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15th-Apr-2011 09:13 pm Wings by brandy_took (PG)
Pairings: none
Length: 2600
Author on LJ: [ profile] brandy_took
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Why this must be read: Crossover between The Tick and Watchmen, Arthur finds out Mothman is institutionalized only a couple of hours away and goes to visit him.

Now, here's one. I found this fic when I was just getting into Watchmen and discovered my love for Mothman. I read it then and it made no sense, so I went to look up The Tick on youtube. That show is about one of the crackiest things I've ever seen, but in a way, it addresses some vigilante issues which can be very well turned into angsty fic. Which has been done in this one. It's a story of generations, I guess; of advice being passed on from an old vigilante to a young one. It's really nice and if it inspires more people to go and watch The Tick, that's awesome too.
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