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25th-Feb-2011 11:44 pm VID REC: Bandom (CSI Fusion/Crossover) - "You're Not the One"
Vidder: RedOrchid
Musical artist: Daniel Bedingfield
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] redorchids
Vidder's website: Blubberworm on YouTube or here on LJ
Why this vid kicks ass:
Companion vid to a CSI AU/fusion for Bandom Bigbang 2009, "You're Not the One" is a fantastic constructed reality vid that tells a story in itself, the Pete/Patrick story in this fic: Nightingale (And Not the Lark). It's definitely worth reading. (Warning for underage relationship in the story. Other pairings in story, not vid, include Ryan/Brendon and Jon/Spencer.)

You're Not the One - streaming on YouTube
or see LJ post for DL information or to comment
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15th-Oct-2010 07:03 pm Dragon Communities by TiffanyF (Adult)
Pairing: Gibbs/Tony, Danny Messe/Mack Taylor, Grissom/Nick
Length: About 20k for this story, I’d guess a couple hundred k for the entire story arc
Author on LJ: (I haven’t seen any stories here, its just her lj)
Author Website:
Warnings: anal sex, AU, Drama, Established couple, First Time, graphic sex, Humor, Incest, m/m, OOC [Out of Character], Romance, slash
Why this must be read:

I was quite pissed at myself when I realized that most of my favorite crossovers actually started with Nick of CSI instead of Tony. But I’ve been thinking of this crossover since before the month started and I decided to stay with it. It’s a crossover/fantasy/au story that has great promise. The writer’s ability to tell a story needs work, but her idea is a fun one. In a way, I’m glad this story is so far into her arc, because she seems to have started while fairly young and improved as she got older. The first stories are fairly crude.
This story is in the middle of the arc, so underneath the cut will be all the information you need to make up for the beginning stories. I found this story to be a ‘not to be missed’ because of all the ideas it gave me. There are a lot of things wrong with the story, but the ideas that are represented are fantastic. I’m asking you to look past the writer to the story. There is an overall plot to all this also. It gets a little lost along the way, but its there. I think this story is worth it because of where your mind can go with here ideas.
Basic story setting )

NewYork/DC Community Tales

the rest of the story arc

Need tags for CSI:New York and CSI:Miami
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15th-Jul-2010 03:59 pm More His Speed (R)
Fandom: NCIS/CSI Miami
Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Tim Speedle
Length: Multi chapter, it may be close to novel length
Author on LJ:[ profile] milanthruil
Author Website:
Why this must be read:
This fic combines my two favorite characters from their respective shows. I have always loved Tim Speedle's rough exterior, but teddy bear heart. The author portrays this brilliantly. The Tony that she portrays in this fic is a strong character and very sure of himself. The story is AU but takes us through the seasons of NCIS brilliantly. I hope you enjoy it.

More His Speed Chapters 1-36 and More His Speed Chapter 37/37
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28th-Feb-2010 12:38 pm Tension Relief by lovetheboys (R)
*The Author didn't actually rate this fic. I'd say it was PG-13, but it was for Rounds of Kink, so I bumped it to R just in case*

Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: short
Author on LJ: [ profile] lovetheboys
Author Website: Ficlist
Why This Must Be Read: Okay, I didn't want my last rec of the month to be a sad one, so here's a quick bit of Nick and Greg together. Written for Rounds Of Kink, with the prompt, "Nick just wants to somehow undo the knots in his neck". Nick is stressed out. His oh so nice coworker Greg offers to help. The author has mentioned wanting to do a sequel to this, let's see if we can make that happen with lots of comments. :)

(Bye! It's been awesome! Hope you all enjoyed the recs!)


"Still got that tension," Greg said rhetorically from behind him, opening his own locker.

"Yeah," Nick acknowledged. It would've grated if Greg had sounded sympathetic. Instead, he sounded matter-of-fact, as if he were commenting on the weather.

"I could help out with that," Greg offered.

Nick's head shot up, and then he winced, sitting on the bench behind him as his neck protested the quick movement. Before he could think about responding, he felt fingers on his neck and a warm palm through his shirt.

