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25th-Feb-2009 12:15 am A More Prosperous Trial of the State by Victoria Cl (R)
Pairing: Mary Crawford/Colonel Fitzwilliam, Caroline Bingley/Mr. Rushworth
Length: 299,000 words
Author on LJ: unknown.
Author Website: Roads Not Taken (Jane Austen fanfiction by Victoria Cl)
Why this must be read:

This is one of the best Jane Austen crossovers out there. A sequel to both stories, it takes on the work of entwining the lives of the characters of the two novels seamlessly. Its delightful characterization is a real treat.

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A More Prosperous Trial of the State
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8th-Feb-2009 01:57 am Bird of Paradise by Jane Greensmith (PG-13)
Pairing: Fanny Price/Edmund Bertram
Length: 4100 words
Author on LJ: No lj that I can find. Reading, Writing, Working, Playing on blogger.
Author Website: Jane Greensmith
Why this must be read:

Ok, this is probably the last MP rec in a little while. (Though this book has the only finished femmeslash in the fandom that I've read, and an incredibly good crossover with P&P, so I'm sure I will rec more later. :D)

With lyrical prose, this story takes on the Fanny/Edmund pairing thoughtfully. A lot is made on the novel about Fanny's physical weakness, but most fanfic (And movies!) prefer to forget it; this story doesn't, and it deals with it beautifully, using it as backdrop for her insecurities. Many people wonder about Edmund and his change of heart... and much has been said about the unromantic nature of Mansfield Park's ending. I think this is a very good response to both canon's apparent lack on this department and to the detractors of the ending and the pairing.


Dr. Martin says that I have poor circulation. He says my heart isn’t strong enough to pump blood to my extremities. That’s why my hands and feet are always icy. Even in summer, I feel cold. I forego plunging necklines, not out of modesty... all right, not totally out of modesty... but because I need the warmth of high collars and long sleeves and shawls to trap and conserve the paltry heat my body generates.

Bird of Paradise
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5th-Feb-2009 05:08 pm Love and Marriage by solvent90 (PG)
Pairing: Fanny Price/Henry Crawford with a side of Mary Crawford/Edmund Bertram
Length: 3200 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] solvent90
Author Website: solvent90's other stories at yuletide, and solvent90's fic tag.
Why this must be read:

This is an excellent, well written story, where the silences are almost as important as the things said. A powerful look at what may have been, it's not a happy story, but a necessary one. It's honest to a fault, and gives a new perspective on the canon characters. Definitively a different look at the Fanny accepts Henry scenario. It has a very good narrative voice, which makes for a quick, pleasant read.


"I am afraid your cousin's is not quite a marriage of true minds, my dear," he said.

Love and Marriage
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1st-Feb-2009 01:28 pm Everingham by Katharine T (G )
Hello, fellow ff addicts. I'm hele and I will be your February drug purveyor driver for the Jane Austen fandom.

Brief declaration of intention, links to the fandom's overview and book wiki page, etc. )

Pairing: Fanny Price/Henry Crawford (with a side of Mary Crawford/Edmund Bertram)
Length: 46,400 words
Author on LJ: (Not that I can find.)
Author Website: Author's page in DWG.
Why this must be read:

This is an excellent take on this particular pairing, maintaining the characters IC as much as possible while still making them grow up enough to make it realistic. It's written in an easy, pleasant prose, and despite the length is a quick read. It manages to abstain from character bashing, for the most part, which is refreshing, and it doesn't ignore canon facts. A very good, amusing and romantic what-if fic.

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