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10th-Jan-2014 09:17 am The Arrival and the Departure by tree (Gen)
Pairing: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Length: 1587
Author on LJ: [ profile] tree
Author Website: AO3 | Gossamer

Why this must be read:

For my gift for [ profile] xf_santa, I just received a podfic of this terrific story. I had read it a long time ago, and while I hadn't exactly forgotten it (tree is one of my favorite writers), hearing [ profile] idella's sensitive recording for the first time, and rereading it was a revelation.

"The Arrival and the Departure" is a post-ep for FTF, but unlike any I've read. She gives us a modern retelling of "Sleeping Beauty," a "fever-dream fairytale," of Scully while she is suffering from the alien virus. The story begins in the hallway, and takes us all the way to Antarctica where she is rescued from her captivity in the alien ship by Fox Mulder. Written in 2006, it was a stunning debut story from a remarkable writer.

Read The Arrival and the Departure.

My apologies for my recent absence. There were reasons. I will make it up to you in these closing days, I promise.
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5th-Dec-2013 07:05 pm The reconciliation of science and religion (or lack thereof), by dee
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: 2,688 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: badfic,net; on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: canon-typical horror imagery, non-human Cecil
Notes: spoilers for “One Year Later”
Why this must be read:

If my last rec brought you down, hopefully this tart and funny tale will cheer you up. Carlos contemplates the nature of Night Vale secrets, reflects on the evolution of his feelings for Cecil, and comes to the rescue when a guest on Cecil’s show turns out to be bad news:

The interview goes pretty well, for the first half. Carlos listens from his lab, because he always does, and Father Jackson babbles deepities in his too-big, too-harsh voice, and it’s all so very tedious that Carlos can hear even Cecil begin to fray.

They’re talking about the inherent purpose of human life, or lack thereof, when things go bad. Father Jackson talks about the Will of God. Cecil mentions something about which god, har har, and, perhaps with so many vengeful deities to dodge, meaning might be better found in the brief and fragile connections made when two hearts or two minds meet within the darkness.

Then Jackson is scoffing, saying something about demons, voice raising into a howl that strains the speakers of Carlos’ radio. Cecil tries to say something soothing, but then Jackson is shrieking about witchcraft and spells and curses sent across the airwaves.

Then there’s a crash, and Cecil says, “What is th—? What are you doing?”

Then he screams, and the radio disintegrates into a thousand writhing black and eyeless worms.

Carlos doesn’t notice. He’s already out the door.

“The reconciliation of science and religion (or lack thereof)” on AO3; podfic versions linked in notes
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30th-Nov-2013 08:13 pm What We've Got Here, by Margo_Kim (PG)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: 2,369 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] margo_kim
Author Website: on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: poor communication skills, embarrassment
Notes: spoilers for “First Date” (ep. 27)
Why this must be read:

There are reasons for awkward!Carlos fanon, and the biggest one is Cecil’s account of their first date. In this story, which follows the scientist into his lab after he bids Cecil good night, Carlos would be the first to admit that he is anything but suave. Luckily, he has his Secret Police observer to talk him down.

“You’re being too hard on yourself,” she says. In the background, something wails like the voices from the pit and falls silent. “It’s like Arthur Powers told you on October 25, 2001. You think too much about how much people like you when you should just accept that they all like you.”

“Don’t read my list of compliments,” Carlos says.

“If you didn’t want your local secret police to read every nice thing someone has ever said to you, then why would you write them down?” She sounds honestly baffled. It’s why Carlos just sighs and lets it go.

“So the date went well?” he asks.

“The date went well. Cecil is hugging a pillow on his bed just saying your name over and over again as we speak. He hasn’t even taken off his tunic and furry pants yet, and everyone knows that’s the quickest way to get them wrinkled and matted.”

“About those,” Carlos says. Was I—” He tries to figure out a way to ask if his outfit looked nice without sounding like a teenager. “Is that the standard date wear?”

“No,” the nameless deputy says dryly. “That’s just Cecil.”