Tension Relief
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28th-Feb-2010 12:11 pm The Moon Cannot Be Stolen by foggynite (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg, (Greg/Original Character)
Length: 4226 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] foggyscribbles
Author Website: Foggy Scribbles Yahoo Group
Why This Must Be Read:

Angst! Well written angst! Denial and closeted!Nick and the effect that would have on Greg. Greg not being a doormat or a woobie, but a real person struggling with with they want versus what they can have. This fic even manages to have an Original Character who isn't irritating. It's nice--if painful--to see how things play out in this fic, how Greg is essentially struggling through a break up that he can't tell anyone about.

Again, painful, but not heavy on the drama or the woe. It's just...someone going through their days, having to work with the person who broke their heart the loss of a best friend and trying to get over that, yet doing so quietly, with real ups and downs and lapses in judgment and maybe, potentially, eventually interest in someone else.

Sweet angst if there is such a thing.

The Moon Cannot Be Stolen
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25th-Feb-2010 03:16 pm Greg Sanders, Private Dick by catloverx2 (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg (main), and several background pairings. Warrick/Archie, Sara/Grissom (UST), and Lily/Sam Braun are the most prominent
Length: Epic
Author on LJ: [ profile] catloverx2
Author website: Her Nick and Greg Fic List
Why This Must Be Read: I've been saving this one, because it's a long read. I'll tell you right now to set aside some time. Luckily, the monster epic AU that is "Greg Sanders Private Dick" is split up into several individual stories, each one complete. You could read Case Files 1-5 and be a happy fangirl/boy. (The sex scenes alone are pretty scorching). They are like the cake and everything afterward the icing. Delicious, delicious icing.

Now this is a historical AU so you might be thinking, "A gay couple and a happy ending don't seem compatible in a historical setting" but this isn't your usual historical AU. It features some realistic elements, but mostly it goes for *fun*. "Why?" you might then wonder, well because whenever canon!Greg starts to talk to himself like a Raymond Chandler/noir detective it is a moment of pure awesome. Why not have more of that?

It's post-war, 1940's Las Vegas. Greg (Greg!) is a tough guy, smart alecky private detective. Nick (Nick!) is a shady nightclub owner in the employ of Sam Braun. Warrick is a piano player. Sara's a librarian and a cranky Girl Friday, and Grissom is a bartender (who studies bugs on the side). And Brass is there. (I have to confess to an inappropriate Brass crush in these stories. Brass! He never stops being amazing, canon or otherwise.) The cases are dark and follow the usual noir mystery trends, Greg is a man with a past, and CSI guest stars make appearances as victims and villains.

Greg Sanders Private Dick 1-6

(Her GSPD fic list doesn't include the last two stories though you can find them through the tags. Just the same, here's the links to Part Six and Part Seven)
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21st-Feb-2010 02:38 pm Transcending the Trouble by Rurounihime (R)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: 9110 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] rurounihime
Author website: CSI fics archived at What Makes the Desert Beautiful
Why This Must Be Read:

I wasn't going to rec another story by the same author (and certainly not one right after the other) but then after rereading this fic, I changed my mind. Why? Because for the amount of trauma the boys have experienced in canon, they should have some issues, and this story deals with those issues and how they might arise (or not, as the case may be) as the boys try to navigate a new relationship.

Quite frankly, I'm always surprised that Nick isn't an emotional wreck after the events of "Overload" and "Grave Danger" and that's saying nothing about Greg's "Fannysmackin'" drama and the resulting lawsuit. Maybe Nick gets through it with a healthy dose of denial, but maybe there's a cost to denial. A physical cost. (Yeah, not too many stories deal with this subject at all, much less sensitively. Full marks for that.)

For once in a story the drama between them isn't about them getting together, or Nick coming out, it's about someone with a lot of baggage dealing with his insecurities in a quietly realistic way. With bonus points for Catherine and Brass, who have small parts in the story, but remain in character, full of silent and grim understanding, both of them sympathetic in entirely different ways.

Transcending the Trouble
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18th-Feb-2010 11:50 am Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet by Opaquevision (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: short
Author on LJ: [ profile] opaquevision
Author website: [ profile] opaque_fics
Why this must be read: Someone once said something to me about how they don't read established couple fic because it tends to be about either sex or fluff and always lacks tension. If that is true (and I'm not saying it is) there are still always exceptions, like this story.

By Season Seven of the show, it's obvious that the Graveyard shift has been under a lot of stress, including the guest appearance of CSI Keppler (oh Liev Schreiber, I love you!) and the "reverse forensics" trick he pulls with Catherine. Nick in particular has had his faith shaken and it showed. This story is about the impact that would have had on his relationship with Greg.

