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15th-Jan-2014 10:51 am White Collar/BBC Sherlock (Teen)
Title: A Catch
Pairing: Neal Caffrey/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 5k
Author on LJ: [ profile] ariadnes_string
Author Website: On LJ
Why this must be read:

I love the setup: Neal and Peter are on their way to London to consult on an art forgery, and when they meet with Lestrade and his own Consulting Detective, well, it won’t shock you to learn that Neal and Sherlock already know each other. How they met years ago and their interactions then and now are the highlights of this sexy little story. This is one of the most delightful crossovers you will read in these or any other fandom. The characterizations are spot-on, the dialogue sparkles, and about the only bad thing that can be said about it is that it ends!

A Catch
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30th-Oct-2013 12:43 pm The Art of Seduction Series by flawedamythyst (M)
Pairing: Main Sherlock/John, side Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/OMCs, John/OMC
Length: 97,206
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: On AO3
Author Summary: AU in which Sherlock treats sex like he does crime in canon. Inspired by Queer As Folk UK, but it very quickly went its own way.
Why this must be read: From the show people can give a good argument for Sherlock being asexual, in fact, I have read some fic detailing this. This is not one of them. This series is the opposite. Sherlock directs all his focus to sex rather than crimesolving. For a concept that can be just porn it becomes exceedingly dark and engrossing. It is a series that I reread every so often. Check it out!

The Art of Seduction Series
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26th-Oct-2013 11:52 pm ​He’s Not Paid Enough For This Shit by janonny (T)
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, mention of Mycroft/Anthea
Length: 9,828
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: On AO3
Author Summary: One of the first things John did was to write up step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a proper job interview before handing it over to Mycroft for his perusal. There were no kidnapping, deserted car parks or stolen therapy notes anywhere on that list. (Or the one where John returned from the war and ended up working for Mycroft as his personal assistant slash doctor on retainer. Everything was fine, until he was sent to post bail for one Sherlock Holmes.)
Why this must be read: Another look at what could happen if Mycroft met John first. I love these alternate meetings, does it change how the characters relate to each other? I like the look into how John interacts with Mycroft as his assistant. This fic gives a good look into a confident and competent John. Go and try it!
He’s Not Paid Enough For This Shit
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21st-Oct-2013 09:44 pm Scotch Series by earlgreytea68 (M)
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/John
Length: 119,371 in total
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: AO3
Author Warnings:None provided
Author Summary:No series summary but here is the first fic’s summary:
“In which Sherlock asks Mycroft for a favor.” That’s how it all starts.
Why this must be read:I am always on the look out for long fics or series and trying to find longer good fics of the Mycroft/Lestrade pairing is especially hard. One of my favorite series has already been recced here:At Least There’s The Football. But this a definite contender, enjoy!
Scotch Series
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18th-Oct-2013 06:58 pm A Twist of Fate by cloud_wolfbane (M)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 21,103
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: On AO3
Author Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Drug Use, Mpreg, Alternate Universe, Parentlock
Author Summary: In a cocaine bender Sherlock forgets to take his heat suppressants and spends his heat with a soldier readying for deployment. While he remembers the man's kindness he does not remember his name. In a move even Sherlock isn't sure he can deduce, he decides to keep the child. What will he do 10 years later when he meets Dr. John Watson at Barts?
Why this must be read: I'm sorry I haven't posted lately but my sister had a baby and I was busy with that. Then I had to come back to my life and catch on schoolwork. Anyway, in celebration I am reccing mpreg/kid!fic!
The A/B/O fics have gained a lot of popularity and this is just one of many but I really enjoyed it. I am a fan of mpreg and kid!fics, but I’m kind of picky, so this was a fic that I had to try. I was not disappointed, it is well written and I feel the kid is fairly believable as a kid and not just a small adult. As a child of Sherlock he is given more intellect than is normally seen but it is understandable (in a fangirl way ;-) ). I like to see how fic writers change things from canon when they can. How do things change when Sherlock has a child he looks out for? Find out! The mpreg part does not last long so if you like kid!fic but not mpreg give it a try!
A Twist of Fate
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9th-Oct-2013 08:26 pm Touchstone by shefa (R)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Author on LJ: [ profile] shefa
Author Website:On lj
Author Warnings:none, unless magical realism requires a warning…
Author Summary:On John Watson’s sixth birthday, his mum gave him a flat wooden box to hold his wish stones.
Why this must be read: Magical realism!
Okay I’ll give you more. I love the vulnerability the author gives Sherlock with concerns to the world she created. Sherlock is different from everybody else in, what can be, a very visible way and that gives a little more humanity to him that is compelling.

