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Title: Fairground Attractions by Kitty Fisher
Pairing: Bodie/Don DeMarco
Author on LJ: [ profile] kittyfisher
Author Website: Kitty Fisher on A03 or on the Circuit Archive or at the Hatstand
Why this must be read: I'm not usually mad keen on Pros crossovers where either Bodie or Doyle isn't involved - I'm never sure how that's a Pros story to start with, because to me Pros is eternally both our lads. There are just a few authors who can lead me into a story anyway though, and it's probably no surprise that Kitty Fisher is one of them. Fairground Attractions takes place in the weeks between Bodie's return to England and his joining CI5. With time to kill, he takes himself on holiday to the seaside, and finds himself wandering through the funfair, pausing for a burger, idly watching the dodgems whilst he eats - and catches sight of:

Excerpt )

It's Don DeMarco, of course, the fairground gypsy from Ladder of Swords, a wilder and more windswept version of Doyle, who Bodie's not yet met. That should bother me - it's Doyle for Bodie - but in Kitty Fisher's capable hands it doesn't, it just proves to me yet again that Bodie has very good taste in men... *g* And of course, being by Kitty Fisher, it's not only a cracking read, but Bodie is Bodie, Don DeMarco is himself, and the sex is hot... *vbg*

The bad news is that this story isn't online (though Kitty Fisher is at A03, so we can perhaps be hopeful), but the good news is that it's available as part of Unprofessional Conduct 2, one of the Gryphon Press zines, which means that you're all but guaranteed Prosfic-y value for money - Details for Gryphon Press contact here.
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