It's a simple story. Nick's fed up. He's been thinking about leaving Vegas, even if he hasn't wanted to ask himself yet if Greg would go with him. But as angry as he is, there's glass on the floor and Greg is barefoot, and he doesn't want to risk hurting Greg.

Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet
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15th-Feb-2010 11:43 am The Complication by Rurounihime (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: 4204 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] rurounihime
Author website: Old archive at WMTDB
Why this must be read: Sometimes CSI goes to some dark places. And sometimes good established couple fic isn't about days off together or smut but is about a couple trying to make it through those dark places.

In Season Seven, something very bad happens to Greg, something that leads to a lot of painful episodes with a wounded, broken Greg that are the kind of thing some fangirls dream of. Unusually however, this story doesn't focus on Greg's pain. Oh, Greg's pain is very much present, but this story doesn't even have Greg in it. For that matter, this story doesn't even feature the point of view of any CSI. This story is told from the viewpoint of Greg's lawyer as she gets a late night visit from Nick Stokes.

Nick is there to tell her something that will complicate her case. Because as much as people might like to think it doesn't matter anymore, a witness in your case being your lover, being your gay lover, is something an attorney would jump all over if there was a chance it help them win.

The character in this isn't exactly an Original Character, but Rurounihime has rounded her out, made her tense and sharp and worried on behalf of her client, made her care more as she realizes what, exactly, Nick is giving up by telling her about his relationship with Greg and why he's doing it. This story is about pain and love and sacrifice so strong that it seeps through to everything, even when filtered through an outside pov. Nick is trying not to show too much and is instead showing everything.

The Complication
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12th-Feb-2010 04:23 pm Something Like Instinct by Nekosmuse (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: Short
Author on LJ: [ profile] nekosmuse (though it's an abandoned LJ)
Author website: I couldn't find one.
Why this must be read: It's Friday and so I bring porn! Good porn! A hot PWP that doesn't feel like a PWP because it has the show's history and a lot of longing!Greg behind it. There's something so human about Greg, his sense of humor and his not-quite-one-of-them status from the early seasons, and then that ambiguous sexuality and the hints that he drops that really he's kind of a shameless slut.

I am down for that (I love a good slut). I am also down for [ profile] nekosmuse. Seriously, her smut is so smutty that it goes through the rabbit hole from dirty back to clean. Or maybe that is my perception all skewed because this particular piece of hotness takes place in a *shower* *against a wall*.

Something Like Instinct
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10th-Feb-2010 02:32 pm Whiskey by aebhel (NC-17)
*am focused now, I swear* :)

Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: 4549 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: aebhel
Why This Must Be Read: Longing!Greg is pretty standard for this fandom, about as standard as oblivious!Nick (in all his variations). But you know, these things are popular because some people write them really well.

This story is set after the early season episode "Overload" in which we're given the first real hint of Nicky manpain (and if you want, another good reason for why he's so private and repressed/closeted/oblivious). Nick is getting wasted in the seediest, scary redneck bar in Vegas and Greg is sent by Catherine to get him. Somehow they end up back at Greg's, on his kitchen floor, getting drunk (and getting closer).

For something with a dark background, the story itself is warm and sort of sparkly (kind of like a drink of whiskey, as a matter of fact. Dangerous and scary and burning at first and then you're just hot and smiling and sleepy. And smiling. Did I say smiling? Perhaps I'm not that focused yet).

Also, there's smut. The kind of hot, hot, HOT, yet touching and funny smut that can only mean Nick and Greg. (aw)

I humbly offer a teeny tiny excerpt:

"You always this impatient?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Greg said without thinking. When Nick glanced up at him, moonlight from the window above the sink reflecting in his eyes, his smile was almost shy.

"Yeah, actually. Yeah, I would."

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3rd-Feb-2010 03:20 pm Game Day by Iamtheenemy (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Length: medium-to-long
Author on LJ: [ profile] iamtheenemy
Author website: iamtheenemy@LJ, but also archived @ [ profile] nickngreg and [ profile] csi_slash
Why this must be read:

Greg hates football. Greg likes Nick. Nick, unfortunately, not only doesn't like Greg back, but also likes football. So what's a boy to do but pretend to care about football to be near his (hopeless) crush? It's a perfect plan...except for the part where Greg knows nothing about football, and can't stop staring at Nick, and isn't exactly subtle in his crushing/adoration/flirting. And then the thing where football season ends. And that other thing where Nick keeps giving him these looks and sitting close to him and if Nick isn't into Greg than it's like he's trying to drive Greg crazy.

