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15th-Feb-2011 03:10 pm Watchmen/The Twilight Zone (PG-13)
Title: Good by [ profile] orangesparks
Pairing: some Dan/Laurie
Author on LJ: [ profile] orangesparks
Author Website: Fanfic master list
Why this must be read:

It takes the Twilight Zone story of a boy who can make anything happen with just a thought and gives these powers to Rorschach, to terrifying effect. As a kid Rorschach uses his powers to lash out against his horrible life, which is scary enough, and the fic goes on to show how he uses his powers as an adult. Rorschach is still the same person he is in canon, with his black and white view of the world, issues with women, issues with sex, and determination to rid the world of what he classifies as bad. As several of the commentators say, it's a damn good thing Rorschach isn't the one with actual superpowers in canon.

Walter watches the skin fall away from the boy's face, flesh landing in raw clumps on the front of his letterman's jacket, and listens to his terrible cries before thinking that he doesn't want to watch anymore, and the boy disappears completely.

The other boy screams, and it sounds like the bleat of an injured lamb. He moves quickly, trying to run for it, but he can't run faster than Walter can think, and he soon disappears to join his friend.

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