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15th-Jun-2013 09:09 pm HETALIA/CAPTAIN AMERICA (Teen)
Title: 5 Times Captain America Met His Country Gecko Osco
Pairing: America/England, Captain America/Peggy
Length: 9,299
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Author's Summary: Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, is trying to adjust to living in the 21st century. This is further complicated by finding out nations exist as living beings and America is a bit of a fan-boy regarding him.

I don't like Captain America. However, I Love America and was intrigued by the possibility of this fic. I LOVED THIS FIC.

Out of all the countries represented in Hetalia, America downright makes me laugh because of him being so...American. America made me laugh in this fic because OF COURSE he would be a fan of Captain America. The interactions were hilarious and a bit poignant and leaves you smiling in the end. I also feel that a writer is successful when they make you feel for characters you don't care too much about. This was accomplished brilliantly.

5 Times Captain America Met His Country
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31st-Mar-2013 01:35 pm "five things that happen to peggy carter after v-day" by zauberer_sirin (PG)
Fandom: The Avengers (movieverse)/Captain America (movieverse)
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, with some Howard Stark mixed in if you squint
Length: 1600 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] zauberer_sirin
Author Website: [ profile] 42number
Why this must be read: Okay, I thought I was done reccing for the month, but then I found this little beauty, which is a great little insight into Peggy and life after the events of the movie.

Glorious pages and bitter footnotes. )

five things that happen to peggy carter after v-day
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25th-Mar-2013 12:32 pm "Breathe" by Ishyko (PG)
Fandom: The Avengers (movieverse)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 4486 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ishyko
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read: "Breathe" treads a lot of the same ground as other "Steve adjusts to modern life" stories, but it does so in new and unexpected ways, mainly by acknowledging his flaws and angst beyond the usual. There's also some lovely team bonding moments!

Woe is me. I can’t get drunk. I have special cells. I’m too perfect. )

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19th-Mar-2013 11:24 am "Protégé" by girl_wonder (G)
Fandom: The Avengers (movieverse)/James Bond (Skyfall)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 2012 words
Author on LJ: girl_wonder
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read: I link you to a fic where Peggy Carter is Dench!M's predecessor, and you need a reason to read it?

But seriously, this is an excellent, memorable character study of three women who pave their own inimitable ways in a boys' club and kick a lot of ass (literal and otherwise) along the way.

Do you know how girls like us become women like Carter? )

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15th-Feb-2013 08:49 am Magnetic Series by boombangbing
Pairing: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers
Length: Series Length 128,557
Author on LJ: [ profile] boombangbing
Author Website: (or a link to where more of their fic is archived) At AO3
Why this must be read: First off, it's the comprehensive backstory of Pepper Potts. Pre-Tony hiring Pepper, their formative years working together, and how they eventually fell in love and eventually became a couple. THEN there's The Avengers and Steve and the three of them venture into a life of polyamory plus being part of the team that saves the world.

The voices here are sharp, the background is richly detailed, it's funny and sad and hot and thought provoking.

I wanted to rec this earlier in the month but decided not to because so much of this is set Pre-Iron Man and Iron Man and then it came to me, CROSSOVER DAY!


From Commitments: Pepper hasn't had a good night's sleep in years, it seems. When she was first hired by Stark Industries, it was work things that kept her up, more nights drinking and talking than she'd ever had in college; once Tony took an extra special interest in her, it was nights drafting letters of apology, organising his schedule, navigating various states' legal systems. Later, it was fielding calls, usually from Rhodey, on the current status of Tony: 'can you get a plane to pick us up? We're gonna need some clothes, too', 'I didn't know that Disneyland security could actually detain people...', 'so, where can one get an annulment in Vegas at four AM?'. And, of course:

“He's-- Pepper... They took... he's been kidnapped. Tony's been kidnapped.”

She didn't sleep for three months.

Now, with Tony in her bed (or she in his, but Tony says everything he has is because of her, really), she can rest a little easier at night, safe in the knowledge that he isn't in an expensive gutter somewhere, or marrying showgirls on a whim. But, still, she wakes up alone, when the sun is just rising over Malibu, or New York, or New Mexico, or wherever they are; because now, Tony doesn't sleep. She remembers Before (there have been a lot of befores in her life: before Tony, before Iron Man, before the kiss, before Steve, but Afghanistan is the Before that takes centre stage in her mind), when he'd work all night and sleep all day and she built up considerable upper body strength hauling him out of his bed. Now he goes to bed with her but wakes four, five hours later, almost without fail, to go down to the basement to work, work, work until he can ignore his bodily needs no longer. When she first realised that he was doing this, before she was in his bed or he was in hers, she tried to draw him out of the workshop, with food, alcohol, lewd comments, anything, but he didn't hear her, so immersed in his own mind. She learnt to let him come out of it on his own.

She hates waking alone, though, stranded in his oversized bed. And then there's Steve. Tony likes to be in the middle – of course, when doesn't he – but once he's up, Steve inevitably shifts in closer and she opens her eyes in the morning to his arm snaked around her waist, not too tight, because even unconscious he's aware of his strength.