“What We’ve Got Here ” on AO3; podfic linked in notes
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30th-Nov-2013 05:02 pm tentacles in fortunate places, by novembersmith (R)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: currently 2 chapters, combined wordcount 8,993
Author on LJ: [ profile] novembersmith
Author Website: on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: fluff, semi-public sex, frottage, handjobs, oral sex, embarrassment, tentacles, non-human genitalia, spermatophores
Notes: spoilers for “First Date” (ep. 27), written before “Cassette” (ep. 33)
Why this must be read:

Yep, it’s another incomplete series, though as usual each chapter can be read on its own. These are very funny, very sexy stories in which a virginal Carlos repeatedly finds himself at a loss when dealing with Cecil. The typical anxieties that any socially awkward, sexually inexperienced person might face when dating are compounded by the peculiarities of life in Night Vale. First, there’s what Carlos finds in Cecil’s trousers in chapter one, “(nothing) could be better”:

Carlos flailed backwards, yelping, and, then, to add insult to injury, had somehow honked the car horn in his shocked retreat. )

Even when things start going right, they still go wrong:

“Oh my god, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Scientist, I am so sorry.” )

The fun continues in the second chapter, “all the requisite parts,” as Carlos tries to figure out what constitutes appropriate Day After behavior and whose advice he can trust:

Colony #12 of sand spiders had finished reading through their copy of 'String Theory for Dummies,' and were waiting to hear all about his date. They had all agreed Cecil really was the most thoughtful significant other, and thought it was very kind of him not to have bitten off Carlos’s head and laid eggs in his quivering corpse.

“So romantic,” Colony #12 had vibrated encouragingly together, atonal but somehow harmonic. “Bring him meat, bind him, bind him!”

Happily, between Cecil’s patience, Carlos’s doggedness, and their mutual infatuation (“You just look so lovely, all flushed and emanating pheromones”; “Cecil, Carlos reflects, makes him feel like maybe there’s a point to poetry”), their prospects are good.

tentacles in fortunate places on AO3 (link to series page; podfic version of “(nothing) could be better” linked in that chapter’s notes)
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30th-Nov-2013 02:42 pm a love song for schrödinger, by patho (ghostsoldier) (PG)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: 2,220 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: cricketmask on Dreamwidth; pathopharmacology on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: canon-typical violence
Notes: spoilers for “First Date” (ep. 27), possibly contradicted by “Cassette” (ep. 33)
Why this must be read:

Quoth the author, “I like the idea that Carlos is just as weird as Cecil, but in a slightly different way.” In this lushly descriptive story, Carlos visits the Ralph’s and (unexpectedly) the Night Vale Public Library, contemplates his adorable shapeshifting boyfriend over a meal at Big Rico’s, and demonstrates some of the traits that make him so beloved by Night Vale.

All seven feet and however many inches of the angel curve down into Carlos’ space like a flower bending towards the sun. Its eyes are wide and strange; their color is the hot, pale blue of the desert sky at midday. “Please,” the angel says. Beautiful and terrifying, painfully polite. “Can you tell me if I’m real?”

“I…” Carlos blinks, puzzled. “Sorry, what?”

“It’s all these announcements from the City Council,” the angel says. It sounds exasperated. Carlos didn’t even know angels could sound exasperated. “Josie says we shouldn’t pay them any mind, but you know how it is. People keep saying you don’t exist, and after a while you can’t help but wonder if they’re right.”

Carlos considers pointing out that the angel’s ability to even question its own reality is a pretty clear indication that it does, in fact, exist, but this is Night Vale and Night Vale laughs in the face of ontological uncertainty. With his own two eyes Carlos has observed a house that empirically doesn’t exist. He’s never seen a quantum particle, but his computer models and lab readouts reassure him of their presence. Cecil -- lovely and wonderful and strange Cecil -- is comforting and solid in every way…except in Carlos’ peripheral vision, when his edges waver as though the lack of direct observation has left him unsure of what shape he should be.

It means absolutely nothing, to see a thing in Night Vale.

Carlos shifts his basket to his other arm, closes his eyes, and reaches out a hand. When his fingers bump the angel’s chest, his right arm goes numb to the elbow. The angel smells of petrichor and old pennies, and the soft rustle of its feathers reminds Carlos of a breeze whispering through leaves. Heat radiates from it like a banked fire.

Carlos smiles. Opens his eyes and pulls back his hand, surreptitiously tries to shake the feeling back into his now-tingling fingers. He says, “You’re real.”

“a love song for schrödinger” on AO3; podfics linked in notes
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30th-Nov-2013 01:44 pm Common Courtesy by The_Bookkeeper (G)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: 1,489 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: works on AO3
Notes: Set between “One Year Later” (ep. 25) and “Cassette” (ep. 33)
Why this must be read:

The author’s summary: “Cecil sneezes. Carlos fails to respond appropriately. Though, in his defense, it's not everyday you catch a glimpse beyond your boyfriend's human form.”

Eldritch!Cecil is a popular trope in Night Vale fanfic. Sometimes he tells Carlos; other times, Carlos finds out by accident. This is a particularly charming example of the second type.

This, Carlos thinks, is what the inscrutable Other looks like when it pouts.

