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26th-Aug-2005 10:54 am Bringing out the Dead by Miriam Heddy [R]
Fandom: Crossing Jordan
Pairing: Nigel/Bug
Author on LJ: [ profile] miriam_heddy
Author Website: Miriam Heddy’s Little Corner of the Universe

Why this must be read:

In the first couple of years of the show Bug was a bit closed off, and by “a bit” I mean “almost completely”. In the last couple of years of the show, they’ve loosened him up a bit, and while he’s still terribly socially inept in moments, he’s not as bad as he once was.

But sometimes, you want that old Bug back. And for that, you go to Miriam. Miriam Heddy’s been recced all over crack van because if you want true character voice and a good story, she can do it. And if you want smut. She can do it. And if you want early seasons Bug with his lack of people skills and his perma-scowl, and his deep, cuddly center, that almost no one ever saw, you go to Miriam. Because she gets him just right.

The story, at its core, has always struck me as a very realistic look at how Bug and Nigel might have ended up together back when they were less chummy and more utterly opposite.

Go. Read. Enjoy the emotional turmoil.

Bringing out the Dead
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2nd-Aug-2005 08:50 am Messin' with the Kid By Julian Lee [PG]
Fandom: Crossing Jordan
Pairing: Withheld to mess with your head.
Author: Julian Lee
Author Website: The Thwarted Invasion
Author on LJ: [ profile] julianlee

Why this must be read:

Julian Lee is one of my absolutely favorite authors. She never fails to find the funny when there is funny to find. And “Messin’ with the Kid” just brings the funny like nothing else in the “Crossing Jordan” fandom.

This story picks up directly after *the* slashiest moment in “Crossing Jordan” history. Woody, after making a comment about how cute Maguire is, ended up getting backed against the wall and hit on by our dear Dr. Nigel [he of the ‘most probably gay’ in canon]. From there the story builds outwards and Woody’s day just gets weirder and weirder. To say anything else would totally ruin the fun that is following this story though all its twists, loops, and moments of utter “Poor, Woody!” followed by uncontrollable laughter.

I give fair warning here: Do not eat or drink while reading this fic. Soda up the nose hurts. And that’s a note of experience.

Messin' with the Kid

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