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2nd-Dec-2007 09:42 pm Songvid Oddities: Bollywood (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi) - A Different Kind of Love
Vidder: Danvers
Musical artist: Cher
Pairing: Sunny/Sameer
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] svendra
Vidder's website: thingology
Why this vid kicks ass: My first reaction upon seeing this songvid was, "They make gay Bollywood movies? Since when? And why did nobody tell me?"

Ah, how innocent I was back then, having not yet realised quite how much interpretation a clever vidder could work into a songvid. And, oh, how well Danvers did her job in this one. "A Different Kind of Love", with its singing/dancing/pratfalling heroes, never fails to make me smile and smile. I still haven't seen the original movie this vid was made from, but I live under the happy delusion that Mujhse Shaadi Karogi must have one of the slashiest, not to mention funniest, friendship romances ever depicted on film. Go on, click the link and join me in this happy place.

A Different Kind of Love (scroll down)
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