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4th-Oct-2013 08:10 pm Battle Stratagem for the Domesticated British Male by what_alchemy (NC-17)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: ∼8,000
Author on LJ:[ profile] what_alchemy
Author Website:On lj
Author Warnings: None given
Author Summary:Age happens. This is not Sherlock’s area.
Why this must be read: This gives a look into what happens when one of the two is getting older and no longer able to keep up with the criminals they still go after.

Battle Strategem for the Domesticated British Male
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1st-Oct-2013 07:09 pm One in Ten Thousand by blind_author (PG-13?)
Hi, I’m [ profile] crazy4bks and I’m the driver for the Sherlock van this month! I’ve gone through the past recs for BBC’s Sherlock so I really hope that I do not duplicate any recs. I’m crossing my fingers here! I’m a slash fan so most of my recs will feature Sherlock/John or Mycroft/Lestrade. I love AU!verses, as well, so most of them will feature some kind of AU. I hope you enjoy my offerings and find something new! Let’s get rolling!

Pairing: Gennish, can been seen as Pre Sherlock/John
Length: One Shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] blind_author
Author Website: On lj
Author Warnings:Discussion of violence, spoilers for TGG
Author Summary:John seems to have unusual mobility for a shoulder wound… Just a random snippet that came into my mind, set after TGG.
Why this must be read: I love fics that target how extraordinary John is and this fic explores a different way that he is special.

One in Ten Thousand
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30th-Sep-2013 11:34 am Skeletons by flawedamythyst (Teen+)
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 57,711 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] flawedamythyst
Author Website: on AO3, Fic List
Why this must be read:
OK, first off, you should know that this story is technically a fusion with another fandom (I actually didn't know this, because I tend to skip author's notes and it wasn't noted in the heading and I didn't know the other fandom), but it REALLY doesn't matter because this story is BRILLIANT. You really, truly don't need to know a thing about the other fandom to read this story (and if you DO know the other fandom, I'm sure this story will fill you with glee as you come to the realization of it).

Sherlock Holmes is a man of secrets, including a seemingly abiding hatred of holidays. He has his reasons.

This story is fantastically plotted with cunning characterizations and absolutely superb writing. You will not regret reading this story and it's sequels, I guarantee. This story deserves all the kudos! (I also highly recommend reading flawedamythyst's other stories.)

Skeletons by flawedamythyst
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28th-Sep-2013 01:47 am VID REC - Sherlock Song Spoof
Length: 7 minutes, 40 seconds
Author Website: KatrinDepp on YouTube
Why this must be seen:
KatrinDepp has been recc'd here before for a REASON. Her vids are so, so good. The editing, the song choice, the sync between the song/lyrics and the show/visuals, her vids have everything. This one is absolutely my favorite, because it is ridiculously silly and makes me laugh every time I watch it. Sherlock, as represented through multiple genres of music. SO GOOD.

Sherlock Song Spoof by KatrinDepp
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26th-Sep-2013 09:43 pm A Tentative Affair by misanthropyray (Explicit)
Pairing: Um. Sherlock Holmes/Tentacles.... yes. Also, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson.
Length: 15,731 words
Author on LJ: purged
Author Website: on AO3, on Dreamwidth
Why this must be read:
This is a trilogy of stories: Squeeze, Bound, and Cling. Note the pairing. Note the non-con warnings. Heed them. Also, the sex pollen tag.

So, this is one of those stories that I, personally, feel does not have enough kudos on AO3. It should totally have more. Perhaps people are put off by the mention of tentacles? I admit, I went into this story with some trepidation, but I have enjoyed fanfic for long enough to really appreciate the crack. And this is, no doubt, cracktacular, BUT, it is also really well written, has some great dialogue, and lovely imagery (if you're into hentai). Ahem.

