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14th-May-2012 12:01 pm Eames the Liar, by Featherfish (R)
Title: Eames the Liar
Fandom: Inception, Rocknrolla
Pairing: Arthur/Eames, past Eames/One-Two
Length: app 40k
Author on LJ: [ profile] featherfish
Author Website: fic listing on author's journal
Why this must be read: It's Crossover Week on crack_van, so I'm going to be reccing a few of my favorite crossovers and fusions, because Inception fandom has some amazing examples in all kinds of other fandoms. And like Lacey before me, I'm starting with a RocknRolla AU.

This is an AMAZING RocknRolla x-over where Eames' past is Handsome Bob. I read this fic before I had seen RocknRolla, but I didn't need it to appreciate or understand what was happening. In addition to being totally 100% full of love for Arthur/Eames, and especially Eames' uncertainty and hesitation and total devotion to Arthur, it's a wild cinematic ride from start to finish: narrative jump cuts, non-linear omniscient POV, fab characterizations, BAMF!Yusuf, Arthur & Eames being so fucking in love, the movie references, the crazy plot-- it's all fabulous.

This was the night Arthur became a stick in the mid, and Eames thinks he's wrecked his little window of opportunity. )

Eames the Liar
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20th-Dec-2011 10:12 am he is the wild bunch by liketheroad (PG-13)
These last few recs are just a small sampling of the wonderful, creative crossovers out there.

Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Length: ~ 5777 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] liketheroad
Author Website: [ profile] smallacts - Fic Journal
Why this must be read: Not long before Inception, Tom Hardy did a Guy Ritchie film called RocknRolla (2008), in which he plays a London crook named Handsome Bob in a gang called The Wild Bunch. Handsome Bob is gay, although naturally the straight guy he has a crush on (One Two played by Gerard Butler) is oblivious until Bob just tells him. It's a fun (and funny) film - typical Guy Ritchie where you've got to hang in there as the twists all come together - and the assortment of characters is awesome: Mumbles, Cookie, Johnny Quid. Gerard Butler as the somewhat dense One Two is fantastic. The author of this fic has kindly supplied links to some of the key scenes with Handsome Bob, but if any links are broken a quick search on YouTube should find what you need. Truthfully, reading these crossover stories was what convinced me to watch the movie, and I wasn't disappointed.

So, there's the background, and it's more than conceivable that Eames, who fandom likes to paint as a bit of a chameleon, could have transformed himself from low-level London thug to international dream-thief and forger. When Eames gets a call from One Two saying that Mumbles is in trouble, Eames ends up recruiting the rest of the team to help.

One Two and Arthur dislike each other immediately, and One Two spends a lot of time pushing Arthur's buttons. If you like a good jealousy fic, this is it. Poor Eames is caught in the middle between the guy he wanted and couldn't have and well ...the guy he currently wants and thinks he'll never really have, not completely anyway. And when One Two isn't there anymore to make Arthur jealous, will Arthur still be interested? More fun and less angst than it sounds like, and a good quick introduction to RocknRolla, even if you have no familiarity with the film.

'Eames said you have a mutual friend who’s in trouble, and you want us to find out more about who he’s in trouble with?' Arthur prompts, trying to move things along. )

On LJ: he is the wild bunch

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