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15th-Nov-2009 04:57 pm HEROES/JERICHO (R)
Title: What Miracle Is Wrought by Cerebel
Pairing: Mohinder Suresh/Sylar
Author on LJ: [ profile] cerebel
Author Website: [ profile] cerebel_fics

Why this must be read:
[ profile] cerebel tells a complicated, heart wrenching story using the sparsest of fragments and the cross between Jericho and Heroes is genius. I can't think of a more fitting match. This post-acopalyptic verse is a world where abilities are important and morality needs to be pushed in order to survive, a world where people like Elle and Sylar are more than monsters - and just the idea of the people of Jericho having them on their side through their trials is amazing.

Excerpt )

(What Miracle Is Wrought)
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