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15th-May-2012 12:44 pm "Mala's Game" by Unpublished Writer (NC-17)
It’s time for Crack Van Collision!

This story is part of Unpublished Writer’s Spectra Series (it follows the last one recced in that post), but it can be read and enjoyed all on its own.

Fandom: Battle of The Planets/Law And Order: Special Victims Unit
Characters: Chief Anderson, the G-Force team, Zoltar, Mala, Dr. George Huang, Olivia Benson, various other characters.
Pairing: None
Length: 36809 words.
Warnings: Adult situations, explicit material, Mature Content, Sexual Situations, Strong Language, Torture.
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Unpublished Writer on the Gatchaman Fanfic Archive
Why this must be read: Chief Anderson has been captured by Mala, who chains him to a bed and publically rapes/tortures/humiliates him. After his rescue by G-Force, Dr. Huang and Olivia Benson are sent to help the team and the Chief pick up the pieces. It’s a harrowing fic, and the Law And Order: SVU characters fit into it perfectly, much to my surprise.

Due to the adult nature of this story, registration at that site is required before you can read it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you cannot register, you can download the entire story as a .zip archive here. I saved each chapter as a .pdf file. Please let me know if you have any problems!

Mala’s Game

There is a prequel fic to this, but it’s not really necessary to read it in order to enjoy the story: Condor In Love Word Count: 1348 Rating: PG-13 (Slash)

Enjoy! :D
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15th-Jan-2009 11:58 pm Falsely Accused by Nancy (PG 13??)

Fandom: NCIS & L&O SVU 
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Length: 1,000+
Author on LJ: [profile] slashy_me
Author Website:

Why this must be read:
(edited rec version...b/c I guess I can be a little nicer, hmph.)
For those of us enlightened by Nancy's works than you know how hard it was for me to pick just one. But crossovers made it easier...What I should really say is that Nancy's work is some of the best ever compiled on the web for any of her written fandoms. And that if you hadn't taken time out of your busy daily life you should to read her works...


Just imagine Tony and Stabler in the same interrogation room and you can get the picture. Lots of DiNozzo family drama and Gibbs posessiveness in the fic as well.

Since I had to pick one this one is it...

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31st-Dec-2008 11:19 am Don Quixote in Manhattan by [ profile] theholyinnocent (PG13)
Characters, Pairing: Olivia Benson, John Munch, Fin Tutuola, Elliot Stabler, Alex Cabot, Olivia Benson/Alex Cabot
Length: 777 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] theholyinnocent
Why this must be read: Because you get such a feel for the characters, for what they must go through as people and as professionals. And because there's such a lovely bit of Olivia/Alex in it, and I miss Olivia/Alex.
Excerpt: She sat hunched over her desk, hands curled around the nape of her neck. So this is what it's like to be burnt out. She could taste it in the back of her throat. Like vomit.

Don Quixote in Manhattan
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15th-Oct-2008 11:56 am Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Law and Order: SVU (FR18)
Title: Father Goose and the Black Knight
Pairing: Xander/Faith
Author: litmouse
Length: 74,653 words
Author on LJ: Not that I know of.
Website: Here at Twisting the Hellmouth
Why this must be read:

I read this story for the first time when I was going through a phase of rabidly reading every Xander-y crossover I could find. Among those mounds and mounds of stories, this one stood out. For one thing, it's got a plot. I know, I could barely believe it, either! Not only does it have a plot, it has character development. By the end of the story, I not only cared about the folks from BtVS, I cared about the SVU people and the original characters. On top of these sterling qualities, this story is tightly paced, so that even at this impressive wordcount, it doesn't drag. The characters stay in character. They grow, they change, but they are still the characters that I know and love. And as a devotee of the man-love, I'm extremely impressed with the way the author convinced me of Xander/Faith and made me root for them.

If you enjoy this story, litmouse wrote several others in this verse, each crossing with a different fandom. They are all handled just as skillfully.

chunk of a snippet )

Go. Read. Love. Tell the Author.

Father Goose and the Black Knight
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16th-Feb-2006 05:57 pm Oz/SVU (late for collision day! Sorry! RL got in the way)
Title: Looking for them by [ profile] mandysbitch
Pairing: Beecher/Stabbler
Author on LJ: [ profile] mandysbitch
Author Website:Mindgames
Why this must be read:

I'm quite surprised that this fic wasn't recorded yet. It was written for Oz_magi 2004 (and for me!) and it's the best Oz/SVU crossover I read for a while.
Believable, bittersweet. Very good. Very well written. Read it!

an exerpt... )
Looking for them
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15th-Oct-2005 11:31 pm Oz/Law and Order SVU (NC-17)
Title: A Series Of Dreams by Abyssal
Pairing: Beecher/Stabler
Author on LJ: ??
Author Website: ??
Why this must be read:

Quite possibly the best ever Beecher/Stabler fic, this is infused with so much passion, emotion, realism, anger, hurt, regret, lust and love, that it captures wonderfully the feelings that the B/K relationship invoked in its fans, and how Beecher deals with this when he meets a man who is his dead lover's double. Watching Toby struggle to see Stabler not as a 'replacement Chris', but just 'Elliot', while Stabler finds himself falling in love with a man who's heart belongs to a ghost, is a thing of aching beauty. It's also a fascinating look at Elliot struggling with his own sexuality - not just the homosexual element, but himself as a sexual being. This fic tore my heart out, then somehow managed to heal it again several times over before the end.

