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15th-Feb-2011 10:14 pm The Vampire Diaries/Ginger Snaps (PG-13)
Title: Visible Monsters
Pairing/Characters: Damon, Ginger, Bridget
Length: 2k
Author on LJ: [ profile] iphignia939
Author Website: None that I'm aware of.
Why this must be read:
Even the basic premise pleases me: young vampire Damon Salvatore encounters Ginger and Bridget from the Ginger Snaps "prequel" set in the 19th century. What sets this fic apart is the execution. They recognize in each other a non-humanness, something that they're still adjusting to in themselves. (This is nicely done - Damon is a killer without yet reaching the level of unpredictable danger we know he's capable of.) The author draws parallels in the relationships between the sisters and the Salvatore brothers, without getting too heavy-handed.

Visible Monsters
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