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15th-Feb-2009 10:58 am The Marines love her by ana_grrl (G)
Pairing: Lorne, Parrish, Jordan (hints at Lorne/Parrish)
Length: about 1400
Author on LJ:[ profile] ana_grrl
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Because it mixed two of my favourites things. Because it's so Jordan you just squee with laughter and joy. Real Genius was and still is one of my favourite movies of the 80's. How can the Marines just not loooove Jordan? Guns and genius. This was one of my surprise squee stories of 2007.

"She made me a gun," he tells Parrish that night. "A really great gun."

Really if you love the movie you'll love it.

The Marines love her

I needed an excuse to use my Hot Major icon too.
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