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28th-Sep-2005 11:17 pm Where All the Veins Meet by Mercurial_wit (R)
Pairing: Charlie/Kathryn, Shannon/Boone, others hinted
Author on LJ: [ profile] mecurial_wit
Author Website: My Skyhawke Account
Why this must be read:

Sorry about this - I thought I didn't have anything to rec for crossover day, and then scrabbling around in my rec file, I found this. I really want to rec it, so I hope no-one minds that I massively missed the proper day.

Given how Lost is all about the connections, this is a fic that should please thoroughly. There are connections here by the bucketload - some are scary, some are sweet. Some make you think. All the characters get a walk-on, and the inevitability of it all just steam-rollers you as you read. My favourite parts - Kathryn wearing low heels to make herself shorter than Charlie, Teresa the nanny jumping from the frying pan to the fire, Hurley knowing - just knowing - that's it's all his fault. Spoilers up to Deus Ex Machina.

He’d lost. Fuck it. Time to cut and run.

“Well, J. Have a great life, darlin’.” He tilted his head and smirked, showing her what she was missing; not because it was going to help at this stage, but out of a perverse kind of pride. He had no doubt that her life was going to be messy and boring and eventually ruinous. It helped, somewhat.

Where All the Veins Meet
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