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15th-Aug-2008 12:45 pm Angel/Alias/Buffy/Desperate Housewives/Everwood/Popular/X-Men (R)
Title: The Perils of Prophecy Moppet (The Special Edition) by Jennifer-Oksana
Pairing: Wesley/Lilah, Spike/OFC, Connor/OFC, Jack/Irina... and some more, but those are the most important ones.
Length: long
Author on LJ: [ profile] jennyo
Author Website: Jennifer Oksana's: new site, old site
Why this must be read: This is an awesomely cracktastic crossover fic of Epic Proportions and many capitalized words. Written in the style of "A Series of Unfortunate Events", jennyo tells the tragic tale of one Rachael Pryce, daughter of Wesley and Lilah, who is Extremely Fated ("That meant that when apocalypses, interesting events, et cetera, came about, they would often center on [her]"). Just how interesting, you'll have to read it to find out. Complete with True Love, Judge Judy-like courtcases, Lilah homeschooling, Sydney Bristow's multiple marriages, faux!incest, Bree and Lilah's garden warfare, flying houses and Friends: The Musical! It simply does not get better than this!

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The Perils of Prophecy Moppet (The Special Edition) and an alternate link
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15th-Dec-2006 10:09 pm The Pretender/Desperate Housewives (R)
Title: Play Pretend
Pairing: Gen - Lyle.
Author on LJ: [ profile] melanie_anne
Author Website: on

Why this must be read:

I know there's not been an anouncement made but the fifteenth is almost over here, so I thought I should get this in.

Set after Island of the Haunted, Lyle hangs out on Wisteria Lane, and his sister pays him a visit. It's a really simple premise, assuming that Mr Lyle is Mike Delfino (both played by the same actor), and a really great look at the Parker-Lyle dynamic in a situation that is both different and yet the same.

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Play Pretend
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