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1st-Oct-2009 01:18 am Kuawa by Tarlan (PG13)

I couldn't leave it with only a vidrec for Hawaii, nope, a story is also in order ;-D

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Sean Harrison from the shortlived TV-series Hawaii
Pairing:  -
Length: not too long, about 13.500 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] tarlanx
Author's website: Phoenix Michael Biehn Archive and Tarlan's fiction archive

Why this must be read:
Because this one has it all: gunfights, kidnapping, the race against the clock to safe someone, and also the Hawaiian culture to give it just that something different. It's a fast read, because of the suspense and a story I've always enjoyed rereading after that first time which kept me up way too far into the night.

Excerpt )


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27th-Sep-2009 01:10 am VID REC: Hawaii - Stranger in the crowd

I also wanted to rec a vid that focusses on some later work of Michael Biehn, not just the beginning of his career. And like my other recs I didn't want it to be a vid that uses a lot of his roles (although, if the best tribute vid for him ever was still available on line it would have been the first I recced. But alas....)

So I've chosen this one:

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Sean Harrison from the TV show Hawaii
Vidder: Paiheroi
Musical artist: Elvis Presley
Pairing: -
Vidder on LJ: don't know
Vidder's website: I only know the you tube channel: PAIHEROI2008

Why this vid kicks ass:
I don't think 'kicks ass' is the term I would use here, the vid is just too sunny for that. I'm personally not a fan of Elvis Presley, but the song somehow fits very well with the bright images. I like how you see Michael Biehn as Sean Harrison sort of embedded in between all those colors and images of the island and its people. And how there is a hint of something unfolding near the middle of the vid (watch that black van and Michael getting out), which is finished at the end.

And all in all it's great Michael Biehn eye candy - I'm talking about all those facial expressions of his of course!

Michael Biehn - Hawaii


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