This story is pure fun. Hot, hot, HOT, funny good times as Greg and Nick have a confusing, sexy, very pretty game of their own as they dodge the obvious for months. Poor Greg. :)

Game Day
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15th-Jun-2009 02:36 pm Danny Phantom/CSI (PG13, almost R)
I know I've sort-of recced something by this author before, but this crossover beat the others out of the water, and, well, this is a different penname of hers.

Title: Running Blind by Dejah Thoris of Mars  
Pairing: Danny/Sam (in the background)
Length: ~22,600
Author on LJ: [ profile] marsdejahthoris 
Author Website: or her other account

Why this must be read: This is probably the most popular crossover in the fandom. It's absolutely pitch-perfect for both shows, has spot-on characterization for everyone, and has a very interesting take of Vlad. The Vegas CSIs are on the case of a blob(?)  that sucks all the moisture out of its victims, and they've got a material witness, Danny "Parker", who's on the run and convinces Child Services to let him stay with Grissom. Who, of course, figures Danny out eventually and becomes a ready defender of him. Then Vlad and his minions show up, trying to get Danny. The ensuing car chase is brilliant.

Running Blind
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15th-Aug-2007 03:18 pm CSI/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (G)
Title: Death by Chocolate by Beth Einspanier
Pairing: none
Author on LJ:
Author Website: at
Why this must be read: The author calls this the weirdest crossover she's ever written. I'm not sure "weird" is sufficient. It's also dark, funny, peculiar, whimsical, serious, brilliant, unique, magical . . . it's hard to know where to stop.

Ten years after the golden ticket tour, the CSI Las Vegas team investigates the murder of a young man found dead in the Nevada desert, a young man who was once the luckiest boy in the world. Yes, canon character death, right up front. That's the "dark" part. From there the story becomes the oddest—well, see all my adjectives above—crossover you'd ever care to read as the team members flounder around in the magical world of Willy Wonka and his chocolate. They have magic gobstoppers in the lab, and oompa-loompas who give their police statements in song. It's just . . . fantastic.

excerpt )

Death by Chocolate
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15th-Jun-2007 08:18 pm CSI/due South (PG-13)
Title: Four Words by Carol Trendall
Pairing: Gil Grissom/Benton Fraser; Fraser/Vecchio unrequited; Gil Grissom/Nick Stokes preslash
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: CSI stories here; due South stories here

Why this must be read:
There's mention of a Ray death in this, but there's also healing. For such a short, understated story, the author makes the pairings work. I'd gladly read a bit more of this crossover 'verse, if the author ever provided.

Fans of both shows will enjoy this even if they have to consider it a passing interlude for Gil or Ben, and the death as an AU. Give it a try!

Four Words
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17th-Mar-2007 12:18 am Forked Hazel Twig by Voleuse (PG)
Fandom: Smallville with crossovers from Stargate: Atlantis, Alias, X-Men, and CSI
Title: Forked Hazel Twig
Pairing: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] voleuse
Author Website: [ profile] moodfic
Why this must be read:

This one was actually written for me as part of a crossover ficathon a couple years ago and I remember reading it the first time and just *stopping*. It seamlessly blends some very contradictory canon in a fascinating story that's chock full of gorgeous imagery.

Plus? The sheer glee of watching her mix up with these fandoms? Not to be missed.

Forked Hazel Twig
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16th-Nov-2006 12:46 am Magnificent Seven/CSI
Title: Vegas Odyssey by Sammy Girl
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: n/a
Why this must be read:

Because it's Gil Grissom and Ezra Standish in the same fanfic. Because it's a fairly unique way of combining two fandoms. Because it's as much an investigation story as it is a character piece. And because it's Buck and Ezra trying to feel their way around each other while they work a cold case.

Women are being murdered in Vegas, and the CSI team thinks there may be a connection to a woman who was murdered more than fifteen years ago: a showgirl named Cindy Wilmington. When her son, federal agent Buck Wilmington discovers that there may be a lead, finally, in his mother's murder, he goes straight to Vegas. Ezra sees something he probably shouldn't have and, more to his surprise than anyone else's, decides to go with Buck and keep him out of trouble.