A Series Of Dreams
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15th-Sep-2005 11:20 pm Oz / Law & Order SVU (R)
Title: Luck of the Draw by Kikkimax
Fandom: OZ
Pairing: No real pairings, but Stabler, Keller, Beecher and Benson all make an appearance and some kissing/groping does occur.
Author on LJ: ???
Author Website: Kikki's Multi-fandom Fiction
Why this must be read:

Because Kikki has captured the characters from both shows as perfectly as a fanfic writer could ever hope to - her Stabler and Keller in particular are spot on. This is also a fic that takes the old cliche of 'long lost twins' and actually makes it work realistically. Keller and Stabler are forced to temporarily trade places and dangerous hijinks ensue - the scenes with Beecher and Stabler-pretending-to-be-Keller are particularly wonderful, but the real highlights are the two brothers getting to know and love one another. A lovely read and probably the best Oz/SVU crossover out there. There are admittedly some factual mistakes concerning minor characters, but it doesn't detract from the story at all

Luck of the Draw
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15th-Mar-2005 04:07 pm Oz/Law & Order: SVU (NC-17)
Title: Looking For Them by cgb
Pairing: Tobias Beecher/Elliot Stabler
Author on LJ: [ profile] mandysbitch
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Set post-season six Oz, and season six-ish Law & Order: SVU, this beautifully crafted piece imagines a real collision of worlds between a post-canon Oz Tobias Beecher and post-marital-separation Elliot Stabler. There's a wonderful fleeting, hit-or-miss quality to the progression of this story as Elliot tries to cope with the disintegration of his life as he knows it -- until a seemingly random encounter with a stranger changes eveything.

A taste:

Nothing feels normal but everything seems to be falling into a pattern: wake up, get through the day, catch bad guys, eat, sleep, do it all again. It's just when he thinks he might get used to it, he sees the crazy again, standing outside the station house, hanging by the side of the road like he's waiting for some one. Elliot watches him from the entrance. He's wearing a knit hat pulled down over his ears and dark sunglasses like he doesn’t want to be noticed. But it’s definitely him, identifiable by the blonde beard and edgy movements.

Read Looking For Them
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16th-Jan-2005 02:30 pm Oz/Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (PG-13)
This was supposed to be posted yesterday but... See what I mean? ;)

Title: Gift Horses
Pairing: Beecher/Stabler
Author on LJ: [ profile] rileyc
Author Website: Riley Cannon Fodder

Why this must be read:
Recently, four Oz/SVU crossovers were written; three on [ profile] oz_magi, by [ profile] desert_rifka, [ profile] mandysbitch and Aleph_abyssal, plus another one by Aleph_Abyssal; and they all deal brilliantly with the problem of having the main SVU character played by Chris Meloni who also plays Keller in Oz. Hence the temptation of a crossover -and its difficulty.

Before these recent -and soon to be recorded- crossovers, two fics had been written on the subject. One of them, very long was never finished. The second one is [ profile] rileyc's fic. Both have a common point: they deal with the idea of a dream.

I absolutely love how RileyC captures the ambiguity of the moment, the uncertainty, the growing doubt in Beecher's mind that reality isn't always what it seems. And it's RileyC so it's both hot and well written.

an excerpt )

Gift horses
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15th-Sep-2004 03:46 pm OZ/SVU (NC-17)
Title: Haunted by Aim, Brian, Dimples, Jen and Wifey
Pairing: Beecher/Keller; can't spoil the rest
Author on LJ: ???
Why this must be read: It's a dark, wicked, funny, sexy, ingenious melding of two fictional worlds and Tobias Beecher's struggle to escape both. Plus, it has a great Stanislofsky, a shrewd player whose entertaining run on the show was too short.

The real strength of "Haunted" comes in the Oz characterizations and the Oz plot: Keller, McManus, Murphy, Schillinger, Stanislofsky, Wittlesey and more. All the scheming and plotting and conniving you expect in Oz, but tied to the outside world through a paroled Beecher, who is a suspect in the murder of Jason Schillinger, Vern's son.

The SVU gang is called to investigate the brutal killing. Did Beecher do it? Was he set up? Was anyone in Oz involved?

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