In the first story, Sherlock is accosted by a plant in a rather graphic way. A plant with tentacles which subdues him by going for the sex pollen while it drinks up his water. In the second and third story, we discover that although the plant was vanquished by the power of John's annoyance, there are still lingering consequences (and more tentacles). Just, yeah, trust me. Go read it. If you regret it, you can scold me, but I don't think you will.

A Tentative Affair by misanthropyray
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24th-Sep-2013 08:44 pm The Best Picture of the Human Soul by SwissMiss (Teen+)
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock HOlmes
Length: 5,776 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] swissmarg
Author Website: Masterlist of Fics and Recs, on AO3
Why this must be read:
I love and adore magical realism in fics, including all the soulbond counters, invisible linking ribbons, urban faeries, and the like. That made me predisposed to like this story, but the evocative and emotional imagery of the author's writing and the choice of magic are what hit home the most with me. In this fic, everyone has magical tattoos of the events in their lives that most affect them literally inked onto their skin. John has his full share of them, but it seems like Sherlock is an empty canvas. He's not.

LOVE this story, it's one for the re-read pile. Do check out the sequel, too.

The Best Picture of the Human Soul by SwissMiss
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16th-Sep-2013 08:24 pm Sherlock/The Hobbit (Teen)
Title: Come to Morning by sunryder
Pairing: John Hamish Watson/Sherlock Naenwauva, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Length: 95,891 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] sunryder
Author Website: on AO3
Why this must be read:
Because, well, the actor who plays Bilbo and John Watson is the same, but in this story they are NOT the same character. And sure, in The Hobbit the actor that plays Sherlock also voices Smaug the Dragon... but in this story, Sherlock is an elf. INTERSPECIES LOVE!

The writing in this story is extremely evocative of Middle-Earth, with nicely researched lore bits and gorgeous, Tolkien-esque turns of phrase, while the characterization (particularly of the dwarves) is excellent. Bilbo Baggins learns that he isn't the first Hobbit of the Shire to go on an adventure and as he reads the story of one John Watson, he finds parallels in his own story. But he also wonders why the elves are so hesitant to speak of the story of John Watson and Sherlock Naenwauva. The story is a gradual unfolding of the mystery while following the plot of The Hobbit. GOOD STUFF, highly recommended! (PS: Read all of sunryder's stories, they're all exceptional).

Come to Morning by sunryder
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13th-Sep-2013 07:14 pm Burn Down by augustbird
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 14,064 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] augustbird
Author Website: on AO3, fic Masterpost
Why this must be read:
I tend to think that what Sherlock did in The Reichenbach Falls was pretty much unforgivable. This story explores that. It has a happier sequel, but I like this as a standalone, too. Sherlock comes back from the dead, but he and John are both too broken to make their relationship work. This is absolutely one of my favorite post-Series 2 fanfics because it is much more emotionally TRUE than most stories. In real life, it would absolutely go just like this.

BTW, trigger warnings for stalking, emotional manipulation, lack of peer notice/support to an abuse victim, controlling behavior. Oh, and depression and PTSD.

Burn Down by augustbird
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9th-Sep-2013 10:02 pm London Orbital by merripestin (General Audiences)
Pairing: none (possibly barely-implied John Watson/Sherlock Holmes)
Length: 13,627 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] merripestin
Author Website: on AO3
Why this must be read:
Because sometimes, you just want to read some well-written casefic that also includes hilariously annoying character interactions between Sally and Sherlock from Lestrade's point-of-view, amiright? I love the insight Lestrade have into John and Sherlock's relationship and the depth of understanding between him and Sally. The original character, Violet Smith, and her case are also full fleshed-out and intersting.

Lestrade, Donovan, Watson, and Holmes are stuck in a car together driving in circles around London for a case. Personalities will clash, of course, and words will be uttered that may change perceptions for good.

London Orbital by merripestin
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3rd-Sep-2013 03:36 pm The Seduction of Dr. John Watson by XistentialAngst (Mature)
Hi, I'm Cloudtrader and I'll be posting Sherlock recs here this month. Hope you enjoy them!

