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15th-Mar-2007 12:34 pm The Sentinel/Demon Under Glass (R)
Title: Blood Types, by LilyK.
Pairing: Jim and Blair, Simon and Joe
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: All archived at 852 Prospect.

Why this must be read:
The chances are, if you’re a Sentinel fan, you’ve seen, or at least heard of the film Demon Under Glass. I know this film isn’t exactly popular with a swathe of the fandom, but I love it. For those who don’t know the story, it follows what happens when a vampire, Simon Molinar (played by Jason Carter), is captured and subjected to experimentation that borders on torture. The doctor most intimately involved in the tests, Joe McKay (played by Garett Maggart) forms a relationship with the vampire, becomes deeply affected by the plight of the man in his charge and starts to question the morality of what is going on in the name of science. The ethics become further muddied when it’s discovered that Joe has the much-sought genetic marker that means a vampire’s bite will not kill, but turn him.

At the end of the film, Molinar escapes, promising Joe he will return for him (which he does, in the book-of-the-film, which I highly recommend).

This crossover takes up the story some time after Joe and Simon have linked up to fight the project that imprisoned Molinar. In this fic, Joe McKay and Blair Sandburg are identical twins; both have the genetic marker. Nicely dark and angsty!

There is an NC17 sequel; Crossed and Matched, which I’ve also linked.

Blood Types
Crossed and Matched.


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15th-Mar-2005 10:12 pm The Sentinel/Demon Under Glass (R)
Title: Blood Types & Crossed and Matched by LilyK
Pairings: Jim/Blair & Joe/Simon
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Almost Pure Sentinel

Why this story must be read: Vampires and Sentinels. What could be sexier?

The first story starts with Blair and Jim seeing double -- literally -- in the form of Blair's twin, in a 7-11 type store one night. Blair's double is Dr. Joe McKay and he and his lover, Simon Molinar agree to meet the two men back at the loft. The four men determine that Blair and Joe must be twins, separated at birth by Naomi to be raised apart. Blair by Naomi and Joe by their father. If that isn't enough shocking news for Blair, there's more.

Joe has bad news. It seems they carry a genetic marker that if they are bitten by a vampire, they will turn into a vampire and the government knows this. They've been hunting Simon and Joe for this very reason. (See the movie Demon Under Glass for more details). It would go to follow, if the government would want Joe to study, if they knew of Blair's existence, they would want him too. Oh and BTW, Simon is a vampire!

The story ends there, but not before Joe and Simon tell Blair to be careful.

The sequel, "Crossed and Matched," is what happens when the Delphi Project, that nasty government agency hunting Joe and Simon, see Blair and mistaken him for Joe and kidnap him. They take him to their lab to do tests on him. Of course, Jim is frantic with worry about his lover and Joe and Simon are enlisted to help break Blair out of that government lab.

If you love vampire stories, then you will enjoy these two interesting takes in these universes.

Blood Types

Crossed and Matched
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