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15th-Apr-2012 11:57 pm Spider-Man/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (NC-17)
Title: Dimensionally Challenged by Amy
Pairing: Peter Parker/Xander Harris/Spike
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Wings of Imagination via the Wayback Machine
Why this must be read:
Quick and dirty rec... I have 7 minutes before it is no longer the 15th, lol. This was totally my favorite crossover fic, oh, 10ish years ago. I had to DIG to unearth this little gem. Spider-man ends up thrown out of the Marvel Universe and into the Buffyverse, where Xander and Spike (who are already in a relationship) take him under their wing. Beware, there is a bit of Buffy-bashing here, but I love it too much to care. Heck, this is so good that it's probably been recommended on Crack Van before, but I seem to have broken LJ when I went back over 200 entries under the tags, and that barely got me back six years. Anywho, go read it! :D

Dimensionally Challenged by Amy
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25th-Nov-2008 11:32 am Riptide by veuki (NC-17)
Fandom: MARVEL: SPIDERMAN (Movies)
Pairing: Peter Parker/Harry Osborn
Length: 11,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] veuki
Author Website: Fiction filter
Why this must be read: This is another angsty, hurts-so-good classic, and I would say something more eloquent, but I'm once again in transit and brainfried. It's gorgeous. Go read.

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23rd-Nov-2008 10:03 pm At the scene of the crime by harriet-spy (NC-17)
Fandom: MARVEL: SPIDERMAN (Movies)
Pairing: Peter Parker/Harry Osborn
Length: 3,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] harriet_spy
Author Website: Sometimes You Need A Story
Why this must be read: The way Harry and Peter's friendship turned sour because of Spiderman is the classic stuff of angsty slash, and this story is a perfect, bittersweet example.

At the scene of the crime
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19th-Nov-2008 07:44 pm Just a Face On a Train by katheryne (PG-13)
Pairing: No Pairing
Length: novella
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: None
Why this must be read: You know how superheroes save all these random people amidst the rampaging fights with their nemeses? Ever wonder what happens to all those ordinary people after their lives have been saved? Well wonder no longer. This long, plotty story gives a name and backstory to one of the women rescued by Spiderman, and she's exactly what you'd expect, but also so much more.

I love how full of quiet gratitude this story is; it makes me imagine a hundred other stories, of all the people silently grateful and doing little things for their heroes without any acknowledgement at all.

Just a Face On a Train
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15th-Nov-2008 10:10 pm MARVEL (Movies): IRON MAN/SPIDERMAN (NC-17)
Title: Paparazzo by basingstoke
Pairing: Iron Man/Spider-Man
Length: 5,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] basingstoke
Author Website: snogging puppets
Why this must be read: My notes say this fic has great banter and smokin' hot sex. I'm sure that's absolutely true. Normally I'd re-read and check (I love re-reading when I re-rec something), but I'm about to hop on a plane to Hong Kong, so we shall all just have to trust that a) my notes are right, and b) that Basingstoke delivers in her usual sharp, funny style (which, unlike my note-taking skillz, there can be little doubt about).

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9th-Mar-2007 09:30 am Office Hours by Darth Tartan (PG-13)
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] tartanshell
Why this must be read:

The hardest part of being in the closet is that it isolates you from everyone like you whom you could lean on. Here, a chance run-in with Professor McCoy at the Columbia University library gives a frazzled Peter Parker some food for thought, among other things.

Office Hours
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15th-Nov-2003 11:26 pm Smallville/Spiderman Movieverse Crossover (NC-17)
Title: Standing in the Common Spaces, by Jenn
Pairing: Lex/Peter
Author on LJ: [ profile] seperis
Author Website: Indulgence

Why this must be read: Great characterization--Jenn makes Peter Parker come alive as a photographer and all of the characters are believable in an AU story. The story doesn't follow linear time, but this is handled deftly. This has an excellent, integrating plot and a pairing that I'd never thought of before reading this. Time was taken with the minute details in this story, and it shines through in every page.

Standing In the Common Spaces
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