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 19,264 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: XA's blog on Tumblr
Why this must be read:
This is a superbly written story, with some very interesting characterization. From the author's summary, it sounds like it should be cracky and humorous, and while it is funny in places, XA manages to write the premise extremely well. I adored the scenes with Irene, too.

Author's Summary: John finally convinces Sherlock that he needs sex and that if he keeps sabotaging his love life with women, it'll be a deal-breaker. Sherlock goes through his deductive process and decides that he himself will have to provide John with sex if he's to keep John from marrying and moving out. Unfortunately, Sherlock is an inexperienced seducer and John is totally straight. Sherlock goes to Irene for advice on seduction.

The Seduction of Dr. John Watson by XistentialAngst
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31st-Jul-2013 07:01 pm John Watson and the Door to Next Week by A Song of Sixpence (Teen & Up)
Fandom : Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 8,146 words
Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: on A03
Summary: On the second Thursday of March John Watson tumbled out of his bedroom window, and into the third Thursday of March.

Why this must be read: For the authors’ ‘casefic in reverse which is really a magical realism character study or is it actually a romance?’ approach. The whimsical idea done well makes an enjoyable read for John fans, because it's always fun when John knows something Sherlock doesn't, even if he is putting a calm mask on total confusion.

John Watson and the Door to Next Week
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26th-Jul-2013 05:31 pm VID REC: SHERLOCK BBC - You’re something like a phenomena – (Gen)
Vidder: Lozzeh13
Musical Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Length: 1:32
Vidder on LJ: N/A
Vidder’s Website: Youtube

Why this vid must be viewed:
If Sherlock was a rockstar, like Moffatt said, this could be his clip. Okay, Sherlock doesn't have this kind of soundtrack or listen to rock music, but, the more times I see this the more I appreciate how the vidder matched cinematography and music to capture exactly that energy of BBC's younger, action - but still totally canon - Sherlock.

You're something like a phenomena
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25th-Jul-2013 03:45 am Until the Devils Turned to Dust by Ellie5192 (Gen)
Pairing: Mary Morstan/John Watson, Sally Donovan/Anderson
Length: 2,401 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ellie5192
Author Website: on AO3
Author gave no warnings.
Summary: A mile before the turn-off for Your Fault, in the county of Denial, about half a league beyond A Shadow Of   A Doubt, lies a small beach cove named Self-Righteous, and Sally Donovan makes herself a picnic and visits it often.

Why this must be read: A favourite post Reichenbach Fall quickfic, featuring Sherlock in the background but mainly a portrait of Sally and his friends going through their various processes of grief, doubt and reconciliation.

You don't need to be a Sally fan to enjoy this, if you are though her transformation from character assassin to empathetic POV and bridge builder is an extra nice touch.  Character study fics can offer insights into the world defining the character, this author’s use of the emotional cartography device is just right to highlight the tricky nature of trust and judgment for Sherlock’s networks, without getting to angsty.

Until the Devil’s Turned to Dust.
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22nd-Jul-2013 03:12 am Subliminal by Speranza (Teen and Up)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairing:Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 2,591
Author on LJ: [ profile] cesperanza
Author Website: Speranza at A03, main fanfic site and tumblr
Summary: It's as if he's got a loaded gun lying about.

Why this must be read: Author shows just how well you can mix an original style and case into a fast paced short fic: the mystery of a playwright fearing assassination is deduced and resolved without Sherlock leaving the consulting room.  Best parts are how Sherlocks' observations are incorporated into the storytelling, plus the subtle laughs at pretentious artists.

Note on formatting/slash: There are numbers for notes throughout the fic, each note offers a glimpse of Sherlock POV.Read more... )

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15th-Jul-2013 09:34 pm The Case of the Unwelcome Owl by FayJay (General Audiences)
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 7, 198 words
Author on LJ: N/A, but goes by Pandarus on Dreamwidth.
Author Website: Archived at AO3
No Warnings Apply

Summary: "So," said John, feeling out of his depth once again. "An owl." It was the same mild, politely curious tone of voice with which he had previously found himself uttering such things as: "So – three bags of frozen AB negative," and "So – a selection of human ears."

"Goodness, John, with deductive prowess like that you'll soon be putting me in the shade," Sherlock said tartly. "Can't sneak anything past you, can we?"

