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15th-Dec-2010 04:50 pm Sherlock/Black Books (PG)
Title: Padding by Basingstoke
Pairing: none (gen)
Length: 1,865 words (about 10k words for the whole series)
Author on LJ: [ profile] basingstoke
Author Website: Basingstoke's Home or Basingstoke's Ao3 page.
Why this must be read:
This was the very first fanfic in the Sherlock fandom that I read, and I only read it because it was a crossover with Black Books which is a great show. I'd never heard of Sherlock before this fic! This fic inspired me to go out and watch Sherlock. I love crossovers and it's very hard for me to pick only one crossover to share for Crack-Van Collisions Day, but this one is a must-read.

It has been pointed out that there are marked similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Bernard Black. The black hair, the coats, the alternating manic and depressive moods, the affable men who manage them... yeah. Sherlock and Bernard are family. TERRIFYING family. This first story in the Rough Edges series is amazing, but do check out the other two, especially Eggcrate. wherein Sherlock takes John home for Christmas dinner and we discover the true insanity of the Holmes family. These stories are fabulously written, slightly cracktacular, and very fun reads.


Edited to add: There is currently no tag for Black Books, sorry!
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