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15th-Dec-2011 06:57 pm Pangaea by princewardo (NC17)
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Length: 25,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] princewardo
Why this must be read: Not technically a crossover so much as a Jurassic Park AU, but, whatever! It counts. Fantastically done AU, detailed and beautiful with the Fab Four (and Sean) all just as they should be in a dinosaur park. Mark makes dinosaurs, but Eduardo is slightly confused about his purpose at the park...

Then Mark looks down, types a lone bracket, pauses, and clatters out a line of code. Then another, and another. His lips ease back into their perfectly straight line of absolute concentration. Chris thinks Mark is probably writing something that will turn out amazing on an unprecedented level. This is what Mark tends to do when he gets upset.

Once Eduardo went out on a date instead of attending weekly Mario Cart night, and Mark locked himself in for sixteen hours and wrote CourseMatch.

This is how they end up running an unnamed park. And why every single creature Mark manages to breathe life into lives for one reason, and one reason only – to get the attention of Eduardo Saverin.

Mark has somehow managed to charm a trio of their velociraptors (Chris is frankly worried at this, and he’s made a note to himself to check on Mark’s programming for anomalies in their genetics, because nothing in his chemical work indicates that the dinosaurs in the park should be hailing Mark as a god. Plus, Eduardo has a minor coronary whenever Mark comes back from their glass pen with more than a nip to his ankles.)
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