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7th-Dec-2011 02:07 pm "Jamie and Every Shapiro in Washington Heights (And One Shiksa Goddess)" by seekingferret (G)
Fandom: Musical Theater / The Last Five Years
Pairing: Jamie / various OFCs
Length: ~1K words
Author on LJ: [ profile] seekingferret
Author Website: At AO3

Why this must be read: I haven't seen a lot of L5Y fic out there, but if there were to be a full-fledged fandom, I imagine there would be quite a lot of angst, with maybe some "Goodbye Until Tomorrow" fluff mixed in. This fic is neither of those things. It's a quicky, funny look at Jamie's utter lack of success having "Shabbos dinners on Friday nights / with every Shapiro in Washington Heights." You can imagine why he's been waiting for someone like Cathy, with dates like these.

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Jamie and Every Shapiro in Washington Heights (And One Shiksa Goddess)
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1st-Dec-2011 08:50 am Fandom Overview: Musical Theater
 (Mods, we need some serious musical theater tags!)

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!Musical theater fandom is an interesting animal. Like any entertainment genre, its topics and themes are as varied as human experience. What’s curious, though, is that Broadway nerds like me often tend to just enjoy musical theater, period, whether it’s the Gothic gore of Sweeney Todd, the feel-good brightness of Hairspray, or the madcap history lesson of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Despite a range of musical styles and diverse modes of storytelling, musical theater somehow lends itself to a comprehensive fandom of sorts.

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