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8th-Dec-2007 09:55 am Songvid Oddities: Metropolis (Rintaro) - Urban Ragnarok
Vidder: jbone
Musical artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Pairing: Kenichi/Tima
Vidder on LJ: None
Vidder's website: The Final Act
Why this vid kicks ass: After much thought, I decided to kick off the Week O' Angst with this epic by jbone. It's one of my all-time favourite vids, and I still re-watch it regularly even lo these two years since I first downloaded it. "Urban Ragnarok" is an incredible feat of vidding excellence. It tells the story of a boy tragically in love with a robot, a robot who has a really major chip on her... um, brain, and it tells it through the most amazing, eye-popping editing choices you will ever see. This? This is fantastic.

Urban Ragnarok

(Note: This songvid is available both as a direct download, and via AMV. Instructions on how to sign up for AMV are given here on strangefandom, just scroll up a few lines.)
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