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2nd-Nov-2008 04:33 pm Moonlight: An Overview
I was totally skeptical ("another vampire show? who needs it!" see also, "CBS sucks") and held out until almost halfway through the season, but when I finally got around to watching it I was totally hooked by half an hour into the pilot. I know what you're thinking - "I liked this show back when it was called [Dark Shadows]/[Forever Knight]/[Angel]". Yes, I will grant you that it is derivative. Yes, that blonde girl looks an awful lot like Kate, and there are blipverts and billowing coats and helping the helpless. However, here are my counterarguments - 1) Sophia Myles is a far better actress than Elisabeth Rohm, and 2) Jason Fucking Dohring. And if you never really thought DB was hot as Angel (*raises hand*), Alex O'Loughlin is smoking.

I give you Moonlight. (This guide goes up to Ep 1.09 (Fleur de Lis), aired 11/23/07.) All spoilers have been white-fonted for the leery. (The basic plot setup has been de-spoilered for your pleasure safety.) Disclaimer: this is How I See It (duh) which means mostly babbling about the pretty and snarky references to other actors/shows, with occasional mentions of actual show content tossed in for variety. Do not taunt Happy Fun Overview.

Moonlight: the Crack Van Overview )

Please, feel free to chime in with recs and any other info you may have - I wrote this guide a while back and I'm sure there's more stuff out there now, and I'd love to read some great ML fic.
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