
Why this must be read: The Harry Potter/Discworld combination works really well in this story. The events take place in the Beyond, where people wait to watch the next train. Shewhoguards has a great command of the two verses and integrates the character of Death really well into the HP universe. The writing is superb and the author uses emotive language really well. There is a great thread of forgiveness running through the fic, with many characters learning to forgive and move on in the afterlife.

The author integrates several notable HP characters in the course of the chapters and even makes Bellatrix into a somewhat redeemable character. That in itself is amazing. Even if you've never been exposed to the Discworld novels, you'll enjoy this story immensely.

Excerpt )

The End of the Line
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15th-Nov-2011 10:52 pm Torchwood/Discworld (12)
Title: Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden
Pairing: none
Length: 3,671 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] odsbodkin
Author Website: odsbodkin on LJ
Why this must be read:
Ianto wants to know who the "Death" on Jack's Christmas card list is; don't you want to know, too? This is a fun character study that somehow retains the flavor of both fandoms.

Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden by odsbodkin
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30th-Oct-2011 10:08 pm The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special by David Hines (Mature)
Fandom: FANDOM... ok, well, mostly MARVEL COMICS (specifically, Cable & Deadpool), but also FANDOM (also, this is kinda a crossover, but also really not, so I"m not really cheating)
Pairing: none
Length: 10,407 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] hradzka
Author Website: David Hines on AO3
Why this must be read:
Raise your hand if you love Yuletide! It's been a fanfic tradtion for, what, a decade now? Well, this story was written in 2009 for Yuletide and it's about a story being written in 2009 for Yuletide... yeah. Deadpool is in it. Thus, the 4th Wall is not only broken, but OBLITERATED and then scattered beyond the fringes of the nastiest corners of the internet.

Deadpool and Cable make their way through the Yuletide archive, visiting a (rather infamous) story from each year in search of a perfect Christmas. It is not only meta, it's nostalgic meta and the end is very touching. This is on my HIGHLY recommended list for anyone, even people who are not really fans of Cable and Deadpool.

The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special by David Hines
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15th-Apr-2011 07:47 pm Harry Potter / Discworld (PG)
Title: Wizards Abroad by fourth_rose
Pairing: Gen; Draco Malfoy
Length: 8,500
Author on LJ: [ profile] fourth_rose
Author Website: Master list of fourth_rose's fics on LJ
Why this must be read:

When Dumbledore sends Draco to "the perfect hide-out" the insanity of Discworld soon has the youngest Malfoy wishing that the Dark Lord had gotten to him first. [ profile] fourth_rose does an excellent job combining these universes in this hilarious one-shot and this piece is a must-read for all crossover fans.

Excerpt )

Wizards Abroad
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15th-Nov-2010 10:43 pm The Carriage Held But Just Ourselves and Immortality by KiaraSayre (PG-13)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jack Harkness, Death
Length: ~3000 words.
Author on LJ: [ profile] _seven_crows /[ profile] kiarasayre
Author Website: LJ Master List / KiaraSayre on AO3
Why this must be read:

'Jack meets Death' is fairly common trope in Torchwood fic, and this is a lovely example of the genre.

Excerpt: The next time, Jack wakes up to a blinding pain in his chest. It fades mercifully quickly, and a quick glance at his body shows its source – he can see the sharp end of the javelin protruding from his back.

He looks around for Death, and finds him a few feet away, sitting in a lawn chair and reading a book. There's a pair of reading glasses perched on his nonexistent nose.

"You don't even have eyes," says Jack. "There's no possible way you need reading glasses."

I thought they might make me less imposing, says Death. Besides, they quite help create the atmosphere, don't you think?

"No," says Jack flatly. "It looks stupid."

I see, says Death, and obligingly takes them off. Feel free to continue with what you were doing. I brought a book.

The Carriage Held But Just Ourselves and Immortality
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30th-Jun-2010 11:43 am Starsky Enforces His Law by Silver Chipmunk (PG)
Fandom: STARSKY & HUTCH/Terry Pratchett
Pairing: none
Length: 11K
Author on LJ: [ profile] silver_chipmunk
Author Website: HERE
Why this must be read: because it’s sad and funny, because it’s canon and supernatural. Because love conquers death.

Starsky waved it aside as of no importance. "Well that doesn't matter anyway. I'm not letting you take Hutch."