"I, uh . . ." Carlos is stalling, mind racing. Does he know what he is? Cecil watches him with wounded, hopeful eyes, and Carlos dismisses the question as meaningless. Of course Cecil doesn't know. Of course he doesn't not know. The clocks aren't real, but they still keep time.

Carlos clears his throat.

"I'm sorry. I . . . don't know what happened." True enough. Carlos hasn't known what's happening in a long time. It's strangely liberating.

Cecil smiles. The not-quite-visible something retreats. His eyes shift back to human.

"Well, as long as you feel better," he says magnanimously, and kisses Carlos on the cheek . . . which probably shouldn't be possible, given their respective positions. Carlos finds this doesn't bother him as much as it should.

“Common Courtesy” on AO3; podfic linked in notes
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30th-Nov-2013 11:36 am Mostly void, partially stars, by dee (R)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: 4,981 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website:; on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: Profanity, police brutality, third eye, angst
Why this must be read:

Here’s another fic inspired by a Tumblr comment (the original post appears to have disappeared): “i wish the night vale fandom were less overwhelmingly trusting of carlos [...] what if carlos isn’t who he says he is.”

Just after sunset, he gets a text from Carlos: Where are you? Do we have milk?

Cecil smiles as he reads it, feeling warmth that has nothing to do with the setting sun.

Secret journalist business, he replies. And no.

A moment later, he gets a, K. Be careful. Then an emoji of an eggplant.

It’s what they send each other, instead of hearts and I love yous. Because they are, ostensibly, thirty-something adult men and not, in fact, teenagers.

Cecil is living with Carlos and deliriously happy. Then his latest investigation takes a bad turn, a terrible secret about Night Vale and Desert Bluffs is revealed, and he finds himself grappling with betrayal, heartache, and the possibility of forgiveness.

“I love Night Vale,” Carlos says. “I love you. And I hate myself for— for ruining it.”

The stars are always there, Cecil thinks. Even when it looks like they aren’t. Past the clouds, past the light pollution and the smog. So few in comparison to the void but so, so many, when looked at with darkness and with distance.

“You should’ve told me earlier,” he says.

“I know. I was… I was scared. I had myself convinced it didn’t matter. So many secrets in Night Vale, so what’s one more and—“ He stops, and Cecil hears the sound of a fist against the wheel. “And I’m an idiot.”

“Mostly void, partially stars” on AO3; link to podfic in notes
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20th-Nov-2013 02:55 pm paper or plastic, by patho (ghostsoldier) (PG)
Pairing: Gen, featuring Steve Carlsberg
Length: 1,790 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: cricketmask on Dreamwidth; pathopharmacology on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: profanity, references to canon-level violence
Notes: spoilers for “Feral Dogs” (ep. 10) and “The Sandstorm” (19A & B)
Why this must be read:

Because of course the guy who sent an angry e-mail to Night Vale Community Radio denouncing the ongoing drawbridge construction project would attract the attention of a pack of four-footed libertarian street artists.

‘You,’ the dog announces, ‘are one hell of an angry, paranoid nut-job. I like that in a person.’ )

“paper or plastic” on AO3; podfic version linked in notes
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17th-Nov-2013 12:43 am Welcome to Night Vale/Teen Wolf, by HalfFizzbin and otter (PG)
Title: Full Moon Radio
Pairing: Gen
Length: currently two episodes, each approximately 2,000 words/15 to 20 minutes
Authors on LJ: unknown
Authors’ Websites: HalfFizzbin on Tumblr, Soundcloud, and on AO3; otter on tumblr and on AO3
Notes: Spoilery for the first half of season three of Teen Wolf
Why this must be read (and heard):

The moon is round tonight, yellow and full, so close and so bright. Perhaps you're thinking, wasn't the moon full last night? And the night before that? And didn't I hear some mysterious howling? We don't talk about the howling. Don't say anything about the howling. But you're right about the moon. The moon was full last night. And last week. And the week before that. The moon is always full, here. Welcome to Beacon Hills.

In this clever mash-up, events from Teen Wolf are reported in the style of Welcome to Night Vale, complete with music. Otter has sly fun highlighting the TV show’s mounting body count and the absurdities of the ostensibly “realistic” setting (seriously, what’s the deal with that abandoned shopping mall?), and the material is admirably served by HalfFizzbin’s sardonic delivery.

The series is ongoing, but the episodes work as standalone pieces.