Sammy Girl writes a mean fanfic. Long, plotty, character-driven and worth every minute it'll take you to read. If you haven't the time to dig in tonight, bookmark it for tomorrow. You'll be glad you did.

This fic is primarily a Mag 7 fic. I had never even heard of CSI when I first read it and had no trouble following it, so lack of familiarity with the characters shouldn't interfere with your enjoyment.

An excerpt from Vegas Odyssey )

Vegas Odyssey by Sammy Girl

ETA: And I just realized that it was an hour into Nov. 16th when I posted this, but since it's still the 15th somewhere out there, hopefully I won't get smacked around too much.
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12th-Aug-2006 12:11 am Butterscotch by Caroline Crane (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [ profile] carolinecrane
Author Website: Desiderium Caritas
Why this must be read:

Smokin' hotel room sex. Except they're at a crime scene, and make it quick so Grissom doesn't find out. Not that that matters, because this is hot as hell, really.

And suddenly butterscotch was his favorite flavor, especially when it was butterscotch mingled with Greg. He had no idea what he would have done if there had been people in the room when Greg leaned in and just…breathed the words right against his skin, but he was grateful that for once they were alone. For once it was just him and Greg, the way it used to be before they became Nick-and-Greg, like a matched set. A secret nobody knew about, but they'd gotten enough looks from Grissom that he'd started keeping his distance on purpose, at least while they were at work.

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9th-Aug-2006 05:51 pm The Fall and Rise Of: Vegas by obsidian_raj (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg-centric, though there's Greg/OMC, Greg/? (you find out later on)
Author on LJ: [ profile] obsidian_raj
Author Website: TFaRO at [ profile] tfaro, but all her CSI fic at [ profile] obsidian_works.
Why this must be read:

I have no doubt that this is the most intense, angsty and, in some twisted way, romantic Greg-centric fics I've ever read. To sum it up, Greg doesn't deal so well after some events torment and twist his life. Again, if I say too much here, it'll ruin the entire story, so here's something just to get you started. Also, she's working on the sequel. Score.

How your hands shook as you followed him to the appointed room, sitting anxiously in one of the chairs while Warrick paced, probably trying to figure out how to best go about questioning you.

How the blood drained from your face when you were told Tony was dead, and that you were the last person to see him alive.

You were exonerated, proven innocent, before you lost your job, or your professional reputation, but you’re quickly learning that closing out a case file is a far cry from saying it’s over.

The Fall and Rise Of: Vegas; chapter's 17-19 aren't there yet, but they're at [ profile] obsidian_raj's journal.
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7th-Aug-2006 01:16 am It's Not Over by kennedy (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [ profile] kennedy_unknown
Author Website: Fic at WMTDB.
Why this must be read:

This brings in every reference or appearance made by either of the two Gordons. Shows how Nick's trying to be brave and hide how he feels about it to the team, mainly Grissom, but not Greg, who he has trust in their relationship and just trusts period. Greg deals with it silently, and they both assure and comfort each other at the end that it's most definitely not over.

And here she was, a possible suspect in a murder. Greg stared at her through the glass, taking note of Nick’s defensive posture as he questioned her. At one point Nick tilted his head and looked towards the glass of the observation booth, as if he could feel Greg behind it. Greg almost ducked, feeling stupid when he realised he was well-hidden. But he wouldn’t have been surprised if Nick knew he was there – after all, he was, wasn’t he? It was exactly the kind of thing Nick himself would have done, had their positions been reversed.

Sensing not much headway was being made in the interview, and knowing that Sara and Warrick would probably be wondering where he was, Greg slipped back out. His heart was still heavy.

That night, Nick had his first nightmare in over a month.

It's Not Over
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5th-Aug-2006 06:21 pm Seperated by Clarrisani (G)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg, minor Grissom/Sara.
Author on LJ: [ profile] clarrisani
Author Website: Jedi Royals
Why this must be read:

This is one of the better break-up/every one leaves stories out there, because the characters are well written and how the team broke up was extremely believable, for some reason. It's got several points from all the current seasons, and a big one from this last one, season six's episode Gum Drops. It's slightly depressing, and can make you cry if you're very emotional at the time and it's 1 in the morning and you've had no sleep. Not that I'm speaking from experience.

