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19th-Sep-2011 12:42 pm Opposites by Tasha/Beren (NC-17)
Fandom: HIGHLANDER/Kindred: The Embraced
Pairing: old version: Duncan McLeod/Lillie Langtry, Richie Ryan/female OC; new version: Duncan McLeod/Lillie Langtry, Richie Ryan/Frank Kohanek
Length: varible, depending on version: 25k to 36k words (see links below)
Author on LJ: [ profile] beren_writes
Author Website: Beren's Fic Journal
Why this must be read:
So, amazingness of amazingness, a good Kindred: The Embraced story! This was a series on in the late 1990's based on the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG (which, being the big nerd I am, I played) and it only lasted for 8 episodes. I loved this show and wrote and read as much fanfic about it as I possibly could. This story stood out among all the others as a true gem, and it just so happens to be a crossover with Highlander, my other favorite TV show from that period! YAY!

While researching for this rec, I've discovered that the author re-wrote it in 2007, polishing the POV, changing it from het-heavy to slashy, and adding about 10k words. My cup, it runneth over! I love the concepts of this story. What I really love about crossovers is the interaction and discovery between the two universes. Immortals and Kindred are both peoples that are in hiding, so of course there would be mistrust, misunderstanding, and hijinks should they find out about each other. As in the show, Frank gives us a nice outsider's perspective on both secrets. It's delicious as a reader to know what's going on and watch the characters try to figure out everything, too, plus there are a few fun surprises for us as well -- I especially like the very end.

Beren is a seriously prolific writer and dang good to boot, so be sure to check out her other stuff, too.

Opposites by Tasha (older archive version, 25,881 words, published in 2000, primarily het)
Opposites by Beren (revised version, 36,277 words, re-published in 2007, slashtastic)
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