"Hey, I know the rules. If I can see you, I can negotiate with you. That's the way it always works."


"I'm just betting it does. So how about it? You take me and let him go, how about that? I cheated you once by living, you have to want me back, right?" He had been willing to die for Hutch before, this was no different.


Starsky Enforces His Law by Silver Chipmunk (PG)
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25th-May-2009 01:18 pm Good Omens for a Lancre Hogswatch, by Dreya Uberwald (R)
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley; an ensemble cast of Discworld characters, including the Witches, the Watch, Sam Vimes and Lady Sybil, King Verence, Susan Sto Helit, etcetera
Length: 4 chapters
Author on LJ: [ profile] dreya_uberwald
Author Website:

Why this must be read:

Today is the Glorious 25th of May, so I'm reccing a crossover, although it's about the wrong Discworld holiday. GO is the brainchild of two prolific writers, and in the fandom, other works by Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman are often considered to be sort of "cousin" or "sibling" fandoms, and crossovers are common.

What's uncommon is really catching the particular and specific feel of both canons at once, and this story is really more a Discworld story than a GO one, but the addition of a sexually-frustrated Aziraphale and Crowley to the mix produces something alchemically magical. Dreya is one of the funniest writers in the fandom, and this is one of the stories that reeled me into the fandom the hardest (and I hadn't even read any Discworld when I first encountered it years ago). I still CANNOT. STOP. LAUGHING.

Good Omens for a Lancre Hogswatch

Charity PSA: Match It for Pratchett (Alzheimer's research; Pratchett has been diagnosed with a rare early-onset form).
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15th-Mar-2009 02:03 pm Eyeshield 21/Various (PG13)

Title: The Recruitment Process by wintersjuly
Pairing: Hiruma
Author on LJ: [ profile] wintersjuly
Author Website: Fic Tag on LJ
Why this must be read:

Because Hiruma really will try to recruit anyone. In this fic, Hiruma makes his rounds through the Discworld, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, JE, Fullmetal Alchemist and Ookiku Furibakutte fandoms in search of new players for his team. I don't know all of the crossover fandoms, but I can appreciate that this is a fine piece of crack.

    When Yamapi looked up, the face of a demon from hell looked back. In its clawed hand was a small, inconspicuous black book.

    For a very short moment, Yamapi saw his life flash before his eyes.

    "Yamashita Tomohisa," the demon said, licking his lips. He flipped through the black book. "Twenty two, idol. Has a sister, mother, two dogs, in love with his best friend and going to be playing some fucking American football fucking right now-"

The Recruitment Process

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15th-Jul-2008 01:13 am Torchwood/Discworld/Nero Wolfe/Lord Peter/HarryPotter/StargateAtlantis/Jeeves&Wooster/SherlockHolmes
Title: The Royal Society by Sam Storyteller
Pairing: gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] sam_storyteller
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Because somewhere, somehow, in some corner of the multiverse, you always knew there had to be a refuge...

The Royal Society
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16th-Nov-2006 12:34 am Firefly/Discworld (PG)
Title: Can't Stop the Turtle
Pairing: Ummm, none really although, well... you'll see there could be one there in regards to The Great A’Tuin... *grin/shudder*
Author on LJ: [ profile] uarazy2
Author Website: Author's Fic on

Why this must be read: Ummm, okay, this is just... well, it's hard to describe. This is a well written fic that does a good job capturing the spirit of the characters from both worlds. It is a bit cracked and not for the faint of heart I think, but if you are looking for something really off the wall, this one's for you.

Excerpt )

Link: Can't Stop the Turtle
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15th-Aug-2006 10:34 am Firefly/Discworld
Title: Can't Stop the Turtle by [ profile] uarazy2
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] uarazy2
Author Website: uarazy2's profile
Why this must be read:

Because it's utterly freaking hilarious. The Serenity crew is contacted by Lord Vetinari to undertake a very important job. Hijinks ensue.

The wave from “Unseen University” had been somewhat alarming, Mal had to admit. After all, it wasn’t every day one encountered an orangutan capable of operating this kind of communications technology – but then, seeing Jayne sending a wave for the first time had been quite a shock too, and he supposed this was nowhere near as impressive by comparison.

Can't Stop the Turtle by [ profile] uarazy2


If you enjoy the story, please let the author know!

