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16th-Sep-2009 12:56 am Cherry Falls/Without a Trace (R)
Cross-over day! *rubs hands in glee* Finally I can reck this awesome story.

Title: Questionable truth by Tarlan
Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Sheriff Brent Marken from the movie Cherry Falls
Pairing: Brent Marken from Cherry Falls/Martin Fitzgerald from the TV show 'Without a trace'
Length: novella long
Author on LJ: [personal profile] tarlanx
Author's website: Phoenix Michael Biehn archive, and the rest of her websites can be found through this one

Why this must be read:
Well... actually... only if you like marvellous long stories with a real plot to them *g* Because that's what this is. And the length is part of its appeal, because it means that the writer takes her time to slowly unravel what's going on. What can I say? I was blown away by this story the first time I read it because of how rich it is, how well-defined all the characters are and how everything that was hinted at in Cherry Falls comes together here and gives us a new spin on the story. There are great plot twists troughout, giving us new information we hadn't expected.

And through it all it's also the story of two men finding each other as they slowly come to terms with their homosexuality and the fact they have fallen in love.

I can only say, treat yourself and take a nice evening off to delve into hours of reading enjoyment.

Questionable truth

The story also has a sequel, about half the length of the first one: Debatable answers

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