Steve wakes at every distinct noise: doors being opened or closed, cars backfiring, creaking footsteps on floorboards, Jarvis clanking around getting the house in order for the next day, but curiously he can sleep through any continuous sound. New York traffic, the television, Tony playing his favourite Black Sabbath records way too loud, way too early in the morning. It lets Pepper do some of her work from bed, tapping furiously at her laptop, BBC World News 24 on in the background, with Steve next to her. He even sleeps politely, on his side with both hands under the pillow, blanket pulled up to his arms, taking up no more space than he needs, unlike Tony 'Starfish' Stark. He never snores, or talks in his sleep, even when his eyes are flicking back and forth wildly beneath his eyelids and his fingers are digging into the mattress. He's the perfect person to share a bed with. Though he is extremely noisy during sex.

What a ridiculous and delightful thing for her to know about Captain America.

Magnetic Series

The Courting of Tony Stark
Holding Pattern
Darcy Lewis: Office Manager
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26th-Mar-2012 11:04 pm Warmer by somehowunbroken (NC-17)
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Length: 1807
Author on LJ: [ profile] somehowunbroken
Author Website: LJ Master List and AO3 Profile
Why this must be read:

One of the best thing about the Avengers movies is that everything is new again. Authors can now reimagine how Steve and Tony met, how Steve adjusted to his new time period, etc. In this lovely fic the author shows us a Cap who even a week after getting out of the ice just can't seem to get warm...until Tony helps him.

An Excerpt )

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8th-Mar-2012 09:56 pm Twenty Twelve by sheafrotherdon (PG)
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Length: 890 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] sheafrotherdon
Author Website: AO3 Profile
Why this must be read:

Tony Stark is an extremely complicated character. He has an undeniably strong will and yet is broken in numerous ways both subtle and not. Instead of painting him in broad strokes that highlight his narcissism and rudeness, this fic touches on his pain and shows how he cares for Steve.

Both Steve and Tony have gone through a lot in their lives and this fic is a snapshot, showing their quiet struggle with PTSD as a result. Tony is there for Steve as he adjusts to a new era and we get a glimpse of how he had to deal with his own trauma with only JARVIS to support him. This fic is short but leaves you aching.

An Excerpt )

Twenty Twelve
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2nd-Mar-2012 07:59 pm you and your high top sneakers and your sailor tattoos by musesfool (NC-17)
Hi! I'll be reccing comics this month. I'm fairly new to comics fandoms but I am quickly making up time. I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel but most of my recs will likely be in the Avengers movieverse because it is the newest and shiniest.

Pairing: Steve/Darcy
Length: 5,870 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] musesfool
Author Website: AO3 Profile
Why this must be read:

It is a common assumption that in the Avengers movieverse Captain America is a virgin. This fic is a very fun look at fan-favorite Darcy showing him a thing or two. The author's summary says it all:

In which Darcy Lewis punches Captain America's v-card. Yeah, she can't believe it either.

As a pretty solid Steve/Tony shipper, I didn't expect to like this fic as much as I did, but it was funny and sweet and so beautifully in character. The thing I liked the best, though, was that neither Cap nor Darcy were looking for something serious in this fic. They were both just finding a moment with each other.

An Excerpt )

you and your high top sneakers and your sailor tattoos
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27th-Nov-2011 09:09 pm Per Expectations by Tsukinofaerii (AO3 rated Explicit)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Length: 29,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] tsukinofaerii (author prefers DW)
Author Website: AO3 Account

Warning: None. Woohoo.

Why this must be read: How far would you go to forget the worst thing that ever happened to you? If you're Tony Stark, the answer is pretty damn far. Comics Spoiler: Steve Rogers died in Civil War. Comics Spoiler: He got Better. No Spoiler at All: Tony would rather forget the whole thing ever happened. And after that whole other comics thing where he injected himself with an experimental nano-virus that turned his brain into a hard drive, he has the technology.

Per Expectations
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25th-Nov-2011 09:39 pm When the Lights go on Again by Seanchai and Elspeth Dixon (LJ rated PG-13)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Length: 170,000 words (yes, you read that right)
Author on LJ: [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon
Author Website: Fic Index

Warning: None. Woohoo.

Why this must be read: Again, one of the first fics I ever read in this fandom and one I re-read when I'm feeling nostalgic. Aliens have taken New York; interesting, well-realised aliens who are hideous and cruel and occasionally sympathetic, and complicated in their motivations... Steve and Tony are physically separated for the vast bulk of the story, and yet they're in each other's hearts and minds constantly, until the reader is as desperate for the reunion as they are. The supporting characters are great too, and as an introduction to Hawkeye especially, who I didn't know from Adam at the time, it was a great primer.

When the Lights go on Again
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22nd-Nov-2011 06:36 pm That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars by Muccamukk (AO3 rated Explicit)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Length: 4,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] muccamukk (author prefers DW)
Author Website: AO3 Account

Warning: None. Woohoo.

Why this must be read: One of the first fics I ever read in this fandom and still one of my favourites, this fic skillfully weaves together vignettes from many different points in comics and film canon that deal with the various physical scars Tony Stark carries related to his damaged heart, while also commenting on the mental and emotional scars that fragile organ also bears. All rolled in with some scorchingly hot sex with Steve Rogers that again touches on those hidden depths. It's just a wonderful piece all over.

That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars
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