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3rd-Sep-2013 08:50 pm like boys do by Luc Court
Fandom: SMALL FANDOMS - No Rest for the Wicked (Webcomic)

Pairing: Gen (November/Red, November/Perrault if you want to bring goggles)

Length: 1,900

Author: Luc Court

Author on LJ: [ profile] rabbitprint

No Rest for the Wicked is an older web comic, and the creator is slow about releasing updates, but the story and art are still some of my favorites and fanfic fills in that aching gap while I wait for updates. If you like ABC's Once Upon a Time or the graphic novel Fables, this is in the same line: fairytale stories mushed together to tell a new story. This is actually my favorite spin.

This story by Luc Court has just the right blend of fairytale, character and little bit of creepy in it. Red is a complex character and hard to use as the POV, but Luc Court pulls off a fic from her perspective that feels like it would be cannon in the webcomic's universe.

An Excerpt )

like boys do
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