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15th-Oct-2012 06:28 pm Four Corners of the Ponderosa by Meg Tipper (G)
Pairing: none
Characters: Chris, Josiah, Vin, Ezra, Ben Cartwright, Adam Cartwright, 'Hoss' Cartwright, Little Joe Cartwright
Length: 40K
Author on LJ: [ profile] tipper_green
Author website: Tipper's Fictions

Why this must be read: It's a cleverly plotted, old west romp of a fic, crossing two sets of characters very deftly and with good balance.  The set up is intriguing and nicely complex - simply put, following a prisoner transport gone wrong, Josiah is on the run for murder, accompanied cross country by Chris, Vin and Ezra.  To complicate matters, both Josiah and Ezra are wounded, and the quickest route to safety and home takes our four across the Ponderosa.  Cue a tense Mexican stand-off between our boys, their corrupt lawmen pursuers and the Cartwrights.

The backstory for how they've landed in this mess is neatly revealed as the story unfolds.  There are nice crossover elements between characters from both shows, and a poignant significance put on the Ponderosa ranch house and what it represents.  Meg locates us firmly in the wide open spaces of the far west, and the whole reads like an episode of an old TV western... like 'Bonanza' in fact, although, admittedly, with added conniving, suffering Ezra :) 

"Ponderosa?" Josiah frowned. "What's the Ponderosa?" )

Four Corners of the Ponderosa

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