Full Moon Radio on AO3 (link to series page; audio and transcripts in each chapter)
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16th-Nov-2013 11:33 pm Welcome to Night Vale/Marvel Cinematic Universe, by sabinelagrande (PG)
Title: The Job Fair
Pairing: Clint “Hawkeye” Barton/Agent Phil Coulson, Cecil/Carlos
Length: 5,337 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Dreamwidth blog; works on AO3
Notes: Set after Thor and before The Avengers. Spoilers for “The Whispering Forest,” “Eternal Scouts,” and “One Year Later.”
Why this must be read:

Whoops! Sorry I’m late with my crossover recs. Hopefully I can compensate for my tardiness with quality and quantity.

First up is one of the fics responsible for sucking me into the Night Vale fandom. Like Clint, I didn’t know what I was getting into when he and Agent Coulson paid an unplanned visit to the latter’s hometown, a friendly desert community...

It was, indeed, a sewing room, not that Clint had much expertise with sewing rooms. The walls clearly hadn't been redecorated, though. A big Captain America poster hung beside the outside window, partially obscured now by the dressmaker's dummy. There were photos on the wall, and Phil's mother stepped over, beckoning Clint over and pointing to them.

"This is Phil when he first started Boy Scouts," she said, pointing to a picture of a serious-looking young boy who couldn't be anybody else. "Here's Phil and his junior prom date- shame about the dance, but they were good enough to take back his tux even with the scorch marks. Here he is with his cousin Emily- oh, and this one is from when Phil was in the Boys Brigade of the Sheriff's Secret Police," Mrs. Coulson said, brimming with pride. "Doesn't he look so precious in his little cape and his balaclava?"

"Mom," Phil muttered, embarrassed.

It was at that very moment that Clint realized that none of this was a joke. This was not Phil's tour de force performance; this was not the best-executed prank in the history of all time. This was simply where Phil came from, and it was terrifying.

Sabine does a fantastic job of integrating Night Vale with the Marvel ’verse, keeping everyone in character while giving enough background (including details borrowed from the comics) and local color that even someone unfamiliar with either canon can relate to the characters, marvel at the setting, and enjoy the story.

“The Job Fair” on AO3; podfic version linked in the notes
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14th-Nov-2013 01:16 pm The FCC Won't Let Me Be, by sabinelagrande (R)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: wordcount 1,776
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Dreamwidth blog; stories on AO3
Warnings: Profanity, dirty talk
Notes: Tiny spoiler for “First Date” (ep. 27)
Why this must be read:

New episode tomorrow (*does the dance of mingled joy and trepidation*)! Aside from learning more about the goings on in Night Vale, this means we get to listen to Cecil talk, which for many fans is no small part of the show’s appeal, so in honor of our euphonious narrator, I’m going to recommend a few stories that focus on his voice.

Not long ago, Cecil Baldwin recorded a special message thanking Unf-ck Your Habitat for a group donation made to Welcome to Night Vale by that blog’s followers (link available in the story’s notes). Naturally, hearing the Voice of Night Vale drop multiple F-bombs led to much flailing and keysmashing in the fandom ... and this fic, in which Carlos gets a charge out of hearing his boyfriend use language that would violate Federal law if it were broadcast.

"My darling Carlos," Cecil says, with a lovestruck sigh, as he laces his fingers into Carlos's. "You're so goddamn smart."

Carlos tries to hide his reaction, not that Carlos really knows what that reaction is. Cecil has never actually sworn at — or maybe it's more appropriate to say towards — Carlos before, and Carlos doesn't know what to think about it. The sound of those horrible words in Cecil's beautiful voice does something to him, something that he can't explain. It's completely unorthodox, being, well, excited about the prospect of hearing Cecil swear like that.

Then again, orthodoxy is antithetical to the pursuit of true science. Carlos isn't sure if that's good reasoning or a poor excuse.

“The FCC Won't Let Me Be” at AO3; multiple podfic versions linked in the story’s notes
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10th-Nov-2013 11:02 am Pas de Deux, by copperbadge, AKA sam-storyteller (NC-17)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos; reference to past Cecil/Earl Harlan
Length: wordcount 1,916
Author on LJ: [ profile] copperbadge and [ profile] sam_storyteller (Copperbadge’s fic archive on Livejournal)
Author Website: Extribulum Press; copperbadge on Tumblr; works on AO3
Warnings: diphallia, mild body dysmorphia
Why this must be read:

It's hard to put Cecil into words. Describing him just never seems to do him justice. There is still really only one thing Carlos is willing to say with any certainty about the way Cecil looks, and it isn't something you say in polite company. But it is undeniably, scientifically true:

Cecil has two dicks.

Sam is a witty and prolific writer, and I’m pleased that I can rec one of his works this month, especially since it contains dialogue like Carlos’s reassurance to Cecil:

"Well, it’s unusual, certainly, but it’s not like I came to Night Vale for its vibrant music scene," Carlos said.