“I’ll find a loophole, G. There’s gotta be one and I’ll find it, I swear.”

“And if you don’t, I will.” Greg set his jaw, visibly forcing himself not to break down. “This is just a minor setback. We’ll be back together before you know it.”

“We sure will.”

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4th-Aug-2006 06:02 pm Parodox by Kristen999 (R)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick-centric.
Author on LJ: [ profile] kristen999
Author Website: Fic located here.
Why this must be read:

One of the lengthy, angsty, emotional, casefile Nick-centric fics out there, and this is one of the best. Nerve-wracking. Makes your mind spin. Makes you go, "wait, what did they just do to him!?" and go back and re-read the chapter. Just for the fun of it. There's not much more to say, other than the fact that this is one of the best Nick stories out there at the moment. We get all of Nick's old demons, memories and fears.

Nick nodded. "We have at least seven interviews to conduct, four patients to process, not to mention we need to find the head of the hospital and get information regarding these inmates. And we get no help on this?"

Grissom appeared to study the distance between where the body had been and the alarm near the entrance. He snapped a picture of it. "Catherine and Warrick are on that ping-pong competition murder, Greg's attending one his mandatory seminars, and I have Sara involved in background research into the hospital."

Nick stood stiffly, working his jaw back and forth. "We could use the extra hand."

Grissom looked up. "I didn't want her involved in this."

Nick peeled back his latex gloves placing them in a plastic bag. "You didn't want her to experience coming back to a place like this. I understand." Nick placed the bagged gloves with the rest of his kit. "It's a nice consideration about what happened last year. She could do her job just fine, but why try to balance an act around such a reminder."

Grissom narrowed his eyes but was interrupted by someone clearing his throat.

Paradox - all 23 chapters.
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3rd-Aug-2006 01:30 pm At the Hour of Death by Caroline Crane (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [ profile] carolinecrane
Author Website: Desiderium Caritas
Why this must be read:

Thought I'd throw in a multi-chapter one this month, and this one automatically came to mind, not only because Caroline's fics are pretty much starting from the beginning of this pairing, but because they are simply some of the best.

This is another one of those 'casefile-then-they-fall-for-each-other' fics, but yet it's not, because how Nick finds out about everything Greg's into (and what's he not) and how he handles it is very in-character. There's humor, and it's just as dark (and shouldn't be as funny) as it is on the real show.

"You know the vic."

Greg nodded and tilted his head a little as though he was trying to picture the body from another angle. "I haven't seen him in a long time, but I'm pretty sure that's Aaron."

"You can't even see his face," Nick said, frowning down at the body for a second before he looked up at Greg again. Some of the color was back in Greg's cheeks now, and if Nick didn't know better he'd almost think Greg was blushing. "What?"

"It's just…I've seen him from this angle. It's not like we did a lot of talking when we were together."

It took Nick a second to realize what Greg was saying, and when he did he felt his own cheeks flush bright red.

At the Hour of Death - in four parts at WMTDB.
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2nd-Aug-2006 10:55 am Survivor's Guilt by kissingchaos9 (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [ profile] kissingchaos9
Author Website: Memories.
Why this must be read:

Yeah, I like this author. The writing's real and intense and just lovely. We've got a whole bunch of post-Grave Danger fics for this pairing, but not so many post-Gum Drops ones. That's a pity, because that episode is full of Nick-angst, and actually deals with his post-burial emotions and how's he's changed. This has elements from both, taking Nick's reaction in the interrogation and his not knowing (or atleast in this one) of the team watching him from the camera Walter Gordon put in the box. Oops.

Nick's shocked, and accidentally takes it out on Greg, who has no hard feelings about. Just amazing in general, this fic is, and you should read her other stuff.

There are pages and pages of paperwork, statements and reports and accounts. There are pictures from the explosion, tiny pieces of Walter Gordon scattered far and wide, and Nick thinks of Kelly.

There are diagrams of the box, Hodges’s messy handwriting scrawled in the margins, and Nick’s breathing hitches slightly. He stands up, pacing the same circle, confirming in his mind that he’s not back down there. Tears well behind his eyes, stinging, and he tries to blink them away.

