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15th-Sep-2006 03:05 pm X-Files/Iron Chef (PG)
Title: Iron Pathologist by Sarah Segretti & Mr. Segretti
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] timesink
Author Website: Sarah Segretti's Little Things

Why this must be read: Back in the day, when Iron Chef was a cult phenomenon and XF still wasn't quite mainstream, Sarah Segretti had the rather brilliant idea that if there were ever a competition of pathologists like there was for chefs, FBI Special Agent Dr. Dana Scully would be one of the greatest challengers ever for the title of Iron Pathologist.

This is her story. )

Iron Pathologist by Sarah Segretti & Mr. Segretti
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3rd-Feb-2004 05:49 pm A Few Highlights From My Very Favorite Imaginary Show by Mairead Triste (R?)
Fandom: HARD CORE LOGO/IRON CHEF (crossover)
Pairing: None
Genre: Crossover, humor
Author on LJ: not as far as I know
Author website: Stories by Mairead Triste and Shadows and Light, but neither have been updated in years.

Why this must be read:

Sometimes the darker the source material, the easier it is to parody. Most of the funniest pieces of fanfiction I've read are Hard Core Logo stories, and this one is quite possibly the best example, although I'll be reccing others throughout the month. This is also the first of several crossovers I'll be reccing (and it's definitely the funniest).

Are there any people out there who have not seen Iron Chef, the completely OTT Japanese import shown late on the weekends on Food Network? If you've seen that, and you've seen HCL, you are in for a treat when you read this story. Everything is there, from the absolutely note-perfect obsequity of Ota to Chairman Kaga, to, well, to the band dropping acid and bringing in a live goat. It's probably kind of confusing if you're not familiar with either source, but you'll probably still be amused.

I had despaired of finding this on a website somewhere, as it used to be archived on Ten Buck Fucks but never made it over to Touch My Stump, but [ profile] terrio saw my post over at [ profile] dhappy and found it for me, so now y'all can enjoy it, hooray!

A small quote to ensnare you:

CHAIRMAN KAGA (by way of subtitles): If memory serves me, many years ago I had the great fortune to voyage across the seas, to the strange land of Edmonton. There I was attacked and press-ganged by a roving band of circus freaks, and would certainly have come to harm if it were not for the intervention of a charitable group of punks looking for a dwarf to work into their act. These benevolent strangers feasted me sumptuously on a delicacy known as the 'Herbie's Burger'. Not even the clotting blood in my mouth could obscure the mystical and complex flavors of this masterpiece, and indeed, I have never forgotten it. Of course I had to invite them to Kitchen Stadium, to pit their culinary wizardry against the sturdy bedrock of my Iron Chefs!

It only gets better from there, folks. Go and read and be prepared to laugh your ass off.

A Few Highlights from My Very Favorite Imaginary Show
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