Cecil’s mid-coital monolgue:

“I love your skin,” Cecil was saying, still muffled by Carlos’s shoulder. “Your hair and your teeth and your stupid perfect square jaw and your science and your ass, your ass is spectacular, like some kind of ancient unknowable statue of a really nice ass -- ”

and the reaction of Earl Harlan and his Boy Scouts to Carlos:

"Hey look everyone, it's the outsider!" he said cheerfully.

"Shun the outsider," the kids said in unison.

“Pas de Deux” on AO3, on Dreamwidth, and on Tumblr; podfic by ashesandghost
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8th-Nov-2013 04:11 pm The Temporal Tornado, by novembersmith (G)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: wordcount 3,616
Author on LJ: [ profile] novembersmith
Author Website: novembersmith on tumblr; works on AO3
Notes: Kid-fic; spoilers for ep. 22, “The Whispering Forest”
Why this must be read:

A temporal tornado reduced our most beloved scientist, Carlos, into a darling little toddler version of his already darling self, didn’t it? Yes it did, oh yes it did! Plus, a jellyfish migration is underway, a mysterious series of unexplained crevasses are appearing in the streets of Night Vale, and valuable advice is provided on the care and feeding of children.

If you’re still trying to figure out whether or not you’d enjoy WtNV, reading this fic is a great test; novembersmith not only replicates the show’s format (there’s even an embedded weather segment!), she completely nails its tone. Everything is perfect: the opening epigram, the news stories, the word from the sponsor, the calls from the Faceless Old Woman and the Glow Cloud — dead on.

If you’re already a fan, then you should read it because it turns out that the only thing more hilarious than Cecil’s swooning over Carlos is his squeeing over toddler!Carlos.

And, by the way, you might think you have an inkling of just how perfectly adorable a baby Carlos is, but I assure you, you do not. You cannot possibly imagine the magnificence of his tousled little curls. And his rosy cheeks! His teeny, tiny glasses! And oh, the way his entire little face just squishes up when he smiles at you!

“The Temporal Tornado” on AO3; podfic linked in notes
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7th-Nov-2013 03:52 pm Municipal Regulations Regarding Sartorial Discretion, by Shayvaalski (G)
Pairing: Cecil/Carlos
Length: wordcount 1,564
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Shayvaalski on tumblr; works on AO3
Why this must be read:

Or, Cecil goes to pick Carlos up for their second date in a rather surprising outfit. It's a really nice outfit though. It just leads to some unexpected revelations.

This sweet story could easily fit into canon. It feels like Night Vale, with its inescapable, intrusive legislation and idiosyncratic approach to fashion and gender. Plus, Shayvaalski’s Cecil is a total sweetheart:

Carlos pulls the door open, and Cecil is a combination of terribly glad and pathetically relieved, as he has been every time, that Carlos looks as pleased to see Cecil as he is to see Carlos. Carlos. He cannot say or think that name enough, the purr of the R, the sibilant S, the drawn-out O.

There is something deliciously fulfilling about the way his name has insinuated itself into every corner of Cecil's mind and body, and he wonders if it's obvious, if little eddies of six letters (two vowels four consonants: perfect) swirl around him when he moves, if he breathes out two sweet syllables in his sleep, if the taste of it on his tongue is something Carlos can taste too. If fellow citizens can see the way the knowledge of it radiates from Cecil's skin, how it makes each of his tattoos curl more tightly around his limbs and torso. He hopes so. He hopes so very much.

“Municipal Regulations Regarding Sartorial Discretion” on AO3; podfic version by einzwitterion
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4th-Sep-2013 02:36 pm Contentment by Garonne
Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Length: 3,060 words
Author on lj:[ profile] garonne
Author website:
Why this must be read: As soon as I read this, I knew I needed to rec it here. The pairing (as noted above) is F/K, but the real star here is the GTO. If you love cars, or love fic about the ways in which boys love their cars, this is the fic for you. Fraser and RayK are wonderfully in-character, and the connection between how Fraser feels about the GTO and how he feels about Ray is beautifully done.
This is part of the pod_together challenge, so there is an accompanying podfic that's also available at the fic link below, read by Andeincascade. I would highly recommend listening to it if podfics are your thing!

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8th-Aug-2013 10:18 pm Care and Maintenance by Morgan Logan (General Audiences)
Pairing: none
Length: 1347 words
Author on LJ: morganlogan
Author’s website:; also on AO3 here

Why this must be read: As a reader, and not a writer, of fanfiction, I greatly appreciate well-written stories which expand my little universe of Starsky and Hutch.  Instead of being limited to four seasons’ worth of episodes (and a pilot), my options are boundless.  Completely new pieces are great, but I also love stories where writers work around an episode -- filling in holes or reworking a scene or tag, often improving upon what we’ve been given by the series’ writers and directors.