There are pictures from the hospital. Nick barely recognizes himself, pale and dehydrated, covered in angry red welts. He hadn’t seen the full effect of the bites, he wasn't even able to look in a mirror till he went home and by that time, they were mostly healed. He winces, his left hand moving to trace a small scar on the side of his neck. His skin is crawling and he quickly flips past the rest of the post-rescue pictures, taking measured breaths.

Survivor's Guilt
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1st-Aug-2006 12:05 pm An Interval of Dreams by keiko_kirin (R)
Looks like I'm back for August :D drove for CSI in June, it was great, and nobody had signed up for this month, so here we go again!

FANDOM: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
PAIRING: Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders
AUTHOR ON LJ: [ profile] keiko_kirin (thanks)

It's not what you expect, or certainly not what I expected. If I say much more, it'll give everything away.

Greg woke up twisting in the sheet, clawing it from his clammy skin. He wrestled with the grip of deep sleep until he could squint his eyes open and read the blurry LCD numbers of the alarm clock. Damn. Same dream again, same waking up early. Same hollow pit in his stomach as he tried to shake off the dream's imagery and couldn't.

He dragged himself from bed to shower, from shower to kitchen, where he finished off an open 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi for his pre-Starbucks caffeine fix. He rested his hands on the counter, yawning and stretching and shaking water from his hair, and he wished he didn't still feel the spinal creep of uneasiness and cold prickling of anxiety.

It was only a dream, he told himself. Nick wasn't really in danger. Wasn't really going to die suffocating.

An Interval of Dreams
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29th-Jun-2006 12:07 pm Tribute by x_sleeptodream (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [ profile] x_sleeptodream
Author Website: N/A
Why this must be read:

Last rec of the month, and I wanted it to be a good one. This? A very, very nicely well done piece of work. It may be death fic, but it's handled in such a dark yet oh so sweet way, you can't help but love it, and tears may even make an appearance. The words she uses to describe the emotion put into these two boys after their bosses unfortunate death makes it all the more real. This was for the challenge 'Scars' at [ profile] ngchallenge, and may be my favorite of them all. You should go to their memories, too, and read some of the other fics there - a bunch of them are excellent.

There is self-harm in this, but not in the way you would think of - just go and see. It's definitely worth your time. Trust me.

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24th-Jun-2006 12:38 pm Just a B and E by Chrissie (PG-13)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: General : Nick-centric.
Author on LJ: N/A. Tell me if there is.
Author Website: Account at
Why this must be read:

Okay, let's tell the truth. There isn't usually (maybe never) very good stuff posted at, but this happens to be one of the best I've read anywhere. Truly. It's not just because I love Nick's character, but because of how she portrays him and his emotions and how he gets so fed up with the team ignoring everything going on with him after his burial. (Like they did this season? *shrugs*) She makes him snap at the simplest things, but for good reason, and makes the situations in these 21 chapters so intense and so incredibly real, it's hard not to love it.

So quiet and it wasn’t even that late. He would have at least expected a random bark from one of the neighbors’ dogs, but his ears weren’t even picking that up. There was just nothing.

It wasn’t as though the quiet was extraordinary or anything, it was just something that one noticed. Usually it takes awhile for it hit you – you’re sitting in your living room and all of a sudden you think ‘Wow, it’s pretty quiet around here’, and feel the need to get up and move around or just make noise of some kind.

This is how Nick felt. He started to jiggle his keys in his hand, the metallic rattle sounding much too loud, as though the small sound was bouncing off of every flat surface along the street. Nick pushed the oddly unnerving silence out of his mind. It was just a calm, quiet night, and there was nothing wrong with that, and certainly nothing important enough to warrant too much thought. He could really use a calm, quiet night.

Nick started his vehicle and headed for the crime lab, feeling the need to turn his radio up just a little louder than normal.

Just a B and E; chapters 1 through 21 posted there.
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20th-Jun-2006 11:27 pm Slumber by geekwriter143 (NC-17)
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Author on LJ: [info]geekwriter143
Author Website: Indulgence
Why this must be read:

It's simply hot sex, a bit of angst and some nice ol' hurt/comfort. It's simply Nick and Greg. This fic just makes me love these two even more, and I don't think I could start to describe why or how. A lot of people enjoy this author's stuff, and it doesn't surprise me at all. Sure know I love it. I'm not sure what else to say about it, so just go read. Their love is so very reassuring.

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