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16th-Jun-2006 12:04 am Farscape/Discworld (G)
Okay, so of course the "natural" cross-over for Farscape seems to run to Stargate (I mean... beyond the whole wormhole/scifi thing... Ben, Claudia anyone? *grin* But...

Title: Last Words
Pairing: John and Death
Author on LJ: ? Natalie Williams
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Simply put, we all knew it had to happen someday... this is about the hour it happens to John.

Last Words
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15th-Apr-2006 09:00 am Highlander/Discworld (PG-13)
Title: Death and Taxes and Death at Hogmany by Emma Lea Marion
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Author on LJ: none that I know of
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

I swear, Emma channeled Terry Pratchett himself to write these stories. Methos has a visit with an old acquaintance, and brings him home to meet the family. Easily one of the funniest mashups I've ever read, with a Methos, Duncan, and Connor so charmingly, deliciously quirky that you want to eat them up with spoons. The bonus is, even with all the funny, it still brings the characterization, the love, and the sexay. Death, meet Death...

Death and Taxes and Death at Hogmany
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15th-Feb-2006 10:12 am Lord of the Rings/Discworld (G)
Title: Apples by The Amazing Maurice
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] 20thcenturyvole
Author Website: FFNet author's page
Why this must be read:
Because this must have been how it happened. It's funny and of course this is how Death would find a new horse after his attempts with flaming, skeletal steeds.

Told from Shadowfax's point of view it conveys the horse's lack of surprise at - just about anything. Because after the Ring War a hooded skeleton falling from the sky is completely acceptable - provided it offers to feed you apples, of course.

Extract )

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15th-Jun-2005 08:39 am Star Wars/Discworld (G)
Title: Only the Force, they said by afrai
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] bravecows
Author Website: Musical comedies without music
Why this must be read:

Because Death can go anywhere, even to a galaxy far, far away. Because one of the central tenets of Jedi belief is -...There is no death, there is the Force

And quite frankly they're wrong. There is Death. He's a tall skeleton, wears black, carries a scythe, rides a horse named Binky and talks LIKE THIS. In this story one of the unfortunate Jedi who perished on Geonosis has the opportunity to meet him personally.

Excerpt )

Only the Force, they said
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16th-Aug-2004 01:28 am X-Men Movieverse/Discworld (PG)
Title: Gingko by Pepper
Pairing: Logan/Rogue
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Space Princess
Why this must be read:

This is a double rec of sorts, as 'Gingko' is a sequel to [ profile] musesfool's As I Lay Dying (X-Men Movieverse/Sandman), which is well worth reading in its own right. However, you don't need to read the original story in order to enjoy the sequel.

I'm a huge sucker for Pratchett's Death, and he's captured wonderfully well in this lovely little story, in which Logan finally shuffles off this mortal coil. The interaction between the two is highly entertaining, with a dry, understated humour that suits both characters.

While it helps to know both fandoms, it doesn't really matter if you're only familiar with one (or even neither); there's something here for everybody, and everything's pretty much self-explanatory.

A good, fun read, with just a touch of melancholy. Go and check it out.

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15th-Mar-2004 07:43 pm Blakes7/Discworld (G)
Title: The Wrong Side by Hafren
Author on LJ: [ profile] hafren
Author's Website: No
Why this must be read:
Although the theme song of a lot of B7 fic is "I don't like you but I love you," in fact there's a subtext in canon of genuine, though generally unexpressed, affection and respect among the characters, and Hafren's own affection and respect for them really shinest through here.

Proverbially you never miss the water till the well runs dry. The chronically unreliable teleport strands Vila in Ankh-Morpokh. He faints, and wakes up in an alley with his head resting on something soft, in the company of a beautiful, mostly-naked woman. It had been kind of her, if a bit extreme, to take all her clothes off just to protect is head from the cobbles...maybe things were looking up. But, it's just Vila's luck that his new friend is in love with someone else, a werewolf, and...a cop.

Meanwhile, Carrot gets to give the Liberator crew a few lessons in technology:
"I've never seen a camera like that before," said Cally. "How does it work?"
"There's an imp inside it, drawing the pictures." Cally managed to control her features, but Avon, glancing up from Orac, snorted derisively.[...] Carrot undid the back of the camera. The imp squinted up indignantly from its drawing. 'Ere! 'Ow am I meant to get this done if people keep poking their 'eads in?'

The Wrong Side
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