Morgan Logan’s “Care and Maintenance” is one such story, her version of what may have transpired after the close of  “The Psychic.”  Starsky is having a difficult time following the events of the day, and molo tells his story beautifully, quietly, intimately.  Everything they do, everything they say – everything they don’t say – is exactly right.  It’s just lovely.

Care and Maintenance

If you prefer to listen, there’s also a very nice podfic version, read by hardboiledbaby, here
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6th-Jul-2013 08:56 am 'Common Circuitry Problems' by cest_what, softlyforgotten (Teen)
Fandom: BANDOM (Panic At the Disco)
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith/Jon Walker
Length: (3,215 words; podfic 23 minutes)
Author on LJ:[ profile] softlyforgotten [ profile] cest_what. Reader [ profile] coriande
Author Website: cest_what, softlyforgotten, coriande

Why this must be read/listened:What an awesomely cute story. Robot &RYAN; is just PERFECT, and it has the sweetest ending too. Coriande's vocal version adds another layer of awesome - she made me LOL at work, and then melt into a puddle \o/

Summary: In the 24th century robotics are pretty advanced, but …"Oh," Brendon breathed. "Your robot has a stutter. Spencer, that's *adorable*."…

Common Circuitry Problems: Text or Podfic
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6th-May-2013 04:38 pm Neon Kisses in the Dark by akamine_chan and erica_schall (Teen)
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys)
Pairing: Fun Ghoul/Party Poison
Length: ~1,900 words/ 17m:29s
Author on LJ: [ profile] akamine_chan
Reader on LJ: [ profile] erica_schall
Website: akamine_chan at the AO3 & erica_schall at the AO3
Why this must be read/listened to: This was created for [community profile] pod_together 2012, where writers and podficcers collaborated during the writing and recording process. It's one of my favourites from the challenge for a few reasons. First of all, I like the tonge-in-cheek humor of the story, the tight worldbuilding, and the erotic tension. Erica Schall's performance adds another layer of intensity - her voice, the superb sound effects (so much love for them!), and her pacing make listening to the podfic a uniquely rich experience.

Neon Kisses in the Dark

(Tag me, please: bandom, fanfic, podfic)
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3rd-May-2013 04:58 pm Where We Land, podfic by misprint, written by almostblue and harborshore (Explicit)
Hi! This is my second time driving the Bandom van, and this time I'll try and focus on stories that were eye-opening for me - rarepairs, female characters, genderqueer topics, polyamory, and some kinky stories - at least that's on my list, we'll see how far I'll get with it ^^.

Fandom: Bandom (The Like, Panic! At the Disco, The Young Veins)
Pairing: Z Berg/Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith/Tennessee Thomas, Spencer Smith/Tennessee Thomas/Ryan Ross, Annie Monroe/Laena Geronimo
Length: 5h:28m:15s (story: 55,306 words)
Reader on LJ: [ profile] misprintify
Reader Website at the AO3
Authors: [ profile] almostblue and [ profile] harborshore
Why this must be listened to: I admit, were it not for my love of long podfic, I'd probably never have tried to get into this amazing story.
For anyone new to podfic, and with some time on their hands, this is a great introduction into what makes podfic so beautiful: you get to hear stories in the voices of people who love them. You can hear misprintify hold back laughter in every funny line, and the tension in her voice when the story gets darker, and it's the most intimate feeling. Mindblowingly good.

Story summary and a bit about the story )

Please heed the extended warnings. (One scene contains violent imagery and references to the threat of attempted non-con. Some scenes also contain homophobic language and sexualized insults directed at women. There is no actual dub-con or non-con in this fic.)

[Podfic of] Where We Land

(In case the tags don't show up, again - please tag this entry: bandom, podfic)
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21st-Apr-2013 07:01 am life as a tree house by Kellifer (PG)
Fandom: THE AVENGERS (movieverse)
Pairing: Implied Only: Clint Barton (Hawkeye)/Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (Captain America/Iron Man), Thor/Jane
Length: ~ 7284 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] kellifer_fic
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read: The thing I like best about this fic is the way kellifer just nails the voice of Tony Stark, which is not easy to do. It's got the trademark witty banter, but it's also got that kind of straight-forward amazed puzzlement at how the rest of the world operates, starting when Tony finds Clint basically living in a conference room at SHIELD because his movements are limited after the helicarrier attack. Tony really doesn't want to get involved, but he also can't leave it alone, so Clint ends up living at Stark Tower. Once you start collecting stray Avengers, well, pretty soon you've got a tower full.

