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29th-Oct-2010 05:49 pm The Monster Mash(vid) by raynebow68
Vidder: raynebow68 (Laura McEwan)
Musical artist: Bobby Boris Pickett
Pairing: Starsky and Hutch
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] lauramcewan
Vidder's Website:

Why this vid must be viewed: Because it's Halloween and because it's great!

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15th-May-2004 02:00 pm X-Files/Halloween (R)
Title: Samhain by Allan Woodward
Pairing: n/a
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: unknown

Why this must be read: I am completely unfamiliar with the Halloween movie franchise. All I know is what I've seen on broadcast TV, and that mostly involved Jamie Lee Curtis scrabbling around in a white nightgown and screaming a lot. But that isn't an issue here because the fic gives you all the backstory you need, setting up the plot to merge seamlessly with the world Mulder and Scully live in. It's one of the best horror stories I've read in this fandom, suspenseful and well-paced.

    "This is it," Sam said. He leaned his stick against the wall by the door, hung his vest on a coat rack. "The house that Loomis built."

    "Really?" Mulder put his coat next to Sam's.

    "No, not really. Belonged to some old town father," Sam said. "Dad got it on a good deal. It was supposed to be haunted."

    "I guess it isn't," Mulder said.

    "Not by ghosts, anyway," Sam said.

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