Why this must be read: A really lovely example of  'getting to know the eccentric Holmes family' fics.  There's well executed characterization all around, with practical John caught between Luna’s baffling attempts at Muggle diplomacy, and Sherlock’s usual  avoidance and melodrama when faced with family. Relationship wise it's slightly romantic, with an original back story that helps explain Mycroft's overprotective big brother streak too. Just a great use of imagery and dialogue, makes the crossover seem natural even as John struggles with the bizzare.

The Case of the Unwelcome Owl
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13th-Jul-2013 02:57 am Obviously by Benficia [PG]
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Author on LJ: Beneficia
Author Warnings: crack!fic. Umm… vague mentions of drugs. Insulting people. Mild language.
Why this must be read: Something frivolous for your weekend:short, silly Sherlock crack.

Sherlock finds himself in a difficult situation, thanks to Mycroft's neglect, and Mummy is upset. Naming the genre would give away the punchline for this fic, though even newcomers will be able to guess once you've read it. It’s a small niche of the Sherlock fandoms, bigger as fanart than fic, with 41 fics on A03 but ample cute illustrations on tumblr, deviant art etc.  This is an early, cracky fun example of it’s appeal, with a tiny hint of pathos, bitchy Holmes brothers and science gone horribly wrong.

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10th-Jul-2013 02:41 am THIS WEEK … WALLA WALLA! (General Audiences)
Pairing: None given. Gen.
Length: 7,566
Author on LJ: co-authored by goldvermilion87 with labourslamp
Author Website: goldvermilion87 on AO3
Authors Gave No Warnings

Summary: Mixed up luggage and an undeclared exotic pet present a mystery even Douglas can't solve. Enter Sherlock Holmes.”

Why this must be read: A great example of a popular crossover. This crossover combo is popular thanks to a certain actor playing the leads in both series, although the characters are polar opposites in charisma, intellect and self- esteem. This fic exploits that contrast for comedy casefic value: Sherlock is on the case of an undeclared passenger on MJN Air, will this solve or worsen Cptn. Crieffs troubles?  Helps if you’ve heard the Cabin Pressure shows, to appreciate just how well the authors write in the audio drama screenplay format, capturing each characters voice and social quirks perfectly.  Holmes fans unfamiliar with the Cabin Pressure series can still enjoy it though, as casefic with a novel format and plot detours [especially if you have a peek at the CP fandom overview first!].  The deft use of banter is the best part of this fic imo, teasing out relationship dynamics between the two worlds in a way that highlights why each is so likable.

Excerpt: ARTHUR [speaking over Douglas]: Martin, there's this BRILLIANT chap; he solves mysteries and chases bad guys and all sorts of things…Oh! you should read his blog. This chap—He could help you!

This Week ...Wall Walla!
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8th-Jul-2013 11:13 am The Case of the Lost Pearl Earring by Mira (General Audiences)
Hi there, I'm excited to be taking the crack_van for my first spin this month in the Sherlock fandom. I tend to rec short to novella length fics, beyond that expect a mixed bag of treats with a spotlight on my Holmes favourites: casefic and crossovers.

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 5,490 words
Author on LJ: Mirabile Dictu
Author Website: Mira on AO3
Summary: Tea, milk, and bullets.

Excerpt: "I'm afraid there's been a mistake," John said before Sherlock could erupt. "We really are Sherlock and John, not Joan ..."

Why this must be read: The author has fun with genderswap and casefic tropes, setting John and Sherlock off on the mystery of their suspected female imposters. En route, they met some intriguing original characters, contemplate gender over pastries and have a bonus visit from Irene Adler. Anymore would risk spoiling it, but overall the author does a good job of delivering suspense, action and charming character interplay into a fairly quick, well paced read.

The Case of the Lost Pearl Earring
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28th-Jun-2013 05:27 pm VID REC: Sherlock - 3AM
Vidder: [ profile] daasgrrl
Musical Artist: Eminem
Length: 2.22
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] daasgrrl
Vidder’s Website:
Why this vid must be viewed:
Sherlock is a serial killer; John learns to cope.