If that's not enough to entice you, the story also has a pet Dalek named Eduardo, a tree house, Hulk slippers, the team in action, and all the joy that comes from Tony accidentally acquiring an extended (albeit strange) family.

'It won't figure out a way to take over the world if that's what you're worried about. It can learn basic actions, some words. It's not going to organize a rebellion of the kitchen appliances.' )

On AO3: life as a tree house

There's also a sequel and some additional related snippets: tree house series. It's also available as a podfic

If you enjoy the story, remember to feedback the author!
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25th-Feb-2013 10:48 pm History, Repeating Itself by gyzym (teen)
Fandom: SHERLOCK HOLMES (RitchieVerse)
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: long
Author on LJ: [ profile] gyzym
Author Website: A03

Why this must be read: Arthur Conan Doyle wrote some famous books about a genius detective before the fic begins. Sherlock is a chemistry grad student. His brother owns a bar. John just returned from Afghanistan to study medicine. John calls Sherlock Forrest. Sherlock calls John Appleseed. Sherlock and John are typical students - sarcastic, potty-mouthed, living hand to mouth, smoking weed, and drinking.

John narrates this hilarious and sometimes suspenseful modern American university AU. It's hard to describe just how much fun this story is - nothing I write could be better than giving you a taste.

Read an Excerpt... )

Plus there is a brilliant podfic read by speccygeekgrrl that is even better than reading it yourself!

History, Repeating Itself or on A03
History, Repeating Itself podfic
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29th-Oct-2012 08:08 pm Podfic Rec: White Wedding (Teen) written by rageprufrock, read by lunchee.
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Uzumaki Naruto/Gaara, Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka
Genre: M/M slash. Humour, crack.
Length: Podfic about 30 mins, written fic about 4400 words.
Author on LJ: [ profile] rageprufrock
Reader on LJ: N/A, Reader on DW
Warnings: None
Author Websites: Author on AO3.
Author's Summary: Sandaime never had to put up with any of this crap.

Why this must be listened to: While I enjoy this story very much in its written format – the humour shows the author at their snarky best - for me the true genius lies in this specific reading. There's a lightness of touch and accuracy of pacing to it which does more than justice to the words. The use of music and sound is excellent and calculated to enhance the listeners enjoyment. All in all its amazing fun and a great listen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

White Wedding written by rageprufrock, read by lunchee.
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28th-Oct-2012 12:48 pm Somewhere in Tahoe [podfic] by soxendom (NC-17)

Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Length: 3 hours 49 min
Podficcer on LJ: [ profile] soxendom
Author on LJ: [ profile] flamingoslim
Podficcer Websites: soxendom at Audiofic Archive (just the one podfic posted to date)
Why this must be listened to:

Author's Summary: Their first real vacation in forever. Or at least several years. And their very first since...since... The hit in the parking lot.

Simply put, it's a wonderful reading of a wonderful fic. The story has been recced here before, and with good reason: it's a superb post-Sweet Revenge tale. However, due to the way I consume fic these days, it would probably still be collecting dust in my long list of "to-read" bookmarks... if not for Soxendom saving me by recording this podfic.

Apparently this is her first podfic, but you'd never know it, IMO. She has a lovely voice, the recording is very clear and easy to listen to, and I adore her nuanced delivery. And at just under 4 hours, it's the longest S&H podfic that I know of, perfect for those of us who love tales told with depth and detail. Just sublime. Go listen.

Somewhere in Tahoe
mp3 download
m4b (audiobook) download
Text at Starsky and Hutch Archive

And that, gentles all, brings my turn at the wheel to an end. Sorry it was something of an uneven ride this month; many things, both fannish and RL, conspired to keep me from posting as often and as regularly as I would have liked. I'm sure [ profile] nickygabriel, your next driver, will do a much better job. But thanks for coming with! If I've missed reccing your favorites, why not sign up and share the squee yourself? The more drivers, the merrier! Don't forget, recs are love, and feedback is coin of the realm. *waves*

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22nd-Oct-2012 08:40 pm they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too) by etothepii (gen)
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 2297 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] etothepii
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

John has a talent Sherlock doesn't know about. It comes in handy. Etothepii makes lovely use of magical realism in a story both whimsical and dramatic.

There is also a charming podfic read by lunchee, lunatique, and yue_ix. I recommend the version with echoes.

Try a sample... )

they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too)
they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too) podfic
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18th-Oct-2012 09:10 pm Major Pieces by Lindentreeisle (teen and up)
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Length: 31,858 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] lindentreeisle
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

Major Pieces is an exciting casefic with a wonderful Sherlock/John dynamic and a nail-biting, almost erotic, Sherlock/Moriarty standoff. There's nothing I like better than a long fic that leaves me wanting more. This one delivers.

Read it or listen to the podic, skillfully read by diane_mckay, or do both (I did).

A little taste... )

Major Pieces
Major Pieces podfic
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15th-Oct-2012 12:13 am Weaving in the Ends by Freakishlemon (gen)
Pairing: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes
Length: on the short side of medium
Author on LJ: [ profile] freakishlemon
Author Website: (but no Sherlock stories)
Why this must be read:

This is one of the most adorable John stories ever. John's gran teaches him how to knit when he is eight. As he grows up what he knits, who he knits it for, how friends and family react to his knitting, and what knitting means to him are all woven into his character. John doesn't tell Sherlock.... not really that he is embarrassed but that he is curious about how long it will take his flatmate to figure it out.

Warning: you may experience an inexplicable urge to take up knitting yourself.

There is also a charming podfic, read by lunchee.

Try a sample... )

Weaving in the Ends
Weaving in the Ends podfic
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13th-Oct-2012 02:46 pm The Mourning Woman by M_Leigh (Gen)
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 2278 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

"The Mourning Woman" is a beautifully written story about Molly Hooper - from how she became a pathologist to her tentative attempt to help John after the Reichenbach Fall - wistful, yet chirpy (especially in the podfic version).

The companion piece, "The Bachelor Stripped Bare by His Shadow, Even," tells John's story - a study in grief told with sweet melancholy and hope. Either story can stand alone but they complement each other.

Extra points for the Duchamp reference.

There is a lovely podfic of "The Mourning Woman" by croissantkatie.

Try a sample... )

The Mourning Woman
The Mourning Woman (podfic)
The Bachelor Stripped Bare By His Shadow, Even
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12th-Oct-2012 03:33 pm Not Dying Today by Morgan Stuart (Gen)
Pairing: none
Length: 2659 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] morganstuart
Author Website: AO3,
Why this must be read:

It was hard to pick just one story by Morgan Stuart - pretty much all of them are great reads. I decided on "Not Dying Today" because I get a kick out of Sherlock and Anderson being forced to work together - and doing it well too.

There is a podfic available, read by the incomparable lunchee. I got an iPod recently and I love having people read fics to me. PS. it took some experimentation to get the iTunes/iPod and a Sony speaker dock to work properly with the fanfiction. If anyone has questions - write me. I may be able to help.

Try a sample... )

Not Dying Today
Not Dying Today podfic
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11th-Oct-2012 11:16 pm A Brief History of Johns by Lavvyan (Gen)
Pairing: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes
Length: 1173 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] lavvyan
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

Best opening line ever :-). Doctor John Watson was not the first John to fill a lonely place in Sherlock's heart. Delicate and slightly eerie - it's not what you expect.

There is also a podfic version available.

Sherlock buries John Six in the bed of Johns at the back of the garden, between the tulips and the daffodils. It's cold for the time of year and his breath travels toward the overcast sky in small, white puffs. He's still sweating by the time he's done.

"May you rest in peace," he says, not because he believes in ritual but because something should be said. They hadn't seen much of each other lately, but John Six had been loved. Sherlock will miss the knowledge that, when things go bad, there'll be a John waiting at home for him to make them better.

A Brief History of Johns
A Brief History of Johns (podfic)
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9th-Oct-2012 04:09 pm Podfic Rec: A General State of Affairs (NC-17), written by caeseria, read by kansouame.
This rec is a two-fer; the fic and the podfic. And having tried doing some podficcing myself, I can tell you that my respect for podfic readers and editors has soared, so don't forget to feed the reader as well as the author.

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka
Genre: M/M slash, Action/Adventure.
Length: Podfic about 1 hour 15 mins, written fic about 10,000 words.
Author on LJ: [ profile] caeseria
Reader on LJ:[ profile] kansouame
Warnings: Some violence.
Author Websites: Author on AO3.
Author's Summary: Determined not to fail his latest mission, Iruka sets out to deliver a vital scroll to General Hatake Kakashi of the Third Division.

Why this must be read: One of my favourite things in fic is people who perform competently in their given professions without suddenly becoming over-powered superheroes. This is a lovely look at ninjas at war, with all that that entails including distrust, jumpy allies and, just for the hell of it, some wonderfully hot 'this is what we're fighting for' sex.
Why this must be listened to: kansouame has one of those voices that you could just kick-back and listen to all day. Her pacing is lovely, her editing flawless and she allows the characters to speak through her in a very engaging way.

A General State of Affairs, written by caeseria, read by kansouame.
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