I think this qualifies as a ‘dark’ au? The music makes it seem a little more light hearted than the premise seems to suggest- more along the lines of 'oops, I guess I slipped and became a serial killer'. There’s fantastic usage of Sherlock’s dark broody looks and smirks all over the place as John looks on, exasperated.

Youtube seems to have messed up the audio so I liked to their vimeo posting, but if you want to see the original lj post/comments, that’s here

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23rd-Jun-2013 09:23 pm Betwixt and Between by ivywatcher (Teen)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 7294
Author on LJ: Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
In Which: Mycroft's mother is dead, Sherlock has solved a case, and John Watson is still awake.

A quiet still fic from Mycroft’s pov. Mycroft gets a call in the middle of the night. Considering what his character thinks of ‘sentiment’ there’s going to be no outward explosion of emotions, even if he did love his mother. Instead, he goes to 221B, knowing he needs to inform Sherlock, but finding Sherlock finally asleep after a long case, he sits with John and just talks- about the case, about some childhood memories. Fic interspersed with bits of John’s write-up of the just completed case.

Betwixt and Between
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19th-Jun-2013 07:37 am Anarchy in the UK by prodigy (G)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 5530
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
“Are you telling me I’m a thrillseeker?” John snorts, but he’s listening. “That’s a new one.”
“No.” Sherlock turns over. “I’m telling you that you’re an addict.”
“An addict.”
“The second-worst I’ve known,” says Sherlock with a flash of hazel as he looks back at John.

John Watson may get fed up with Sherlock a lot all the time, but he can’t bring himself to walk out and leave for something more stable. John Watson is addicted to adventure and danger, but he’s also addicted to Sherlock, and it all becomes a little clearer when John tries dipping a toe back into his old life.

Anarchy in the UK
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17th-Jun-2013 07:36 am Aptronyms by ElapsedSpiral (PG-13)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 1670
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are the unfortunate sods named after them (AKA a rather strange AU of 2010 Sherlock).

BBC Sherlock existing in a world where ACD’s canon-Holmes exists. Dr. John Watson has even more reasons to be long-suffering in this universe and Stamford’s sheer unadulterated glee in this fic seems well warranted.

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15th-Jun-2013 11:13 am Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock BBC) / Pushing Daisies (PG-13)
Title: The Case of the Rolling Wheel and the Long Road by fresne
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Charlotte Charles/Ned
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Ch1: The facts were these, when Sherlock Holmes was thirty years, four months, twenty-nine days, five hours and thirty-six minutes old, he fell over a waterfall. However, despite his considerable experience in the matter, he found that sometimes death has a grace period.
Ch2: In which there is some explanation as to what happens when the Blackbird sang - no noses removed
Ch3: Some notes
Ch4: In which there are further explanations as to why the denizens of the Pie Hole are in England. Plus adventure. Plus singing.

Victorian-era Holmes becomes modern day BBC-era Sherlock through Pushing Daisies magic. And history keeps repeating itself around Sherlock Holmes and he keeps finding replacements for the characters in his life. Partly, the cyclical nature of Sherlock finding his archetypes seems to be simply because the positions need to be be filled. (With various incarnations of Moriartys and Watsons- possibly from different Sherlock Holmes adaptions). Then, come to the modern day, and the bakers and detectives from the Pie Hole (along with their narrator) come to work with Sherlock for a case.

The Case of the Rolling Wheel and the Long Road
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13th-Jun-2013 11:12 pm Come and See by definewisdom (R)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 17k+
Author on LJ: [ profile] definewisdom
Author Website:
Why this must be read:
John Watson is Death. He wasn't supposed to kill the cabbie at the end of A Study in Pink, Sherlock Holmes was supposed to die that night. But Sherlock's still alive and now the world is starting to fall apart. The events of the whole series seen in a slightly more supernatural light. Also featuring "Anthea", Harry and Sebastian as the other horsemen of the apocalypse, and exploring what it takes to become a myth.

Where the horsemen aren't so much heralding the apocalypse as they are hanging around and breaking rules and accidentally causing the apocalypse themselves. It's an interesting universe where the characters who could be considered 'sidekicks' are the ones running the show, mostly without a plan, while humans remain none the wiser about the influences in their lives.

Come and See
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